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Lyons... Jaguar... coincidence? We think not.
We love Jaguars. Now, that's not quite the same thing as knowing anything about Jaguars, but apparently some of you folk have decided to take your chances. We'll help as much as we can.

If you'd like to make a Cave Drawing of your own, please report to the Main Cave.

From Nicole Montalbano on 1 May 2003:

Hey, the check from the dealer came today, so I'm taking the car to the shop in the
morning, hope it doesn't cost over 150, that's what the man sent, he acted like he
wanted to raise up on a sister because I told him he don't send the money I will go
to jag. I feel better today, not so down. So, tell me something good, how is your day
so far???????
Just peachy, thanks!

From JB Spice on 29 December 2002:

Doubt you'll include it here is a spicy Jaguar link. But wouldn't mind
trading links if you are actually interested.
Sincerely, jb
Well, you're right in that I'm not gonna add it to my links page, but I'll let you post to Cave Drawings here.

From Martin Jansen on 22 December 2002:

Dear Bert,

it may be of interest to your members the way a self-proclaimed major 
parts supplier is treating their clients.

I am referring to the JagShop Ltd.

Here is what happened:

We recently bought a starter engine from them (largely because they 
happened to be the only parts supplier having the part in stock at that 

The part sold to us turned out to be faulty, which showed very rapidly - 
well within warranty coverage - but only after installation.  After 
about 2 months, it stopped working altogether.

However, and even though two Jaguar specialists independently confirmed 
the part to be defective, the JagShop flatly refused to replace the 
item.  They even had the temerity to propose that we buy another starter 
engine from them (with payment in advance, to be sure).

We find it deplorable that people like these are doing business with 
unsuspecting customers.  They are working under the - admittedly likely 
- assumption that no one will start legal proceedings for sums of this 

Surely, your members should be aware of these goings-on; so they can 
judge by themselves in their possible dealings with this company.

Sincerely yours
Well, I'm not Bert, but okay, you sent it to me so consider the world warned.

From Mike Howard on 4 October 2002:

I had the gas cap stolen off of my 1993 Jaguar XJ6.  Beautiful black with the
cat on the top.  Any possible chance you have one or could help me find one?
Sorry Mike, I've never heard of such a thing. Try Coventry West.

From Gene Wright on 25 July 2002:

Found your information about accessing the Vee extremely helpful, but I
wonder why you didn't slot the rear two holes on the throttle pedestal prior
to reinstalling.
A perfectly valid point. I simply couldn't bring myself to cut up the original parts when I was able to get by with them intact.

From Max Azevedo on 12 July 2002:

Question one: your permission to copy all the nigerian correspondence
onto a response for my nigerian inquiries Thought it would be nice to
send back all the permutations on the topic to these morons?
Question two: This is the important one. I'm trying to fit a v12 from an
89 xjs onto a 72 xke 2+2  4 speed. To date I've found that the
bellhousing is ok except for the two locating pins to the block; oil pump
and oil pan can be swapped: water pump can be swapped; pilot bushing may
be needed on crank; starter position may be a slightly different. My
reasoning for the swap is that the 72 has a spun bearing and if I go
rebuilding I'd rather swap with the more efficient design of 1981 and on.
Any thoughts or referals? I gather from the general inquiries this may be
a little off the beaten path, i.e. not mopar, ford or gm. Really would
like to know as it would be a real PITA if it didn't go after doing all
the work. Disclaimer: not an engineer or english major, just one confused
 superglue chemist (it's what I live off of)
Much appreciated, Max
Question One: Certainly, if you want to, though I would advise against it. They send those messages "cold" -- meaning, they have no idea whether they ever get read or not. If you reply to it, then they know they have a "hot" one and your address becomes more valuable on the spam market. Question Two: Just to clarify, the original HE ignition system ran from about 1983 to 1987. This one is pretty reliable. The 1988-up system is known as the "Marelli" system, also quite reliable and somewhat less complicated, but it has a fatal failure mode that makes it possible for the engine to dump huge amounts of raw gas into the red-hot catalytic converters, causing a fire. Of course, you don't HAVE catalytic converters, so your chance of a fire is reduced, but it's still a very dangerous failure mode. Another consideration. Any engine you swap will work best with its "brains" still attached. Have you considered going for one of the later 6-litre engines? They have the same external dimensions. Either way, you'll be able to make it work. I can't say for sure how much hassle it'll be, but a V12-V12 swap is certainly reasonable. It is a little off the beaten path, but only because there are far fewer Jag owners than Big 3 owners, so the percentages of inquiries are lower. (Perspective: in 20 years, Jag built as many XJ-S as Ford builds Mustangs *every year*) It should be possible. I'm skeptical about the starter changing sides but I don't know for sure (it's on the right-side on the XJ-S). Most of the parts you cite as being different will likely interchange as I do not believe the block changed substantially.

