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Even we have a disclaimer.

Imagine what would have happened if the Dukes of Hazzard had featured an AMC Pacer.
Some people really get worked up about their cars. When we dared to make fun of A Certain Orange Charger, we got a firestorm of interesting mail from people with way too much time on their hands and, apparently, not enough problems in their lives.

After a while we took the comments off the Charger Link-A-Rama since it really didn't seem like the appropriate forum for our grievances. Fortunately, Cave Drawings is the appropriate forum! So here's what we think of A Certain Orange Charger:

  • It is ugly. These cars just do not look good in screaming orange with a hideous black cow bar on the front.
  • It is insulting to the real General Lee, who is a national hero and not the slightest bit orange.
  • It is a shame they destroyed so many Chargers just for a TV show.
  • It has permanently scarred all Chargers because now every yahoo with TNN asks when we plan on painting ours orange, as if we bought it just to be like the Duke Boys.
  • It has inspired others to build fake Certain Orange Chargers, perhaps not realizing that the chick-magnet aspect of the car was just another special effect on the show.
People sure have been showing us the general intelligence of Dukes of Hazzard fans. I've been threatened with bodily harm and even death for these views. Amazing! I wish my life was so perfect that I had time to waste getting worked up over a TV show. Geez.

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From Rick G on 20 August 2003:

Hey Cave,

Just purchased a 1970 Dodge Charger.

Right away, locos (locals-heh heh), ask if I am going to make a "[Certain Orange
Charger]", or something in reference to the "Dukes"



and I tell them "I DONT WANT A DUKE PUKE"---heh heh

All the cars that were destroyed on that show makes one even more sick.

In that retrospect, people ask if I going to make a (in these order after the Duke
Puke questions)-
"Fast "N" Furious", "Blade Car", "Bullet Car"

If I never see a "Duke Puke" at any Mopar or classic car show again, I dance naked
during the SuperBowl

Thanks for your website!

Rick G
New Orleans, Louisiana (Lousy-anna)
At least a "Blade" or "Bullitt" car would be, you know, attractive. Still though, it's good to know you're resisting the temptation to just copy something you saw on the boob toob. I wonder if A Certain Orange Charger owners also go with the Duke Boy haircut.

From Twig Gravely on 9 August 2003:

What a pleasant surprise, and humorous discovery I was treated to this 
morning after stumbling into the C.O.C. letters. It's kind of scary, 
isn't it? Actually, I was looking around after reviewing your moto road 
trip pages. Anyway, other than to say congrats on the pages, and hoping 
you have a good security system, I thought I'd send you a couple of 
photos taken at a local car cruise here in Roanoke, Va.
Hahaha, a fake Mystery Machine! Well that's better than a fake Certain Orange Charger if you ask me, because there's no such thing as an original. Cartoons coming to life, now that's cool! And they didn't even have to hack up an old classic to do it.

From Dave Price on 15 April 2003:

As far as chargers go,  I don't have any appreciation for the car itself; I
don't care for muscle cars.... but I have always half-wanted to have a
general lee replica..

I do feel your pain about the assumption that the only reason you have the
car is to make a duke replica.   I owned a DeLorean for 3 years and I
couldn't drive the thing without someone asking where the flux capacitor
was.  I guess the bottom line is that if you drive a unique car, be it a
stock 'vintage' car, kit car, tv/movie replicar, etc.. some idiot out there
will think its the first time it has been seen by human eyes and feels the
need to make some remark -- like its the first time you, the owner of that
vehicle, has heard such profound wit.

Here's an idea - keep a clipboard in your car with signature boxes on the
pages.  The title of the page would be 'Votes to paint my car orange', or if
you are a large muscle-bound guy, 'Morons who made some dukeboy reference'.
Then have 'em sign it when they say something.  Nevermind, the dumbasses who
would say something probably wouldn't get sarcasm.

Take care man
Hahaha! That's great! Or how about numbered certificates -- "Congratulations! You are the 903rd person to ask when I planned to put a rebel flag on the roof!" Chargers and Deloreans, brothers in frustration. Why does this happen to us, but not Trans Am owners?

From Biker Bill on 25 October 2002:

Gotta say dude! What Run On!

I am the proud owner of a 1972 Hemi Orange Dodge Charger SE which I feel in
no way looks like the C.O. Charger other than colour. I always have no
teethers raising their paper bag at me going ohhh it's the [certain orange
charger]. I hate it!!!

There are a couple of "good ole boys" here in our city who put on the plaid
shirts and wife beaters and drive around honking their horn...

I am in no way jelous. But for the record the Charger would kick Knight
Riders Ass!!!

Funny World Eh?
You're right, your car looks NOTHING like A Certain Orange Charger. But then, some people think the orange car is a Camaro! But what can you expect?

From an anonymous TV watcher on 4 September 2002:

In regards to all of the ranting and raving on the 1969 Dodge Charger, 
espescially the one designed for the Dukes show, people need to understand one
thing.  The Charger was not limited to just that show.  A 1968 Charger RT was
used in the movies "Blade", and "Bullitt". Both of those were black.  A 1969
Charger was used in the movie "Dirty Sally Crazy Larry",  the coloring on it was
yellow with a black stripe on the side.  And for those of you who were enthused
by it, there was a 1970 Charger used in the movie "The Fast and The Furious". 
Everyone who happens to be exploding about the destruction of the ones used on
the Dukes show should take a look at the movies listed above and see how many
Chargers each went through to get the final film completed.  This also goes for
the countless Trans Ams used in Knight Rider, and the GMC vans used in the
filming of the show The A-Team.
After reading a lot of the letters written in to this site, it would  appear
there are a lot of people that need to get their heads straight.
Oh, incidently I wouldn't go ranting and raving about an orange Charger to
loudly if you happen to be in earshot of a Cincinatti Bengals player if I were
you.  In 1969  Dodge released a limited edition for the Bengals. The color of
the teams Charger is indeed  ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The Name of the car  is The
Bengal Charger.
Ya had me until you mentioned GMC vans.

From Mark the Mediary on 6 May 2002:

get ready for another "a certian orange charger letter" sick of
    them yet? 

I stumbled onto this page by accident and found the letters posted rather humorous. 
It's been the source of many laughs between me and my bodies about how pathetic some
people can be.  Because I don't have the time to sit here all day and write a 500
word essay like some people I'll give you the short version of my reactions to this
page.  First off I agree that there are far too many Duke replica's around. 
Personally I would much rather see people be original and do their own thing rather
than just copy something off of a TV show.  Being a Chevy guy myself, boy I can see
the hate mail rolling in already, I built a firebird using what I felt was the best
combination of parts for what I wanted to use the car for. However I can't say that
mine is one of a kind as all the parts on my car are mass production parts and any
number of vehicles could have the exact same parts on them.  On the other hand I do
see why you would receive so much hate mail.  If I owned an orange charger and you
started bad mouthing all orange chargers I would take it personally.  It may not have
been meant as a direct insult but when you have put as much time, effort and money as
most people do into their classics and muscle cars it's nard not to take people
insulting your car as a insult on yourself.  So all the hate mail you are receiving
may not be because people are too hung up on the show as they feel that you
personally attacked them and their car.  I personally like the way that chargers look
in orange, though not in the same shade as the duke's car, is that really wrong? Of
course this is all from my prospective and is not meant to take one side of this
argument or another.  Just simply stating what I feel are the reasons for the over
reactions created by this web page.
Hmmm, okay, apparently this webpage is not crystal clear in its message. 1. If you own an orange Charger, that's cool. 2. If you own one of the original Certain Orange Chargers, and you're painstakingly preserving or restoring it, that's cool too. 3. If you took a perfectly good Charger and made a clone of a car from a TV show, then my friend, you're wacked. Hey, it's your car, your money, and your life; if you get a big boner by pretending to be a Duke Boy, well, there's room enough in this country for the both of us. But you can stop expecting the entire internet to praise you for it; if you're gonna do something silly, expect a few laughs.

From Raine Rayne Rein on 6 April 2002:

Gee, after reading the astonishing remarks about The Dukes of Hazard etc. I just
wander how worked up people can get over a TV show that has been cancelled for over a
decade. I mean heck, lets start another page on Three's Company or better yet MASH
outta get people pissed off. How about the A-TEAM or Night Rider! OH YEA, NIGHT RIDER
that one had a car! Although on the other hand the page was entertaining... MORE FUEL
FOR THE FIRE  P.S. The best car ever made was THE MUSTANG anyways.....
The Knight Rider guys can't hold a candle to these people. Even the Ozzy freaks aren't as rude, crude, and stupid as the hate mail I get over A Certain Orange Charger. Some people just need to get their priorities straight.

From Mr. Monkeys on 1 April 2002:

to  whom  it  may  cocern  in  my  opinion  not  only  did  they  destroy  many 
chargers  making  that sorry  [rear]  show  they  wasted  a  few  other  classic 
mopars 2  like  daisy,s  bright  yellow  roadrunners  and  countless  monacho,s  a 
polara  police  cars  another  [whine]  i  have  is  did  anyone  else  ever  notice 
that   the  ugly  orange  charger  ,s  marking  lights  were  puddied  over  so  4 
al   you  guys  wondering  how  to make  a  orange  car  its  easy  get  a  68-70 
  charger  it  dosen't have  to  b  a  69
Oh please, don't encourage them to wreck the other years too.

From Kevin Pope on 18 January 2002:


Here's a crazy idea. Why don't you buy one of the poor Chargers that have already been trashed with orange paint and loud, ugly graphics, and rehabilitate the thing, rather than torturing yet another car? Hell, I don't know, maybe I'm wrong and the world would be a better place if EVERY Charger was painted orange and named after a dead general! Why stop there? Let's pass a law that requires ALL CARS to be painted screaming orange with a big rebel flag on the roof and an 01 on the doors! It'll be great! Because this is America and America stands for conformity! Yea baby!!

From Robert F. Tischart on 24 October 2001:

Hi, I have really enjoyed your Dodge Charger sites and enjoy what you have
to say about people disgracing the 1969 Dodge Charger with all this redneck
nonesense. I guess for some of these people it may help if they actually
read your page before they responded. You know, it's funny how many of these
people respond with all these Duke's facts about 68's turned into 69's and
they used 300 cars only 12 were automatics, air conditioning, etc... I mean
come on, tell these people to get a life, or at least a job not related to
Historical Dukes of Hazzard research. But anyway, yeah they do get purty
wurked up 'bout yuns bashin de hell far out dat ol genny lee. Anyway, even
though I used to watch the Dukes when I was a little kid and even do
actually like the [Certain Orange Charger], I think what these people are doing with
these cars now is plain retarded. I am lucky, and I stress lucky, to have
found a 1969 R/T and have no intent of slapping numbers and flags all over
it just to commemorate a lost show from my childhood. There are more than
enough replica's out there and even enough "original's" to go around. I
mean, Batman was a popular movie and cartoon show for kids as well but I
don't see junked corvette's transformed into Batmobile's. These people
really need to appreciate the cars as they are, not some fantasy that died
out almost 20 years ago. It really irritates me when I see people who want
to cut these cars up into Duke's replica's or pro street junk that will
never give the car it's actual value. Maybe it's just me that thinks about
the value of the car after investing a lump sum of cash into them. Anyway,
it's cool your bashing something so stupid that people have to chew you out
like you were disgracing them. I guess maybe after a few beers at the boars
nest that hick car really does start to look good huh? Anyway, I would
appreciate it of you would post this page and let people know that I am sick
of the coc as well. Good luck with that 70' Charger, and by the way, since
you sound intelligent with these production numbers on these Chargers, I
have always heard the 1972 Road Runner was the lowest production year ever.
Could you send me any information on the production numbers of those with
the Air Grabber option? I know there was around 8,000 RR's made that year
but I'm not sure on the Air Grabber option. So good luck and take it easy.
Hi Rob! Man am I glad to hear from you! Good to have someone watchin' my back as it were. Regarding your production numbers, unfortunately all my resources are packed for my pending move. I hope you find the answer though! You deserve it!

