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Let's have a Medieval Festival. No artisans, no jousts. Just famine, disease, and rats.
We have received some concerned notes about the Snake Oil! article. Although we personally feel that Mr. Rau has followed reasonable journalistic ethics in writing this article, we have agreed to run a counterpoint written by QMI, a source often quoted in the article. It is up to you, gentle webtraveller, to make up your own mind.

This article has been removed at the demand of Owen Heatwole of QMI in the letter that follows. Considering that he is the one who originally provided us with the "counterpoint" to this article, which we've also removed, we can't say that we're terribly impressed with his heavyhanded threats and allegations. Let this be a lesson to you, kids: people with lawyers suck. And that's just a personal opinion, Mr. Heatwole, still protected (for now) by the First Amendment.

Please note, however, that a long list of oil additives of the sort discussed in the "Snake Oil!" article have nevertheless been the subject of federal prosecution, regardless of how Mr. Heatwole feels about it, and thankfully FTC rulings fall into the public domain. You can view them here. We've also been informed that the original article that we used to have here is still posted at The GS Resources.

Your "Snake Oil" web page reads, "This article is a reprint. I have not
edited the text in any way. If the original author objects to this posting,
he may contact me directly and express his concerns. I certainly don't
intend to infringe on his rights as a writer."

As you will read in the attached "Snake Oil-Fred Rau letter.pdf, the
original author objects to your posting and you are breaking the law.

Also note that the author, Mr. Fred Rau, states ". that this particular
magazine article ought not to be used for informational purposes regarding
its subject matter." And explains further, which you will learn in detail by
reading the attached "Road Rider Snake Oil response.pdf." Mr. Schreurs, if
you knew how severely this article misrepresented the facts related to both
QMI, our products, our product applications and myself, you would be ashamed
of your posting.

As the person named and misrepresented in the article posted on your website
(which misquoted me and severely misrepresented facts related to myself and
QMI), I have a very significant personal interest in the immediate removal
of this article from your website. I will assume that were not aware that as
webmaster, you are liable for Federal copyright infringement. However, if
this article is not removed within one week of today (July 1, 2005), we will
take necessary action.

Thanks in advance for a prompt response to this e-mail, and your prompt
attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Owen Heatwole
Vice President, Technical Services
QMI / Ever-Wear, Inc.