From Kyle Gerz on 22 August 2001:

umm the chargers used in the show dukes of hazzard were usaly 68s morphed to
69s ....so in retro spect anyone with a 69 doesnt have a dukes car.......
Oooh how DARE you suggest anything about the show was fake!! You commie!!

From Terry Burnley on 20 August 2001:

i didnt think you had the balls
Bzzt, try hitting "refresh" on your browser to clear the cache...

From Terry Burnley on 10 August 2001:

well geez, obviously your life IS perfect.....you got worked up enough to build this 
stupid website.  it seems your the one who is not very intellegent.   somebody 
should kill you....lol

you say:"When we dared to make fun of A Certain Orange Charger, we got a 
firestorm of interesting mail from people with way too much time on their hands and, 
apparently, not enough problems in their lives".......what were you expecting?....fan 
mail???  keyword in this sentence, "Dared".......you set yourself up for this one.   
what an idiot.

you say:"It is ugly. These cars just do not look good in screaming orange with a 
hideous black cow bar on the front. "....i'll have to agree with that, those are some 
pretty lame rims too, as a owner of a fleet of chargers over the years i have never 
wanted a [certain orange charger].

you say:"It is insulting to the real General Lee, who is a national hero and not the 
slightest bit orange"....orange is just a high impact color the producers of the show 
choose for obvious reasons.  i dont find it insulting at all.

you say:"It is a shame they destroyed so many Chargers just for a TV show.".....i do 
cringe when i see ANY mopar hurt. but the dukes are icons......[heck], daisy re-wrote 
the fashion books forever with her "daisy dukes" cut-off  jean shorts.

you say:"It has permanently scarred all Chargers because now every yahoo with 
TNN asks when we plan on painting ours orange, as if we bought it just to be like the 
Duke Boys. ".....thats pretty dumb to say, ive owned at least one charger for the 
past 20+ years.....i have never been asked that question.  you must live in the
sticks. chargers today are in fact only going up, up up in value, regardless of

you say:"It has inspired others to build fake Certain Orange Chargers, perhaps not 
realizing that the chick-magnet aspect of the car was just another special effect on 
the show".....you have a pretty lame outlook on things......you must own a 69 
camaro which is the biggest bitch muscle car ever. everybody and there sister and 
aunt has one.  your probably as ugly as you say the [c.o. charger]  is.....thats why
you need a car to get a girl.

lets see if you got the balls to post this
How original. Threats, failure to observe sarcasm, random non sequiturs, and wild conclusions drawn without a shred of evidence in order to set yourself up for a sophomoric dig at my personality. Don't worry about my balls; it's not ME who has to look at this webpage every time he does a search on his own name for the rest of his life. And if you went anywhere else on this site, other than this one lousy boring page, you'd know exactly what I own. See you at the track, if you know where one is.

From Mike Dwyer on 13 June 2001:

This is Mike again.  Maybe you are right about me being hostile and intolerant, so 
I'll apologize.  In writing that letter, I released more than a little built-up 
annoyance at the anti-General side of things.  However, I don't think you really 
refuted my letter well otherwise.  
    By the way, my numbers aren't wrong.  I said 170,000 Chargers in 1968 and 1969.  
Not 170,000 second generation total.  The Dukes didn't use 1970 Chargers, as the 
conversion was too hard.  A '68 looks like a '69 externally with a grille 
centersection & taillight swap and some creative bondo-ing of the signal lights.  A 
1970 would demand a whole front clip, and, believe it or not, Warner Bros. cared 
enough to see that all the cars could stand up to being seen from reasonably close 
    Sources I've read place Charger production around 96,000 in 1968, 85,000 in 1969, 
and 50,000 in 1970 (Challenger!).  When I said 170,000, I was recalling the mental 
info of 90-something in 68, and 80-something in 69.  The Dukes figure of 229 is not 
the first figure published, but lately has been stated in reputable places.  The 
Dukes numbers coming from those who've researched it have always been in the low 
200's.  The 229 number may eventually be corrected again, but probably not 
    The percentage of survival to today is pretty hard to figure, period.  However, 
the number of replicas today pretty well assures that just the Dukes fans' replicas 
have probably made up the losses as it is, even gussing very conservatively.  And 
that is just [Certain Orange Charger] clones.  How many kids' interest, appreciation 
and restoration of musclecars today was spurred by the Dukes? Probably a hell of a 
lot more than just the ones with orange Chargers. 
    By the way- You think that taking young, impressionable kids and showing them 
every friday the coolest, toughest, and fastest car around, a '69 Charger, was a bad 
thing?  If Hollywood hadn't picked up on musclecars, do you realize what kids today 
would think of them? (ask import guys what they think of the old, heavy, gas 
guzzlers that are so outdated.)  Beating up the Dukes show for disgracing the 
Charger is sort of like slamming the 'Blues Brothers' for disgracing Blues music 
with corny white guys dancing to it.  That might be arguable, but, on the other hand, 
we know who the [heck] Aretha Franklin even is now.  Reincarnating the Charger as the 
[C.O. Charger] may have been drastic, but it worked.  Tens of millions of people 
remember the cars for what they do so well.    
    When I said that you hate the [c.o. charger] like your parents hate your music, 
you know what I meant.  The Dukes is a generational thing.  When rock 'n roll hit the 
scene in the 1950's, the establishment slammed it for being negro music that was all 
beat, no skill, and nothing but sexually vulgar lyrics.  Now, rock fans who celebrate 
rock's undyingrebelliousness gripe at rap music for all the same things.  I have 
found that people's opinion of the [C.O. Charger] tends to be predictable given when 
they were born.
    And now, on to Jar-Jar!
    For all your trying to analyze me, you aren't responding to my and several 
others' assertion that if you hate the [C.O. Charger], you need to lighten up.  I 
understand that you must get crap to paint up your car on a regular basis.  
Unfortunately, that has now become a part of the Charger experience.  It is all 
about taking the bad with the good.  I'll bet your car gets lots of approval from 
people out there who see it. (I also have a Charger, so I know.)  Don't you think 
that a little of that might be because people are reminded of the other Chargers 
they've known and loved in Bullitt, Crazy Mary, and, god forbid, the Dukes?  
    If you're going to get the benefit of being a sexy young blond woman, then you 
must also put up with the occasional catcalls and whistles.  That's life.  It's 
immature to expect one without the other.  Now, you personally might be perfectly 
willing to trade others' admiration of your car for no more [Certain Orange Charger] 
comments, but that choice is not up to you.  The blond might be willing to not doll 
herself up sexy and avoid it all, but she can't both go out all made up and not get 
    And now here's another thing to chew on.  If we all could step back from our car 
enthusiasm and see ourselves from others' point of view, look at us.  Arguing about 
this must look pretty petty.  Imagine seeing a teenage kid with a deep purple suit 
on.  You give him a grin and remark," hey, man, you're lookin' pretty pimped.  Sort 
of a Joker-ish vibe there."  
    Now imagine that the kid gets pissed and launches into a rant about how stupid 
the Joker from Batman looked, and how the Joker has ruined wearing a purple suit 
forever, and how he would just like to wear the damn thing in peace.  
    You'd walk away put off by the whole incident, and after all, if the damn kid 
was going to wear the suit, why the hell can't he lighten up, and I was just trying 
to pay him a compliment, and all those kids are so [romantic encounter] caught up in 
their opinions...       
Have I made my point?  
    Now let me stretch things a bit and suggest that you forgive Jar-Jar for being 
the most popular with only the age that movie was made for.  
    Maybe I care just a little too much about the Orange Charger.  But maybe you do 
Hi Mike, since your second post seems to be considerably more level-headed, I'll reply in kind.

Look, I gotta give you some behind-the-scenes info. This whole thing started out as simply some tongue-in-cheek remarks on a totally different wepage of mine, meant to remind Certain Orange Charger fans that they came across as pretty silly to the rest of the car community, and to not take themselves too seriously, after all it's just a TV show starring a bright orange car when you get right down to it.

Then I started to get the hate mail. These people so completely missed the point that it was amusing. I mean, you have to admit that if you started getting e-mail that read something like "hey you stupid jerk, if I ever find out where you live I'm gonna drive up there and bust your face in", you might start to wonder about just who these Dukes of Hazzard fans really are.

Anyway, I didn't want this stupid debate to sully the other webpage, so I created a new webpage to handle it, which has now been up for something like 2.5 years with no signs of people giving up arguing about it. I freely admit that the correspondence seems to run against my position, but I also get a lot of mail saying that people enjoy reading my snide responses, though I'm not sure why.

I also like trying to force people to think critically and present valid arguments rather than simply spewing emotional froth. To some degree I've seen success with that; at least now people explain exactly why I'm a prick instead of just stating it over and over.

For whatever it's worth, I grew up watching the Dukes of Hazzard, and can't deny that it influenced my early interest in musclecars, though I was into cars of all sorts long before the show aired. I have a Certain Orange Charger model lying around, and in elementary school I had a cute little Dukes lunchbox.

Nevertheless. After 11 years of owning a second-gen Charger, you get tired of all the "hey paint it orange!!" calls at stoplights. I just smile and wave, but innwardly I want to scream, and like you, I need an outlet. I need a way to tell people to knock it off, without confronting each person individually, and hopefully some people out there will see the webpage and go "hmmm, maybe it's not as funny as I thought it was." Even if it's ineffective, at least I know I tried to do something about it rather than allow the world to steamroll me.

I find the clones of the Certain Orange Charger depressing not because of what they are, but because of what it took to get them that way. If you spent the time and money it takes to make a good cloned Certain Orange Charger, you could have also used those same resources to create something that's a part of you, a unique creation that never existed before, rather than mimicing something from the boob tube. I think it's a sad commentary on how much television has taken over our lives.

In the end, though, I'm of the school of thought that it's none of my business what people do with their private property. I won't really tell you to not make a clone if that's what you want. I would like to see others extend the same courtesy to me, but time and again I'm proven otherwise.

One thing that always amazes me is that the Charger is the only car I've ever owned where people will trespass on my property to leave a note or bang on my door trying to buy it. It really is a phenomenon.

As for the debate, there's about 100k of text on this page now, and I still get one or two a month. The fact that the debate continues to rage on suggests to me that people simply enjoy talking about it. Being big on free speech, I say fine, carry on till you run out of breath. I wonder how many read through the whole thing.

It's just one minor page on a website of 244 pages and growing, so I don't think much about the debate except for that once-a-month message to post. This may be insulting to people who pour their heart and soul into an e-mail, and that I regret, but I have only so much time and I'd rather spend it writing tech articles that are actually useful rather than just inflammatory. I hope my contributors realize they are writing more for the world than for me, because the world seems to be taking the greater interest.

From Mike Dwyer on 11 June 2001:

Dear elitist,
  You hate the [C.O. Charger] because it is too popular, gaudy to your sense,
and is all wrong for such an otherwise cool car.  (Don't even argue with
the 'popular' point because the 'Corvette Summer' stingray was a
horribly-modified cool musclecar, and I don't see your page on it.)

1)  You are an elitist because you do not feel that the [C.O. Charger] is worthy
of being a form of your beloved Charger.  Face it, you hate the [C.O. Charger]
like your parents hated your music.  Yes, that really is all there is to
it.  It is your duty to hate something that little kids loved?  You sound
like everyone who walked out of the new 'Star Wars' and griped about
Jar-Jar, the kids' far-and -away favorite.

2)  The gaudy point may be valid, as wild graphics and pushbars are
certainly not aging well.  However, you are not playing fair.  Hindsight
is 20/20, and customizing in the 1970's was not.  The number of cool
heavily customized 70's musclecars that remain good looking today is
right up there with the box office grosses of 'Battlefield Earth' (see
the 'popular' point).  I'll bet you hate Poison's hair, too.  Why don't
you do a page on it?

3)  As a musclecar, the 1969 Charger was one of the best; this is pretty
much universally agreed upon.  The smashing of Chargers by the Dukes is a
frequent source of anger from Dukes haters, so I'm gonna have to lay it
out for you:
    -1968 and 1969 Charger production totaled about 170,000. 
    -The average survival rate of musclecars in something like decent
shape after 30 years is something like 20% or less.  Using that math,
there are 34,000 '68 and '69 Chargers still around.  That sounds like a
hell of a high number to me, so I'll call it 10% for 17,000 and still be
    -At most recent info, the Dukes totaled 229 Chargers.  Of those
remaining, one of the 21 is an R/T.
    -Doing the math, the dukes are responsible for 23 Chargers and
exactly 01 R/T's not being available today.
    -The Dukes fans have contact with at least 100 [C.O. Charger] replicas out
there today.  If even a quarter of those people fixed up a screwed up car
to get their [C.O. Charger], that already makes up the 23 cars right there.  


The Dukes are responsible for a fraction of the losses incurred by drag
racers in the last ten years and their pro street movement.
Hi Mike! Thanks for the hostile, intolerant message telling me to be less hostile and intolerant. One thing I've learned is that some people take this extremely personally, as if this was a webpage bashing their mother. All I can figure is that you either have or wish you had a Certain Orange Charger of your own, and you're so wrapped up in the car that you can't separate comments about your car from comments about you. Unfortunately, one thing I haven't learned is to stop replying to people like you, so here we go! I'll use your numbering system so that the peanut gallery can more easily follow along: 0) Yep, that is part of the reason I hate A Certain Orange Charger, though you forgot the most important one: I'm sick of people telling me to turn mine into a clone! Therefore, your analogy to "Corvette Summer" is invalid. Give me a Stingray to cruise around in, and if I get the same number of requests to make a "Corvette Summer" clone out of it -- which I doubt -- then I'll give you that webpage. 1) Call it elitism, call it good taste, whichever way you go you'll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of music my mother and I can agree on. And for the rest of it, she doesn't nag me to turn it into a clone of her music whever I see her. As for what I like and don't like generally, I don't base my evaluation on a poll of third- graders. Jar-Jar sucks, you KNOW he sucks, and just because a bunch of preadolescents haven't developed any good taste at their tender young age doesn't make Jar-Jar suck any less. It just means that you don't talk smack about Jar-Jar in front of a pack of kids. 2) Another invalid analogy. I don't have strangers yelling at me at stoplights to spike my hair and dye it green. If the Brotherhood of Dukes would leave me alone, this webpage wouldn't be necessary. As it is, the Brotherhood has made it clear that I have to spread the word that YOU PEOPLE DRIVE NORMAL CAR GUYS NUTS. You're the Trekkies of the car hobby. 3) Great, we can agree that the Charger is a nice musclecar. In point of fact, the second-generation Charger lasted from 1968 to 1970 (maybe you didn't know that), and according to Charger.org, the total production run of all second-gen Chargers was 232,332. Therefore, all your remaining figures are probably LOW. Of course, the entire numbers game is a red herring -- just because most Chargers die of natural causes doesn't make it a good use of resources to smash a couple hundred of 'em for a TV show. And you're playing fuzzy math with your numbers -- the Dukes were responsible for smashing 229 Chargers, even if those cars had a low statistical chance of survival anyway. 4) At least drag racing teaches hard work, mechanical and driver skills, and sportsmanship; the Dukes teach sitting in front of a TV.

From Scott Rabies on 2 May 2001:

  When I was younger, I remember watching the show.  I watched Knight Rider 
more, but I didn't build up some goofy Firebird.  Every since I got my basketcase 
'68 Charger two years ago I've had idiots asking me when I'm going to paint it 
orange and slap on a Confederate flag, as if it was mandatory.  At first it was 
mildly annoying, but now it drives me crazy.  Oh and by the way, I've now met 
3 different "General Lees" on the street, and I beat 'em all in street races.  Maybe 
all them good ole boys should spend more money making their cars go faster, 
not just copying an old T.V. prop.
Thank you, thank you, please no applause, just throw money.

From Benjamin Bracker on 30 April 2001:

1 I am southern and think that General Lee shouldn't have surrnedered. I'm 
not a racist
2 I have all my teeth.
3. they destroyed over 300 of those cars but they went to a worthy cause and 
are in a better place now..
4 in 2004 I will buy the new charger r/t and it will be custum painted with a 
certain battle flag, 01 on the side, and the ugly as all hell orange paintjob 
(namely the color is corvette orange) that most of the people on the paige 
5 I take the name redneck proud... but I am 100% high-tech redneck... those 
hicks are the ones you need to worry about... imbreeders that they are.

My name is Benjamin Bracker, I am a proud Texan, and am 18 years of age...
Hi Benji! Thanks for keeping your points numbered. Makes it easier for those of us who are unejamakated enough that we don't see the art in the Certain Orange Charger. So! 1) Irrelevant to this webpage. But since you brought it up, he didn't surrender because he was bored -- his army had been crushed! Was he to fight to the last man, throwing away lives for nothing, or allow those who survived a chance at rebuilding their lives? 2) You're hung up on this redneck thing aren't you? 3) Television is not a worthy cause and cars don't have souls. They were destroyed in the pursuit of advertising dollars. Period. 4) The Germans who run Chrysler nixed the 2004 Charger, or hadn't you heard? 5) Sure, start labelling yourself while you're young; that way you can spend your life identifying yourself by who you want to be rather than who you are. Hey, I'd be grateful if you'd write back when you're 22, it'd be interesting to see how much you've changed.

From Deborah Putman on 5 March 2001:

I think everyone has right to an opinion. This is America and opinions are like 
[rectums] everyone has them. But give  the D.O.H. credit, if we had more 
good old fashion t.v. shows on today we wouldn't have the [manure] we have 
today. Sure the D.O.H. was a corny show, but it had morals. It didn't have no 
stupid gang violence, no sicking homosexualty and no drug abuse. This is what 
kids have to watch today, no wonder they are messed up. I grew up watching 
the D.O.H. and sure they destroyed a numerous of the most awesome muslce 
car ever built, but it had a truth, morals and respect. I wonder if we still had 
shows on like this, would America's childern have more of a chance today. I 
am not bashing anyone's opinion. We have set back and watch our free 
America go straight to hell.
Wow. I'm pretty sure I don't have to say anything; you'll be hearing from my readers soon enough. I'd suggest wearing Nomex.

From Rachel the Really Cool Wife on 27 February 2001:

This last summer (2000) I was looking for a car for me.  While deep into the 
classifieds searching for my dream car I came across a treasure.  My husband 
loved 69' Chargers.  I had no idea what a Charger was, so one day he sat me 
down and made me watch Dukes.  Oh my God!!!  I couldn't believe that some one 
would paint a car orange with a red and white rebel falg.  Can we say 
someone's color blind!  So I dissmissed what I found until I became desperate 
for a car.  So we went for a drive, I figured if I can't find my dream car 
give him his.  Well what we found was a 1970 Dodge that some guy was going to 
build but his wife was making him sell.  We got it home and were looking over 
the parts ( all sixty billion of them!!!)  when we came across a door scoop.  
Baffeled I asked my husband what R/T stood for.  He got really excited, what 
I had found was a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T with the 440 six-pack, 4 speed 
pistol grip trans, with all the original parts.  However one thing is for 
sure it will NEVER EVER EVER be eye sore orange, or will he drive it like a 
flaming morron with some odd idea that his car is invencible.  I'm glad to 
say it has a custom interion and is gloss black.  Beautiful car.  Entering 
into this whole thing he really didn't like the car but when we got it home 
and I informed him it was his anniversary present that he gets to do what he 
loves, ( build cars) I'm happy to report that he loves the 70' and the 69' 
is, well uh.
Do you have ANY idea how many guys are reading this and wishing you were single? A woman who can appreciate a fine automobile? Rachel, I dunno what your dream car is, but I hope you find it... or better yet, your husband crawls out from under his Mopar long enough to track one down FOR you. Best wishes for you, your family, and your Charger; those cars are great drivers.

From Mike Brice on 21 February 2001:

I was just enjoying your charger bashig page.  I too have a [Certain 
Orange Charger] repica ( and all of my teeth), and I think that it's 
funny as hell that all  of these people have sooooo much to say about 
a car from a childrens tv show from the 80's.  
Weather you like the car or not, it's gotten all of you talking about,
NO, FIGHTING about it 20 years later.  I'd say that has to tell you
something about the [Certain Orange Charger].  In another 20 years,
50 years, or 100 years, it'll still turn heads while driving down the 
street, or picking up your girlfriends, daughters, and wives!
Mike, I'm glad you can see the humor in all this. After all, I was never meanin' no harm...

From Michael Cleary on 24 January 2001:

I have reviewed your "Certain Orange Car" bashing site
and have come to a conclusion...actually i have come
to a number of conclusions concerning your bias
towards the "car" [1] and the show that made it famous.
First let me start by saying that I can respect
everyones opinion, and I respect yours... to an
extent. [2] When opinions turn into more than points of
view,like yours has, I can sense it. I can sense that
you probably had an older sister or two that wouldnt
let you watch what you really wanted..the dukes of
hazzard. [3] I can also tell that you probably reside
north of the mason dixon line, If you even know where
that is. [4] Southerners relate to the show, always have
and will. [5] Today the south is a melting pot of the
entire country and other countries for that matter.
The South is no longer what it was depicted of being
on the Dukes. [6] Our secret paradise is no longer here
and that way of life is long gone, that is why we all
crave the [Certain Orange Charger] and that is why we salute the
car as a symbol of simpler times and lives. [7] The car's
name was given to it to honor the Late Robert E. Lee. [8]
It is Symbolic, pick up a history book and read about
the war between the states, You'll find that R.E.Lee
was indeed an "officer and a gentleman", the way that
Bo and Luke were dipicted. [9] You'll also find that the
war was fought, NOT over slavery, but over states
rights. Abe Lincoln, only used slavery, as an excuse
for the war in the emancipation proclamation when he
thought that the war was about to get out of hand. He
thought it would, and indeed it did stir up
controversy and cause more people to back the war. But
that is a whole other story. The point is Lincoln
caused the real purpose of the war to be clouded by
the issue of slavery and today most uneducated people
think that is what the war was fought over. [10] Enter a
storyline from the dukes of hazzard. Everything gets
blamed on the Dukes(the South), except this time we
all know that in the end the south will win, with the
heart and determination of Bo, Luke, and their version
of the calvery, the "[C.O. CHARGER]", complete with Battle
flag and a rebel yell (dixie horn). [11] Credit the Show
with saving the Life of the Charger and all of mopar. [12]
Also, credit the show with the revival of the Charger
in 2004. [13] I guarantee you the charger would be long
forgotten about if the not for the dukes. [14] If the Show
had decided to use a souped up ford pinto, then today
they would be that popular with clones and wantabees
everywhere, and i'd gaze at every one I saw in
junkyards or in parking lots imagining the potential
that pinto posesses. [15] That role would of made any car
famous, and moparians around the world should give
thanks to the Almighty [C.O. CHARGER] for saving their dreams
and making a select few a reality. [16] As for you I
sympothize, you've got a '70 model, the most Hideous
of all 70 models of any make or color. Dodge should of
quit while they were on top and discontinued the
charger in 69 or at least skipped the 70 model. Do
muscle car fans a favor and run it off a cliff along
with your attitude. [17] The show was about the simle fun
loving way of life that only the south could provide. [18]
Can you imagine if the show had been set in the North.
First of all they would care about racing but if they
used a car it would of been black and called the "ABE
LINCOLN" or "GENERAL GRANT", wouln't of had numbers on
the door because they coulnt count and the characters
would just bounce from family to family like drifters
and freeloaders with no particular place to go. What a
show that would of been. " THE FLUKES". [19] The creators,
the characters, and the car captured something special
that can only be understood by a few, and maybe it's
better if always stays that way. Long live the
[C.O. CHARGER],the car and the man.   
In the Honor of OPINIONS everywhere please post this
to your site. [20]                   GOOD OLE BOY
I was going to dismiss your missive out-of-hand, but then I realized... that's not what people come here for! They want to see some blood! And who am I to deny my readers? Since you went on for some length, to make this easier I put footnotes in your message. To wit:
1. My bias is decidedly AGAINST A Certain Orange Charger.
2. ...right up until your panties get in a wad, right Mike?
3. I watched the Dukes of Hazzard all the time when I was a kid. I also watched Scooby Doo, but I don't see legions of Mystery Machine replicas. Sometimes, when we grow up, we realize that what we valued as children doesn't jibe with an adult viewpoint.
4. Two minutes of research would have shown you that I'm based in Virginia.
5. Northerners frequently confuse rednecks with Southerners, but I would have expected better of you.
6. Reality check: the South was NEVER the way it was depicted on the Dukes of Hazzard! What are you, 16?
7. Who is this "we"? You presume to speak for the entire South?
8. No, it was given to the car because Warner Brothers was trying to portray a couple of redneck good ole boys, and in California, the South equals rednecks.
9. Make one more comparison between Gen. Bobby Lee and a pair of outlaw moonshiners, and I'll have to revoke your License to Practice Southernism.
10. And the point of THIS webpage, in case you forgot it, has nothing to do with the righteousness of the rebellion and everything to do with A Certain Orange Charger being a blemish on Chargers everywhere.
11. Second reality check: The show wasn't symbolic of anything. It was a moneymaking opportunity for Warner Brothers, the same people who brought you Daffy Duck.
12. With Chrysler bankrupt during the show's second season, I have to wonder what exactly it "saved".
13. ...which got cancelled by Chrysler's German owners.
14. ...just like all those Challengers, Cudas, Road Runners, and Super Bees that no one's ever heard of, right? Oh, I forgot, the only car they built in the late '60s was the Mustang. Silly me.
15. Well then, you're an idiot. If you think that people are so stupid that they'll worship any pile just because it has an extinct battle flag on the roof, then you've got a lumpy road ahead my friend. Third reality check: the CAR made the SHOW, not the other way around! Do you really think you would have tuned in to see a Pinto trying to squeak its tires every week? Puh-leeeze. Even I don't think you're THAT dumb.
16. What dreams would those be exactly? The ones where everyone in the universe runs up to me and asks me when I plan on turning my car into a total soulless poser?
17. I knew you'd squeeze a cheap shot in there somewhere. Bada-bing.
18. What happened to all that symbolism? Now it's just a show about having fun? Sort of a Teletubbies for teenagers?
19. See, you're just like me, insulting people you don't even know for no reason. The only difference is that I'm targeting a few thousand people like you, whereas you're targeting MILLIONS. Wow. I'm so proud.
20. Are you kidding? You think I'd miss an opportunity like this?
Now that we're done playing 20 Questions, I have to wonder about a guy whose identity is so wrapped up in a TV show that was cancelled over 15 years ago (and was just about safely extinct when TNN snatched it up in the mid-1990s). What is missing from your life that you ask a work of fiction to bear such a symbolic burden on your behalf? I detect a latent reasoning ability lying beneath your flag-flapping exterior. Please, read some of the posts elsewhere on this page and ask yourself: is this what I want from my life? Am I nothing more than a studio audience who showed up after the lights went out? Shall I become like these people, craving artifacts of a reality that never was? Or will I stand on my own, define my own reality, create my own artifacts? Will I "be", or will I merely "wish I was"? Turn off the TV, my friend, and become your own legend. Best of luck.

From Orange Hilfiger on 23 January 2001:

    I own a 1969 Charger and it happens to be orange, Tangerine Orange that 
is and it looks great.  I just wanted to let you know that all orange 
Chargers aren't "Duh"....I mean "DOH" wanna be's.  I too was asked by none 
other than a Popular Hot Rodding staff writer when I was going to add a flag 
and a "rammer bar".  What nerve, all I said was that I would put that crap on 
my car when pigs flew and the Warner Bros themselves popped out of the ground 
and offered to front the bill.  I can admit I like to see a great car like 
the Charger as the "star"of a show, but the show they picked is god awful 
silly.  Do you "DUH" fans know how many friggin cars they destroyed in their 
little hillbillie stunts, too damn many that is for sure.  Well that is all I 
had to say about orange Chargers, so take it easy on mine because mine is 
flagless and always will be. Oh yeah if any of you repli-car drivers want to 
run some day, go ahead and try because I know the "DUH" car did not have a  
500 inch crate Wedge.  So there.
Nuthin' wrong with a gennie Tangerine Orange Charger! Just watch out for cross-eyed rednecks with self-adhesive decals slapping a big "10" on your car's doors at night.

From Bryan (the crazy guy) on 14 January 2001:


I have to agree with you on one thing. All the damn replicas, they all suck 
and are made by total morons claming to be "mopar enthusiasts" Now if you 
can get your hands on a REAL (Warner Bros. certifed!) [C.O. Charger] (good luck 
finding one for under 30k) more power to you. In fact, I have a neighbor who 
has one, its a funny story. The car is actully a '68 Charger (unlike the 
C.O.C. used in the show, thats a '69) you can tell its a '68 because on the 
passenger side all of the 68 trun indicators are still there, and on the 
driver's side, or "camera side" the 68 indicators have been painted over, 
and reflectors have been put on to make it look like a 69. Also, you can 
still see where they cut off the '68 tail lights and added reflectors that 
looked like the ones on the '69. Oh, and the interior used to be black, they 
just added about 10 layers of brown spray paint, TO EVERYTHING! Seats, dash, 

As for Chargers in general, could you ask for a better muscle car? My dad 
has had one since I was 8 (i'm now 18) and about a year ago he decided that 
it needed a restoration. So off goes the red paint (and the other 7 layers 
of paint, not kidding!), and what was left of the vynal top (under that red 
paint). He has done all the body work himself, and is now in the process of 
painting it gloss black (himself) and will be putting on a new vynal top 
(himself). He stripped the interior and will be restoring that too. It 
should be done by August, remind me to send pictures. Oh yea, did I mention 
that when he got it it had a 318, he decided that it needed more power. More 
power to the tune of four hundred and fourty cubic inches. I am currently 
looking for a '68 Charger to be my project car, my goal is to have one done 
by the time I'm 25. It will be a deep blue with a black vynal top, and for 
the time being a 318 or a 340 (the insurance is just way too much for a 
person my age with an engine any bigger). Isn't that going to be a sight? 
Father and son, both with a '68 Charger of their own, I'll send pictures. 
Just remind me in 7 years or so.
So I enjoy the site, keep the fight against the moronic idiots friving 
Certan Orange Cars alive! Best of luck to you all.
I'll keep the "fight" going as long as it stays fun. Can you believe we've been at this for TWO YEARS now! Cripes! Good luck with your pair of Chargers, and switch insurance companies -- yours sucks.

From D.G. on 10 January 2001:

Lemme start by saying, judging by your comments on previous posts, you are a real 
[jerk]. I happen to love the look of the '69 Charger. In my opinion it was one of the 
meanest looking cars of the era. 
People seem to like the abuse. They keep writing. Others don't 'get it', but I don't go out of my way to appease them or even to try explaining it. I'm a straight shooter; deal with it. I agree that the second-generation Charger is one of the best musclecars ever, and I put my money where my mouth is. I have a '70 Charger, which is identical to the '69 except for some minor details. If you read this page carefully, you'll see that it bashes A Certain Orange Charger, not all Chargers. Other pages on my site are probably more to your liking, but I'll bet your mind's made up and you won't bother looking. Try putting less sugar in your double latte.

From Rob Slaven on 28 December 2000:

I  think that some peole take it to extreme, but I believe The dukes of
hazzard was a great family show for every one. I'm not trying to argue
but people in the south love fast cars, rebal flags and stuff we can
relate to,  general Lee was a great hero but i don't believe by putting
his name on a car is a disgrace.
Hey sure, I love fast cars, rebel flags, and stuff I can relate to. But taking a beautiful classic musclecar and turning it into a flaming orange tribute to reckless driving isn't on my list of things to do this weekend. Is it on yours?

From A Louisianan with electricity on 21 December 2000:

hey man ,

    if you dont like the color of th [certain orange charger] i got 1 thing to say.

Wow! Suddenly I feel so enlightened! Gosh, I never thought of it that way before. Huh! It seems so obvious now. Well! Thank you very much for writing!

From Some Guy Who Loves Brackets on 15 November 2000:

Hey Dude, What do you think about a rusted piece of [poop] painted up like the 
"[C.O. Charger]"?  The reason I ask is because I'm restoring a 69 Charger RT , 440 
auto, Yellow (when it gets painted) black interior, and black vinyl top....anyway 
back to my point, I got a rusted parts car and enough parts to "slam" another 
Charger together, is it worth my time...you know some red-neck would probably 
give 10k for it, Ha ha.  

Ps...Have you seen that web site where a guy bought and all original 45,000 
mile survivor Charger, sure it was a 318 but it was all original, a SURVIVOR, 
and He made that transformation to a "[C.O. Charger]."  This guy is a [sexually 
active] moron.
Hmmm... a parody of A Certain Orange Charger... I like it! But you should make all the colors mismatch, change the number to 00, and rename it the General Forrest... see if you get run out of town! PS. Haven't seen the website, thankfully. Although I'm not too wrapped up in the originality thing myself, it's a shame when people can't see the value of what they have.

From Matthew Pierce on 10 November 2000:

Hello, I'd just like to ask what you think of the 
REAL (Certain Orange Charger)? I don't like all
the FAKES that are around now for the simple reason
that most of these people don't even know what this
Charger looks like. (Or so it seems-These THIRD-RATE 
junkyard cases are not all that original looking in 
the first place!) You know, I did like that show, 
and I still watch it every once in a while, just 
because it's silly. Some people need to realize that
there is a line between reality and TV. Don't ruin an
otherwise beautiful car just because you want attention
OR memories. When I find my Charger, It's going to be
Red with the black vinyl top and that's the way it's going
to stay if I have anything to say about it! No, I'm not getting
it because of that show. I'm doing it because It's a good
American (or Canadian, I know...) car that is beautiful in its
original condition. If I had a real ([Certain Orange Charger]), I 
would be OK with 
it, but even I know I'll never own one of those. I don't mind.
It's not worth the trouble. It's OK to dream, but eventually you've 
got to wake up! Just a thought. One last little thing. I really 
wish people knew the real story of General ROBERT E Lee.
They named that TV car after him for a reason, and the real
person has been left out of the story. Look it up. He 
doesn't symbolize a lot of the negative things people have
assumed about him. I can tell you already know, but these
people out here in the world need to know too!  Thanks!!!
Daniel B.                                                                
(Would anybody who knows where I can find a 
69 Charger like I described above, please email                       
me and let me know? I'm not extremely picky.)
So who are you, Matthew or Daniel? Or are you both? ...but anyway. Ben Jones lives just down the road a spell, and he has his little memorabilia stand for tourists and zealots. One item he's got is a gennie Certain Orange Charger. It is, quite frankly, a hack job. It's a 20-footer only if your glasses haven't been updated in a while. But, it's the real deal, and for that I can respect it. No bull, no pretentions, this car was on the set and (apparently) driven hard. There's a couple hundred Certain Orange Chargers that don't need to explain or apologize; the rest are just wannabes. As to your other point, it'd be great if we could get people to actually read about something that matters like the balance of power between the federal and state governments; alas, unless Bobby Lee could leap through a barn, I'm afraid most people can't be bothered. That's just the sort of society TV has turned us into.

From Jim W. Shine, Jr. on 30 October 2000:

Yeah, I agree that it is a shame that so many Chargers were wrecked on the 
DOH. but I also think that maybe the show saved a few cars too. Perhaps 
people saved the rusty Charger in there garage or yard thinking that because 
its like that orange one, it may become a collectors item. You have to admit, 
there are alot of Chargers out there. You can basically buy one whenever you 
want. I understand that there are more Mustangs out there, but there were 
more Mustangs made. Compare Chargers to GTO's, 
Roadrunners,GTX's,Coronets,etc...there are more that survived. Now, as far as 
building a replicar, well, I see it two ways. If you have a Charger with all 
matching numbers, than restore the car to its original condition. If you want 
to build a replicar, do it to a car that has been around the block a few 
times. And that ugly color is just as ugly as that horrible bright green and 
metallic purple people drool over (I drool too, but its because I am gonna 
Mmmm, naaah, I'm not with ya on the whole "it woulda rusted away" thing. I guess we'll never know for sure, since the damage has been done, but I fully expect the second-gen Charger would have been recognized as a true classic in its own right. This car is so cool, it doesn't need a TV show. Hey, they picked the car for the show coz it was cool, right? It was already famous. The TV show just brought out the sheep. (I'm not crazy about the green either, but I think the purple is okay.)

From Heath Beichner on 12 October 2000:


With apologies to David Letterman, Cave Drawings presents...
Top 10 Reasons You Should Have Hit 'Delete' Instead Of 'Send'
10. Your caps lock key shows that you've been on the internet for about three days.
9. You get a big fat F for reading comprehension by failing to notice that this webpage is about a CAR, not a TV show.
8. You abbreviate the name of that TV show as "DOH". D'oh!!
7. You learn about family values from the television instead of from your family.
6. Those family values apparently include spending thousands of dollars on television kitsch rather than on savings for retirement or college.
5. And include posting hate-mail to the whole wide world.
4. Reverse psychology only impresses people who haven't graduated from high school yet.
3. Let's try a little on you: you've come to the realization that you are wasting your life trying to relive a television show that was cancelled almost 20 years ago, but you've spent so much money on junk that no one else wants, you feel backed in a corner and must defend your position to the death. There, isn't that easy.
2. Your attempts to rationalize your hobby conceal inner feelings of guilt and inadequacy.
1. You still haven't learned to THINK FOR YOURSELF!!

From Roy the Big Car Buff on 22 September 2000:

My name is Roy I am a big car buff I do how ever agree with you. I personally would 
not mind owning a replica , but why buy a 69 charger to paint like the dukes when 
you like the car the way you do. I also like your thinking not getting worked up 
about such things.
Roy, I think we're WAY beyond not getting worked up, and just have to chalk it up to one of those weird car things -- like people who only buy American cars (but don't check to see where they're made, such as Canadian-built Camaros) or restorationists who ostracize the entire hot rodder community (while putting old race cars, the ultimate hot rods, up on a pedestal). It's just not a rational hobby. Go figure.

From Zachary Hall on 24 July 2000:

It's me again, I'd just like to reply to your replies.

I said:  "and yes I will own a "CLONE" [Certain Orange Charger] someday.  
Personally I didn't realize how many people actually have and want a [Certain 
Orange] Charger.  I've wanted one since I was at least three and still do."

You said:
"My friend, this is where you have been led astray. Over the course of 17 
years of lust, you have allowed the source of your inspiration to stifle 
your own creativity. No longer a bard, you are merely a scribe. It is not 
too late to reverse this but first you must search your soul, find that 
creativity you once held, and release it."

-Let me say that one day I hope to own more than one Charger, one being made 
up to look like that certain orange charger and yes one that I will do my 
own type of paint job on.

I said:  "I want a [Certain Orange Charger] because I think it's the coolest 
looking Charger.  Yes I could create my own design but like I said the [Certain
Orange Charger]'s paint job is the best looking, at least to me.  O.K. you
don't like the DUkes of Hazzard fine that's your view, but many do.  I being
one of them.  It's a very entertaining show and I enjoy it very much."

You said:
"All very interesting but it fails to defend your argument. You have 
unequivocally placed yourself in the category of people whom I regard as -- 
to use your word, not mine -- morons and offered nothing to alter my 
perception of the category"

-But it's true, that's why I want that certain orange car.  Don't get me 
wrong 1969 Dodge Chargers are beautiful cars even without that certain 
orange cars paint job.  But I like that paint job the best at least IMO.

I said:
"If it wasn't for the [Certain Orange Charger] most 69 chargers would only
be in our memories and pictures of car books instead of sitting in our drive
ways.  If it wasn't for the [Certain Orange Charger] the 68-70 Chargers
would be very rare indeed and very hard to find because most would have been
destroyed long ago."

You said:
"I have a hard time accepting that you actually believe this. Your 
implication is that the Charger, by itself, is merely an average car, just 
like any other cranked out in the late 1960s, and that it only became 
beautiful and desirable through a cheesy television show produced ten years 
after the car's production ended. You imply that other period cars such as 
Corvettes and Camaros and Mustangs and even Darts and Javelins, all 
rightfully prized cars from the era, are intrinsically superior to the 
Charger, because they achieved their status without the aid of the TV show. 
You cannot possibly believe this. If you do, you are a very shallow "Mopar 
fanatic" indeed"

-The 1968-1970 Dodge Chargers are by no means average.  I didn't mean to 
sound like I believe that.  68-70 Chargers, even though there 30 years old 
still look sleek.  Better than any car out there today, and even if the 
Dukes of hazzard was never created I believe the Charger would have been 
popular.  What I mean is that that certain orange car brought back memories 
for those people who owned Chargers, and started the interest in chargers 
for the young ones.  Many who watched the show were probably saying to 
themselves..."Wow what a great muscle car"  Most owned a Charger back in the 
day and seeing a charger on t.v. some probably said.."I wish I had my old 
charger" and a many went out to buy one.  Not to turn it into that certain 
orange charger but to restore it.  I'm in college now and those who have 
never seen the Dukes t.v. show didn't even know what a 69 charger was (one 
person asked me what my dream car was and I told them that I love 69 
chargers) they looked at me with question marks.  All I'm saying is that 
that certain orange charger brought back memories for former charger owners 
and sparked the interest for chargers in the younger generation.  Like me, 
like I said I hope to own at least two 69 chargers, one to look like that 
certain orange car and one that will have a unique paint job.

I said:
"You act like the majority of americans think the car looks stupid."

You said:
"You can't read. I said that the paint job on A Certain Orange Charger is 
ugly. I did not comment on Chargers in general, nor did I make any 
generalizations about the U.S. population. These are the same people who 
made "Alf" popular -- I won't put anything past them."

-I guess I should have been clearer, I meant to say, "You act like the 
majority of americans think the [Certain Orange Charger] looks stupid."  
I'm sure there are many who do and obvisously there are those who don't.

Anyways thank you for posting my response.
Hi Zachary, we're covering the same ground here. I don't want to see this turn into a session at the Argument Clinic, and I don't think you do either. I just hope that, when you actually get your Charger and are faced with the thousands of dollars it costs to restore or modify a car, you will realize the money is better spent on a creation of your own rather than a copy of someone else's work. Do YOUR car first, then use the money you would have spent on a clone to buy some other interesting car. Life is short; experience as many different cars as you can.

From Zachary Hall on 23 July 2000:

Hello Zachary. It is obvious that you have gone to some trouble to share your thoughts. I do not wish to be an inhospitable host. Rather than dismiss your missive out-of-hand, I shall examine it line by line.

   I would like to comment on this subject.  First things first, I am 20 
year old MOPAR fanatic.  Especially Dodge Chargers, yes The Dukes of Hazzard 
helped me fall in love with the 1969 Dodge chargers 
So far so good. There is no shame in being inspired by A Certain Orange Charger or anything else for that matter. We must find inspiration where we will.
and yes I will own a "CLONE" [Certain Orange Charger] someday.  Personally 
I didn't realize how many people actually have and want a [Certain Orange] 
Charger.  I've wanted one since I was at least three and still do.
My friend, this is where you have been led astray. Over the course of 17 years of lust, you have allowed the source of your inspiration to stifle your own creativity. No longer a bard, you are merely a scribe. It is not too late to reverse this but first you must search your soul, find that creativity you once held, and release it.
I don't care if the car sticks out like a sore thumb, I don't care if others have 
made their own [Certain Orange Chargers]. (I live in Delaware and have only 
seen two [Certain orange Chargers] in my lifetime.)  One when I was 5 and 
one about a year ago.
Considering your youth and the fact that Delaware contains merely two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) of the population of the United States, this sample is hardly startling. And the problem at hand is not that the car sticks out. ANY second-generation Charger sticks out. The problem is that A Certain Orange Charger is ugly.
Personally you act like anyone who wants a [Certain Orange Charger] is a 
moron.  Not true,
Let us look at what you said and what you meant. The word 'personally' is nonsensical so we will disregard it. You state that I act like anyone who wants a Certain Orange Charger is a moron. Then you state that this is not true -- I am NOT acting thusly. But of course I am certain you are not trying to defend me here, so I shall presume you meant to say that I hold the opinion that anyone who wants a Certain Orange Charger is a moron, and that this opinion is wrong -- someone who wants a Certain Orange Charger is NOT a moron. In this, I concur. Alas, your premise is incorrect. I have no grudge with those who seek a genuine Certain Orange Charger. It is those who build clones who disappoint me.
I want a [Certain Orange Charger] because I think it's the coolest looking 
Charger.  Yes I could create my own design but like I said the [Certain 
Orange Charger]'s paint job is the best looking, at least to me.  O.K. you 
don't like the DUkes of Hazzard fine that's your view, but many do.  I being 
one of them.  It's a very entertaining show and I enjoy it very much.
All very interesting but it fails to defend your argument. You have unequivocally placed yourself in the category of people whom I regard as -- to use your word, not mine -- morons and offered nothing to alter my perception of the category.
You talked about how many chargers were waisted.
Only one of several grievances.
But if you think about it this way, if it wasn't for the [Certain 
Orange Charger], the 1969 Dodge Charger would
1)Not be as famous as it is today
And what has this fame done for Chargers? Promoted the image that musclecars are for redneck hicks? Caused uncounted cars to be destroyed in the course of being converted into clones, or foolishly jumped by 16-year-olds who don't understand Hollywood effects? Forced thousands of Mopar owners to endure endless queries about orange paint jobs and welded doors? Where is the good of this fame? How is this fame better than that of the fuelie Corvette, or the AAR Cuda, or Mach 1 Mustang? Is this what we want our cars to be rememberd for? "Lost sheep to shepherd"?
2)Many loyal Duke fans would probably not have restored a 69 Charger.  Of 
course some dukes fans when buying a charger don't modify it like the [Certain 
Orange Charger], they do their own design.
-I think the [Certain Orange Charger] sparked interest in the 69 Charger (and 
yes the 68 and 70 chargers as well)  Because of this many restored these old cars 
saving them from the crusher.
I must give you credit for having your dates correct for the second-gen Chargers. Most cannot even find this bit of knowledge within them. And I can find no fault with those who restore their cars or modify them to their own tastes and creative bent. As I said earlier, we must find inspiration where we will. However, I wonder how many of these cars were preserved because of the show versus their intrinsic beauty. Your argument suggests that if A Certain Orange Charger had been A Certain Orange Camaro, then the ranks of vintage Camaros would be swelled considerably. Yet we seem to have quite a few vintage Camaros around without the aid of a TV show.
If it wasn't for the [Certain Orange Charger] most 69 chargers would only 
be in our memories and pictures of car books instead of sitting in our drive 
ways.  If it wasn't for the [Certain Orange Charger] the 68-70 Chargers 
would be very rare indeed and very hard to find because most would have been 
destroyed long ago.
I have a hard time accepting that you actually believe this. Your implication is that the Charger, by itself, is merely an average car, just like any other cranked out in the late 1960s, and that it only became beautiful and desirable through a cheesy television show produced ten years after the car's production ended. You imply that other period cars such as Corvettes and Camaros and Mustangs and even Darts and Javelins, all rightfully prized cars from the era, are intrinsically superior to the Charger, because they achieved their status without the aid of the TV show. You cannot possibly believe this. If you do, you are a very shallow "Mopar fanatic" indeed.
If it wasn't for the [Certain Orange Charger] I would not even know 
what a 69 Dodge charger is and would not want to own one someday.  But 
because of this car it sparked my interest in muscle cars especially 
Your premise here is that if it weren't for a TV show you watched when you were three, you would have never discovered musclecars. You would have never taken note of them on the streets. You would have never gone to a car show. You would have never seen them in a thousand other TV shows and movies. You would have never played with Hot Wheels cars. If you stand by your premise, then you are not a musclecar fan. You are a Dukes of Hazzard fan being crushed by the grip of obsession.
The very Charger I will own someday could have gone to the 
crusher.  Better to be a [Certain Orange Charger] then scrap.
We have been over this already.
I personally don't see anything wrong with wanting to own a certain orange 
Charger that many of us have grown up to love.  In a way  it's part of our 
childhood, many people I've come across think that the [Certain Orange 
Charger] is one of the coolest and most unique looking cars.
There is a difference between admiring the girl next door, and buying a mannequin and dressing it up just like her. Have you ever stopped to consider that the uniqueness you praise is part of the Charger design and has little to do with the paint slathered all over it? That by creating a clone of someone else's car, you are destroying that very uniqueness you admire?
You act like the majority of americans think the car looks stupid.
You can't read. I said that the paint job on A Certain Orange Charger is ugly. I did not comment on Chargers in general, nor did I make any generalizations about the U.S. population. These are the same people who made "Alf" popular -- I won't put anything past them.
Many people I went to school with think the [Certain Orange Charger] is one 
cool car. Last year when I saw a [Certain Orange Charger] driving around 
Rehobeth(which is down at the beach) many who were walking around the 
little beach shops, stopped and looked at the car drive by, many had smiles on 
their faces (those being young guys who grew up watching the [Certain Orange 
Charger]) I heard a few say "What a hotrod"  It's like a celebrity is walking by, 
many know the [Certain Orange Charger] because of the DUkes of hazzard, 
and many use to have the little model [Certain Orange Charger] cars.  So 
when they see a [Certain Orange Charger] drive by (even though it's not an 
original) many stop and look because the car happens to be the most widely 
recognized car in the world and it brings back memories.
So I wonder how the driver feels, knowing that no one is admiring his craftsmanship or even his car -- they are merely looking at something that isn't real, a fragment of memory that will either bring smiles of happiness or derision, and placing this judgment on the driver and his car, a poser, pretending to be what he is not, basking in a glow that is not his.
You complain about the [Certain Orange Charger] but what about other 
famos t.v. star cars?  Like K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider?  There is a site 
dedicated to turning 1982 Pontiac Firebird Transams into the KNIGHT 
INDUSTRIES Two Thousand.  There are many KNIGHT RIDER fans 
out there who own KITT's, again what's wrong with wanting to own 
or own something that you love?  Knight Rider fans love Kitt so some 
want to own the car.
I could set up a webpage just like this one for A Certain Black Firebird, but the fact is that I did not. The reason I did not is because in two years of owning a Firebird, not once was I asked when I was going to paint it black and add a red flashy light on the nose. Firebirds do not carry a stigma as a result of that show. Chargers do because of theirs. Since I have to put up with that stigma every time I take my Charger anywhere, it irritates me. Thus you get a webpage to read.
Dukes fans love the [Certain Orange Charger] and want to own one.  When 
these fans get into their dream car it's I'm sure an amazing feeling.  I'm sure 
many are like WOW I'm actually driving my very own [CERTAIN ORANGE 
CHARGER](or KITT)  Again what is wrong with wanting or owning a 
[Certain Orange Charger].  Many love the car and that's why they own one 
or want one.
Zachary, I hope our discussion has helped to answer this question for you. Inspiration, appreciation, respect are all forces that help shape your being, your creativity. You can use these through self-expression and perhaps inspire others who follow. Idolatry, possessiveness, obsession are negative forces that crush your being, stifle creativity. You will be doomed to follow, never to lead. Is that what you want from yourself? At what age did you cease to color by numbers? Are you prepared to take that step again?

From Faye Floyd on 18 July 2000:

Just want you to know If you want to buy me a charger
you can pick what it looks like,but when I am paying for
it, it will look like whatever I want it to look like!!! OK pal.
I am the owner of a 68 [Certain Orange Charge] and it is the funnist car
I ever drove.If you don't like what it looks like then stay in
your house and do not go outside,because most people
love these cars and there will be more and more of them.
Everyone who is looking for a charger is looking to build
themselves a [Certain Orange Charger].Do you really think this car would
be as popular as it is if it wasn't for the Dukes Of Hazzard!!
Well you can have your opinion and the rest of us will still
be riding in the most famous car in the world.
"[A Certain Orange Charger]"
Ah the many questions I ponder as I wax my little devil horns. Do I want the approval of people who use words like "funnist"? Is it really possible someone believes that EVERY person who wants a Charger wants it because of a second-rate early-80s redneck TV show? Is the Charger such a horrible car that if it weren't for its exposure on TV, no one would notice it? Do I care how popular the Charger is? Are you really riding in the most famous car in the world when yours is just a fake? Or are you just hanging out with the automotive equivalent of an Elvis impersonator? I'll bet you get TNN real well on your satellite dish.

From Melissa Gillard on 29 June 2000:

First off, I throughly enjoyed your site. Your opinions are original and amusing and 
it's about time someone socked it to certain tv happy C.O.C owers.  Secondly the 68 
and 69 chargers are quite possibly two of the sweetest cars ever built.  I own a 69 
440 R/T  modified not refubished.  By the way it is midnight blue with white racing 
stripes and never has been and never will be hemi orange.  I was too little to watch 
The Dukes when it aired originally, and came by my charger out of an appreciation 
for the cars body, and design not some misguided sense of fan loyalty.  In fact I 
watched my very first Dukes episode last year.  Most of what I do know about the 
show (which is mildly entertaing I'll admit)  I gained from questions people asked 
about my car or my father who remembers it and commented when I first brought it 
home. Some of these people are just nuts.  I find the constant suggestions that I 
should turn my car into a C.O.C. humorous but they do get annoying.  Personally I 
think that true Dukes fans would find all these carbon copies a bit sacreligious.  
And anyone who claimes to be a true charger fan would never paint it hemi orange!
Hello Melissa, it is a real pleasure to meet a Charger owner as enlightened as you. Your car sounds like a beauty! Let us hope that your shining example will awaken poser Duke wannabes around the world and save them. If I may help you on your quest for true Chargerness, I would like to point out that the second generation Charger ran from 1968 to 1970, for a total of three model years, not two as many erroneously believe. The 1970 cars are actually the most attractive of the three, although they are all quite similar.

From Michael Ritchey on 24 June 2000:

I am the proud owner of a 1968 Dodge Charger and am 18 years old.  My father 
and I are currently restoring it, not to original, but into a nice modified street 
car. My friends and I grew up during the age of The Dukes of Hazzard, and most of us 
are avid fans.  On that note, many friends are telling me that I should paint it 
orange, or that I should install a Dixie horn, but that is not what I have in mind. 
It will remain turquoise and largely stock, save for the mildly built 440 in place 
of the 318.  My point being, I love my car and will do with it whatever I desire.  
The point is that someone is not letting another old car slip through the cracks.  
If someone has the urge to take an old Charger and modify it to look like the 
[Certain Orange Charger], so be it, it is their own personal taste, I have seen 
A couple quick points here. First, if you're not returning it to original, you're not restoring it. You're modifying it, hot rodding it, restifying it, there's several terms to describe what you're doing and restoring is most definitely not one of them. I prefer hot rodding over restoring myself but there's no point getting the terminology botched. Second, if you're only 18, you grew up after the 'Dukes' had run its course. You may have seen a lot of reruns... but again that's not quite the same thing. Anyway, your car sounds pretty sweet, much better than any Certain Orange Charger clone could hope to be. But I ask you, what is the point of rescuing an old car if its fate is to mimic hundreds of others just like it? How is a cookie-cutter old car any better than a cookie-cutter new car hot off the assembly line? I suggest that it is NO better, that the value of retaining these old cars is that they speak in ways that cannot be recaptured in today's near-identical offerings, and that by converting an old car into a copycat fake, the perpetrator has destroyed the very essence of the car that made it desirable to begin with. Best of luck with your cool turquoise beast -- it is surely far more desirable than yet another Certain Orange Charger fake!

From Some Dude Who Calls Himself a Duke Boy on 16 June 2000:

i like my 69 r/t but it was bought for one purpose....  to be a general wanabe
i respect mopar purists but guess what,
even when the cars were new people changed them thats what makes them special
ive been taking my time and if i ever change my mind ive got one hell of a great 
charger in any uniform
Oh for Pete's sake. How many times do I have to say this? It's not the modifying of Chargers. There's a lot of very nicely done Chargers out there! It's you clone builders. There's already more clones out there than originals ever actually existed. How many Certain Orange Chargers do we need?? Building a hot rod is not easy! You'd think if you were going to that much effort, you'd want to make it your own creation, not some fake Hollywood prop. It's not too late for you, Duke Boy... put down the remote and learn to think for yourself... yes, it hurts at first but you will soon crave the freedom...

From Andrew Baldwin on 8 May 2000:

agree-- especially about destroying all those chargers!  i read somewhere
that about 300 were toasted during the making of the episodes!  is that

im a huge dodge charger fan, and i do feel that anyone can dress it up the
way they like it--everyone has their own personal taste-- but please dont
destroy the things!
I just hope everyone's personal taste is refined past aping some purty car on the teevee. Your number of Chargers ruined by Hollywood for that program are correct; even the defenders admit as much (and tell us that 300 Chargers is a small sacrifice for such quality entertainment).

From Patrick Canon on 8 March 2000:

    I must admit, I have been approached on numerous occasions by a variety of 
people asking me to paint my '69 "REBELORANGE!" with an enthusiasm that is
a bit frightening. In fact it rarely stops there. Just this evening some dude in his 
mid-50's slammed on the gas in his Explorer, of all cars, as the light turned green 
in some attempt to recapture his youth by trying to take a Charger at the line. 
Even more often I hear "uhhhhhhhh, must use up alot of gas, huh?". 
    Like you, I find myself bristling whenever someone shoots off a bonehead line 
about my car that I have heard for the 10th time that week. However, I do feel 
obligated to explain why I think they say these things that apparently have 
offended your delicate sensibilities. These people rarely see Chargers. If they 
know what one is, it is either because they loved them as a kid, have a 
rudimentary knowledge of how a 440 must guzzle gas, or most commonly, saw 
a COC on Dukes. They are trying to start a conversation or, at the very least, 
compliment your great taste in cars, and are trying to do it in a manner they 
think you will respond to.
    I would suggest that these people are simply trying to be friendly and talk to 
you about a car that you both appreciate! Isn't their interest in the car more 
important than the uninformed manner in which they try to express it? Certainly 
the comments can be obnoxious, but don't we run that risk by driving car that 
attracts ALOT of attention? As far as replicas go, I don't know. I would hope 
that someone wouldn't restore a Charger just because of Dukes. That would be 
stupid. But, if someone owns a Charger and wants to have some fun................
who cares? I don't think that the impact of Dukes even coupled with those who 
don't want to let it go will ever be able to eclipse the tradition of Mopar muscle 
that most are content to focus on.
Pat, you're right. Although the uninformed masses irritate me at times, I try to be cordial and talk to them about the car whenever I have a moment to spare. I return the waves on the road, too. I really don't hold a grudge against those who ask whether I'm going to paint the car orange. It's the people who ACTUALLY DO paint the car orange -- what are you people thinking?! ARGH!! But I've been over this already.

From Dave Steuer on 29 February 2000:

hi there this to note on the certain orange charger i would hate to drag this 
on any further but GET OVER IT PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we dont need 
anymore dukes of hazzard clones out there i personally own an original 1971 
440-6 pack charger superbee 1 of 99 built and people always tell me  " yea 
thats the dukes car" or why dont you paint it like the dukes PLEASE!!!!!!!!! 
for one im sick to death of the dukes of hazzard and for two make the car the 
way it was meant to be original these cars look so much classier when they 
are done up originally anyway Im sorry i just had to vent thanx   Dave Steuer
Look people, see, I'm not the only one sick to death of A Certain Orange Charger. I speak for the silent majority. Most of us don't want to upset you crazies so we keep quiet. I don't mind though. You amuse me.

From Mike... yes, "THE" Mike on 30 December 1999:

All right, as someone who spent many a night in front of the TV watching Bo 
and Luke and Vance and Coy jump over rivers and [stuff] in what I even then 
thought was a vicious looking car, I feel I have to weigh in on this whole 
Certain Orange Charger debate. 
This debate is not about Chargers, it's about watching a little too much TV. 
OK, I loved that show when I was young. Fine, I have always wanted a 1969 
Charger as a result of being a young man watching that show. Yes, I actually 
took it as far as to buy a 1969 Charger recently for this same reason. But 
come on, that show is almost 20 years old. I watched it very avidly, but I 
was 9 years old, for God's sake. I would be ashamed to be a grown man driving 
a Certain Orange Charger replica around town. Bad enough I bought the damn 
car in the first place!  That being said, I have never found a musclecar 
whose looks have made more of an impression on me than this year Charger, and 
I will put a Dixie horn in it. But THAT'S AS FAR AS I GO!!!
And for our next spectacle, ladies and gentleman, I have for you behind this curtain a young man who understands that spending thousands of dollars to build a duplicate of someone else's custom job is about as classy as framing a photocopy of the Mona Lisa. Please, no flashbulbs as they may startle this delicate creature. Line forms to the right...

From Steven Murphy on 19 November 1999:

I dont know who you are, or who in Hell you think you are. but your not god, and 
that's for damn sure! Its not your place to decide what should have happened or 
what will happen to the 69 chargers (you cant have them all).Why do you care about 
what happened to 210 of those chargers (there not yours). besides they went to a 
better cause. 

If you are so concerned about the charger why dont you yell at all the Mopar 
performance people that transform them into drag cars. Just because a crumby T.V. 
show that had bad acting and a damn stupid plot line, dose not mean that the 
[Certain Orange Charger] is a waste of a 69 charger. In fact most true Mopar owner 
prefer modified Mopar sup ups over  restored gas guzzlers. I myself own a 71 dodge 
demon 440 wedge with an N.O.S. system. Its a much better demon than before. More 
people have turned their Mopar's into drag racers than wasting money on restoring 

I have heard of a wrecking yard some where in California that has a lot of the 
wrecked [Certain Orange Chargers] used in the T.V. show. If any one has information 
please E-mail at: demonsteven@wild-mail.com  
Dude, you SO missed my point. I have nothing, absolutely nothing against hot rodding your Mopar. Heck my own Mopar, a 1970 Charger (not a '69, so not only do I not have them all, I don't have any of them), is a hot rod. I don't even really have a major beef with the 300 or so authentic Certain Orange Chargers, although I still think it's a shame they got mangled for a lousy TV show. It's the FAKE ones I hate. You go to all the trouble of modifying your car, and what do you do, you copy someone else. Automotive plagiarism!! And even worse, you rip off a car that's been ripped off a thousand times before! It is the height of ill-conceived projects. PS. I left your postscript in there and I hope you find what you're looking for, because even though you're not the best-jetted carburetor out there, you're still a fellow Mopar guy.

From Fenton Hubbart on 14 August 1999:

To tell the truth, I'd rather be seen driving a '69 Dodge Charger around town that 
looks like a "[Certain Orange Charger]" replica, rather than a certain "talking car" 
that was on tv about the same time, and who's fore-runners had "screaming chickens" 
painted on their hoods...
Man, talk about your tough calls. For sure, the second-generation Charger is a classic design that has stood the test of time, whereas the third-generation Firebird looks rather dated and awkward to modern eyes. However, A Certain Orange Charger is just about the ugliest Gen-II Charger, whereas K.I.T.T. is one of the best-looking Gen-III Firebirds. Although it's a very close call, I think I would have to go with K.I.T.T. By the way, did you know you can buy the K.I.T.T. kit? Yup. Check out Mark's Custom Kits. And you thought the 'Dukes' crowd was nuts.

From Michelle Barron on 9 August 1999:

You know, I visited your page because I thought it might be a good one, not because 
it's your own childish little way of bashing the Dukes of Hazzard. I currently own
not one, not two, not even three Chargers, but 9 all together. And all of them are 
'68-'70 Chargers. As a matter of fact, one of them is a totally restored [Certain 
Orange Charger], and I am proud to own it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with 
the [Orange Charger] being painted HEMI Orange, after all, that was a "High Impact" 
color of '69-'70. The cars could be ordered that way. And as for who you call "two 
rednecks", that happens to be John Schneider and Tom Wopat, but of course I bet you 
already knew that since you seem to know everything aout Dodge Chargers and everyone 
else is wrong except you. Well, I have news for you buddy, It's not your way or the 
highway. Every single Dodge Charger owner is proud to have their cars. I mean, if 
people like you thought that the [Certain Orange Charger] was ugly, with its bold 
"01" and the proudly Displayed "rebel Flag" on its roof, and with its STOCK Hemi 
orange paint, and a mild little Brush Guard on the front, then the Dukes wouldn't 
have lasted for 7 total seasons, now would it? That show is still a very popular 
one. People love the [Orange Charger] for it's looks and it's a world famous car. 
You seem to be the only one who doesn't like it. Like the other guy said, it's fun 
to cruise in a [Orange Charger], because people do hang out of their windows and 
videotape you and take pictures of you. I was even flagged down by a gang of Harley 
bikers that had to be made up of some 200 members just so hat they could look at my 
car. It is fun and it makes me proud to be able to own a Beautiful car that not 
everyone can have. And Not everyone is going to make [Certain Orange Charger] 
replicas, I know of 4 Original [Certain Orange Charger] cars that are in Museums 
and private collections, including mine. For crying out loud there were thousands of 
'68-'70 Chargers built, and Warner Brothers only used about 190 TOTAL cars that were 
actually sent to the point of no return. The others were fixed and built back into 
street cars and I own one of those cars. It was meticulously restored back to 
original condition, which just happens to be T-5 Copper Metallic with a black vinyl 
roof and a white bumble bee stripe with a matching interior. Oh, by the way, that 
car was a '68 made into a '69 by Warner Bros. but totally restored back to Factory 
shine, looks, performance, and style. Well, maybe this makes it on your page, maybe 
not, but all I have to say is that just chill out!! Not every Charger owner is going 
to paint their Charger HEMI orange and slap a Rebel Flag and a pair of "01" 's on it.
Some might put a little rebel flag license plate on the front/back but that is about 
it. Oh, you can post the following pics on your web page ONLY if you stop acting 
Childish about why you don't like the INFAMOUS [CERTAIN
ORANGE CHARGER]......................................................................
Well well if it isn't the Queen of Hazzard County. Before I continue, Michelle, let me tell you that you are a nut. Anyone who owns NINE of one kind of car has a screw loose. You have gone way beyond "hobby" and have moved into "obsession." But that's fine. At least you're not out killing people and blaming it on video games. With that preface out of the way, let's take a moment to psychoanalyze your Cave Drawing. 1) You were given fair warning (from the link that you followed) that this page was a debate page. You have no one to blame but yourself if you were shocked by what you found. 2) Regardless of whether the orange used on A Certain Orange Charger was a factory color (not according to the storyline by the way, see below), it's not the most flattering hue. Add cheezy clashing graphics and a HUGE (not mild) brushguard and it becomes frightening. 3) The gentlemen to whom you referred are actors. The Duke Boys they portrayed for six (yep six, not seven) seasons were characters. You seem to have trouble separating the two which may be why you misinterpreted some of my earlier comments. 4) I know A Certain Orange Charger is world-famous, and so does every other second-generation Charger owner. Some of us are sick of it. Get over it. It's not your way or the highway. 5) A biker gang is not the best barometer of good taste. 6) If you really think your car is one of four, may I suggest doing a search on AltaVista. And while we're on this subject, let's make it clear that I have no beef with ORIGINAL Certain Orange Chargers. They're a piece of TV history, for whatever that is worth. It is the STUPID MINDLESS CLONES that irritate me. Why make a fake? Aren't there enough already? People who make fakes seem like kids who never left coloring books for blank paper. Sometimes it's not enough to color inside the lines, okay? 7) I'm not going to argue the number of Chargers destroyed. Nobody knows. Ben Jones says it was "thousands." You say it was 170. Another guy said 300. 8) With a little luck, maybe this debate will get a few other people who would have fallen into the Clone Trap to build their own cars instead. 9) I agree on the "infamous" Certain Orange Charger comment, but I suspect you simply failed to check with a dictionary before writing. Now, Your Highness, pull up a stool at the Boar's Nest and repeat to yourself, "There are other cars besides Chargers. There are other cars besides Chargers. There are other cars besides Chargers..."

From Ken O'Neil, Jr. on 13 Mar 1999:

One more on the subject. In defense of the COC, 1- lets don't forget that
it was originally built as a race car. That would explain the welded doors,
roll bar, 01, orange paint (all Cooter had in his garage), and the flag of
the Confederate States of America. It doesn't look nearly as bad as some of
the Nascar cars from the same era, late '70s. 2- When that show was on the
air, lets face it, the Charger, like most musclecars, wasn't really
investment material. My folks sold a garage kept '68 383 Magnum car in 1979
for $300 because that's all it was worth then; a friend couldn't sell his
'68 hemi R/T for $2800 in 1980 because it was priced too high!   3-Would we
Mopar people rather have seen a '69 Chevelle or Torino as the General? Give
THEM the exposure?!  4-How many movies or tv shows have violently destroyed
Chargers? I can name Bullitt, Dirty Mary- Crazy Larry, Vanishing Point II
right off the top of my head. Betcha there are a lot more.  5-How many
people watched that show religiously when it was on the air? Probably
everybody who says they didn't did.

PS- I like the '70 model ok, but I look at it sort of like a bastard
step-child. It has some of the best of the second generation, and of the
3rd generation, but to me they look like an afterthought, like somebody
mated a '69 and a '71, and the '70 was born. 
I removed the comments from the Charger Link-A-Rama and yet the replies still come in. Very well. Let's look at your points. 1) I've seen most of the series so I'm well aware of the storyline leading up to the Certain Orange Charger's hideous paint job. That it has an explanation does not change the fact that it is ugly, nor does the fact that there are cars uglier still. 2) You are absolutely right; that's probably why they had the gall to do it. 3) Yes. I think it would be hilarious if everyone with a Trans Am was asked whether it can talk. If everyone with a Viper was asked whether it can "morph." But I think they would be very annoyed, the same way I am very annoyed every time I'm asked whether I plan on repainting my car and installing a Dixie horn. I do wish another car had the role. 4) My concern is more with the unfortunate reputation A Certain Orange Charger has left on all second-generation Chargers. No one gets asked whether they're going to paint their Charger blue, or whether they've seen Steve McQueen lately. 5) Just because you watched the show is no reason to make your car look like the one on the screen. Watch the show. Buy the tapes. Whatever! But we don't need any more clones. PS. I don't think I understand what you're talking about. Some of the third generation? A '70 Charger can hardly be distinguished from a '69 Charger, except for the wraparound front bumper. The 69-70 transition was even less dramatic than the 68-69, whereas the '71 car was a whole new body. There's a family resemblance; it's still a Mopar. But there's no direct connection between the two.
'71 Charger
'70 Charger

From Kevin Rehill on 4 March 1999:

    I am not going to attempt to argue your opinion on that Certain
Orange Charger and I think we can agree the show has given rise to a new
surge of popularity for the Charger, but I will say this. To accuse that
someone is of an uneducated or unintelligent nature, simply because they
own or would like to own a replica of that Certain Orange Charger is
ludicrous. You imply they are brainless idiots who can't think for
themselves because they don't put pin stripes or lighting bolts on their
cars instead of a flag and an 01. You sir, do not have a clue.

People celebrate americana such as the Dukes of Hazzard because it is
fun. They are not making a political statement, nor are they trying to
change the world. They are simply enjoying what to them represents a fun
part of their and other peoples lives. It is a symbol of innocence. You
seem to be a person who is simply sick of the onslaught of replicas and
what you perceive as disrespect to a car you love so much. That I can
appreciate. But do not judge someone because they have a flag on their
roof or an 01 on their door because when you do, you become the same
narrow minded, egomaniacal idiot you claim all the owners of (that
Certain Orange Charger) are. By the way, my opinion is hardly

I am in fact the owner of a 1968 Dodger Charger replica. It even has the
horn. I got the car in great shape with the O1 the flag and all. At
first my intention was to have it stripped and repainted. But after
driving it home, I realized that not only was it a great car but it was
also a fun car. People were honking, smiling and leaning out their
windows.. I had one guy beg me to pull over and let him take a picture.
It was a blast. It is certainly an attention getter. So why do we do it
to our cars? Because it is fun.

So enjoy your Charger. I'm sure it is a nice one, but don't blast us
because we want to have a good time with ours. By the way , I really
doubt a time will come when the roads are littered with Orange Chargers
with 01 on the side so don't be too worried.

A final thought...You comment about all the Chargers that were wrecked
by the show. Well, think of all the ones that have been saved and
restored by loyal fans, like myself. I can guarantee you it is way more
that 200-300 ( The so called amount that was wrecked by TDOH). Plus,
consider all the parts companies and high performance shops that benefit
from these restorations. It is that market that encourages competition,
keeps prices down and parts on the shelf and that alone should be reason
enough to celebrate that Certain Orange Charger. A timeless classic in
the truest sense.

P.S. As for cops pulling you over. I have been pulled over by plenty and
they all ask for one thing...a picture with my car. I can guarantee you
I will never get a ticket in my town

P.P.S. I hope this will make it to your web site. I feel my opinion
represents a number of 68-69 charger owners
Dangit Kevin, you took all the fun right out of it! How dare you present a reasoned, well- considered defense of A Certain Orange Charger! And with a minimum of name-calling! You've made me reconsider the appropriateness of the exact remarks. I've toned down the Charger Link-A-Rama as a result. But still, you may be overreacting. My comments were directed to the cars, not the owners of them. P.S. I don't know what you're talking about. I couldn't find any references to getting pulled over, and I don't remember writing anything about it. Maybe you can tell me to what this refers? P.P.S. If I'll post Cave Drawings from the likes of Bill Griese, then I'll post Cave Drawings from almost anyone. And I'm not even going to ask why you didn't include 1970 Chargers, the last and best of the second generation, in your post-postscript. I guess you just don't like them!

From Brandi Sandstrom on 4 Jan 1999:

#1- The [Certain Orange Charger] is in fact a good looking car, many chargers just 
painted plain orange look very good, I even have a 70 Challanger painted hemi orange
and i tell you what that car is one of the sweetest rides I know.  It looks
good that color too.
#2- The [Certain Orange Charger] was not only a 2bl 318 they changed motors
#3- I agree with everyone who has said that the Show Dukes of Hazzard made the
Charger as popular as it is....especially that body style
But on the other point I like the link-o-rama of chargers because I am a fan
of any and all old Dodge muscle cars I myself own a 73 Charger (flat black,
not orange i am an individual with a mind of my own) with a 400 big block and
I tell you what it is the love of my life.  I have done alot of work myself to
that car and hope to someday have it entered in the Mopar Nationals which are
advertised each year in the Mopar Action Magazine.
#1, I have no beef with Hemi Orange Mopars of any type (except one I can think of with a BLUE vinyl roof -- gag) but A Certain Orange Charger just goes too far -- it is an insult to anyone who has ever tried to tastefully customize their car; #2, point taken but quite beside the point; #3, there is no doubt that the show made Chargers more popular but the question is whether that was ever necessary; #4 (you forgot to number it, but there it is), thank you for the kind words! Send any cool Charger links you find, and they'll go in the Charger Link-A-Rama. Best of luck with your '73!

From Blake Schreurs on 18 Dec 1998:

The [Certain Orange Charger] will never die...  My, what a frightening thought.
Imagine, if you will, a day and age where this might be the truth.  Now,
after you have recovered from your siezure and get back to this message,
let's examine things a bit.  Ok, it would be absolutely ludicurs to ignore
the fact that the Dukes did help out with the popularity of the Charger...
that is, after all, why the Charger was used (advertising).  Especially at
the time, the Charger was an absolutely to die for vehicle for many car
fans.  Can't blame them. I can't blame anyone for wanting one of those
classic chargers now, either.  They're huge, heavy, guzzle gas, look cool,
and make a lot of nose (basically, the American ideal).  I think the
classic Chargers are awesome.  No, the question to me seems, why would
anyone want a [C.O. Charger] NOW?!?  That is to say, what is wrong with 
the [Charger] by modern standards?  Let's look  at our specimen, shall we?  
Actually, let's not, as the poor vechicle's paint seems to be a shade of 
reguitated pumpkin and Cheese-Wiz orange.  The next most visible problem 
is the fact that the rest of the paint job gives the vehicle the look of a reject
Wheaties box (everyone keeping a shopping list?).  Solution?  Mask it,
strip it, start all over again... try black, or a deep purple, even white.
The next problem happens to be the fact that the doors are welded shut.
Hello?  Doors were designed there for a reason.  I'm sure if you think
REALLY hard, you can find 2.  Personally, I would love to see you all
explain the feet-first window crawl to your date's parents... But then
again, if you owned a [Charger] or a replica, I'm sure you wouldn't have to
worry about that.  Remember, the [Charger] will not get you a girl like Daisy
Duke!  Even if it did she'd be your sister (I could comment further, but
for the sake of good taste, I won't).  Lastly, if you are such a fan to be
deluded to the point where you believe that people would watch you drive
that thing and stare instead of stare and laugh...  You might find it hard
to keep a good driving record after trying to outrun all those cops (K-9
units?), or park without fear you might run over a chicken.
Okay, you're as nuts as the other guys!! Frankly, I am stunned that with all there is in the world we could be debating and trying to make better, the hot topic is one little paragraph about A Certain Orange Charger in the otherwise innocuous Charger Link-A-Rama. Well... now that I think about it, I'm not as shocked. It's much easier on the brain to concern oneself with petty trivia than with real problems requiring a more advanced solution than just yelling at each other.

From W. Bazen on 17 Dec 1998:

hello,i love chargers myself and have a 1970 500 se 440.my car is hemi orange
and has the 10 slot rims[c.o. charger].i dont have the 01 and flag but i dont have a
problem with it either.you had better thank god for the dukes charger.that
show in itself has made the 68 to 70 chargers wildly popular.as far as how
many were wrecked  doing the show it was 150.toward the end of the dukes
warner brothers started using digital imagary to produce the charger doing
fantastic stunts.i am tired of hearing all of these so called charger experts
giving the show and fans a bad rap.say what you want but the show was and will
allways be a big hit with a vast amount of viewers.i would be willing to bet
that your charger would not be worth as much today had it not been for the
[certain orange charger].facts are facts,live with it!   see ya
Are you guys related? It shows in the punctuation and grammar. All of this is quite beside the point. As I said in the Charger Link-A-Rama, 1) it sucks that they wrecked so many Chargers for this silly show; 2) A Certain Orange Charger is ugly; and 3) I am tired of having people assume that I sit in front of the idiot box at 4:00 each day to watch a couple of rednecks and their silly car on TNN, just because I happen to own a Charger. That people would want to build fakes just baffles me. Why don't they want to build their own car? But, I guess it's easier on the brain to copy something they saw on TV than it is to think of their own project.

From Bill Griese on 16 Dec 1998:

hope i'm writing to the right moron! you get a grip, there were 85000 chargers
built and 300 were used on the dukes of hazzard. by the way, that orange
charger called the [certain orange charger] if you didn't know is ranked the most 
popular car in tv history. do you realize how many dukes fans you [anger] when 
talking like that about the [certain orange charger]! im one of them. people buy 69 
chargers to build [certain orange chargers]. its getting more popular. like it or 
not the [certain orange charger] is here to stay! i could tell you more but your 
not worth it!!!!!
This isn't English class so I'll try to avoid bringing up the subjects of punctuation, grammar, and spelling; I'll set aside the "moron" remark as simply being another case of the pot and the kettle. Your observation that A Certain Orange Charger remains popular is, indeed, the very reason I was compelled to express my admittedly contrarian views in the Charger Link-A-Rama. I stand by my statements. There are plenty of clones on the road already. We do not need more. Those who are actually offended by this view, as you seem to be, have a Constitutional right to be offended and I do appreciate your feedback; however, I must recommend installing a "cold" knob in your shower before you explode from self-righteous indignation.