From Randy Bach on 13 June 2002:

I am replacing the larger of the two sets of bushings.  I just rebuilt the
entire final drive assembly and rear brake system. I do not however have
the press needed for the only thing left, the two large radius arm
bushings, suggestions?  can these be done by hand?  I did have to cut them
out and the new bushings seem just slightly larger than the hole they are
going into! what is your advice, thanks.
There is actually a slight lip in the radius arm, on one side only, that the bushing rests on when fully seated. It's barely visible, but it's there. Clean thoroughly and take a close look -- it may be as simple as you holding the thing upside down.

From John Nash on 23 January 2002:

Daimler enthusiast club.

We are looking for the folowing part numbers do you have any in stock?

Amazingly, I STILL don't sell car parts.

From Bud Walkley on 22 January 2002:

I am hoping you can be of some help to me. I need help locating the center cap jaguar
emblems for my car. I can get the whole center chrome caps, but only need the little
jaguar emblem for center. any place you have used that are reliable wood be
great.thanks ahead of time for your help.
Your best shot is with Coventry West, but if they can't do it, you might have luck at Welsh Jaguar.

From David O'Brien on 25 November 2001:

Brian-Have been keeping in touch with your site. I'm waiting for your articles on 
rebuilding the rear cage on the XJ-S. It is going to be my winter project this year,
and your guidance would help.
Thanks. Dave OBrien
David, I wish I could say there would be more, but I can't. What's on the site is all there will be for the Project Jaguar. Paradise Garage is winding down most of its project cars.

From G. Bradley Bennett on 8 October 2001:

I just found the jaguar entusiasts site and saw you are located in virginia.
I have never bought a jaguar before, I currently have an audi A4 and am
considering purchasing a jaguar x-type.  Would you by chance have any buying
tips or information concerning buying this car?  The dealers seem very
reluctant to quibble with the price.  Should I *expect* to pay MSRP?

Any information would be much appreciated.
Hi Brad! The Jaguar X-Type is a very new arrival, only available for about a month or two as of this writing, so dealers are still enjoying the luxury of having a hot commodity. This is, however, intended to be Jaguar's volume car, so bargaining should be in the cards after a few months. If you can't wait that long, then yeah, you can probably expect to pay MSRP in the short term. But that may be okay, because it's a really nice car. Get the bigger engine and the manual transmission if you can.

From Len Olsen on 23 September 2001:

When I went to replace my engine banjo bolts, I was surprised to discover
that the S/S replacements you sent are almost identical in size to the ones
I pulled. The number of threads, and thread length are identical, as is the
total bolt length.  The cross hole of your bolt is 1/16" larger, and is only
1/16" further up on the bolt than on my original.

My originals have no rust on them, but they are not stainless steel.  Could
the PO have installed modified bolts from another source?  Might I have to
pull the new bolts and file a chamfer towads the threads as per Kirby's mod?

What is the measurement from the bolt seat (land) to the center of the hole
in the head?  I really don't want to pull the bolts again.  Do you have a
side by side picture of of the old and new bolts for comparison?
Hi Len! It is possible that you already had modified bolts from another source. I believe there is at least one other source for these bolts. I'm afraid I lack both measurements and photos. Please contact Ron Kelnhofer, the manufacturer, for more detailed specs.

From Russell Lewis on 8 September 2001:

1993 JAGUAR XJS 4.0

I went to start my car and upon trying to start it, all I am getting is a continous 
rotary sound with no engagement of the starter.  What do you think?  Where 
should I begin?
Thanks for your reply.

Russell O. Lewis
Hi Russell, you're a little out of my element as I'm more of a V12 guy, but sounds to me like the starter may be dead. Are you a member of Jag-Lovers? If not, you should join.

From David O'Brien on 26 July 2001:

Just stumbled on to your site and ordered the Jag CD ROM. I'm here because I'm 
searching for the answer to a brake problem. When I apply the brakes, the pedal 
sticks in the down position. I have to get my foot behind the pedal and pull to free 
it up. What causes this? Most of the master cylinder posts have to do with leaking 
fluid or a lack of pedal pressure.Any ideas? Please email to
thanks Dave Obrien.
BTW, your writing style is a breath of fresh air.I feel like a hero after repairing/
replacing something on my car-it's a GREAT confidence-builder. Thanks
Hi David! My best guess is that your brake servo (power brake booster) is done for. My second best guess is that the cylinder itself is done. Unfortunately the servo is not cheap so I hesitate for you to replace it on my say-so. Are you a member of Jag-Lovers? If not, I'd recommend joining the XJ-S mailing list. You're sure to get an answer there -- even Jag parts vendors hang out on the mailing list, dispensing free advice. Very much worth it. Also, thank you very much for the kind compliments. I enjoy writing the articles so it's nice to know people enjoy reading them. I tell ya, Haynes just gets on my nerves after a while.

From Leon Feirman on 17 June 2001:

I have always changed the spark plugs in my Jaguars myself.  However I
tried to do so in my 1997 Jag and am unable to figure out where they are
and how to change them.  I removed the cover expecting to find them, but
I did not.  Could you please send me directions and/or  a diagram so
that I can change them myself.

                                                    Thank you
I've never worked on the newer Jaguars so I can't give you a definitive answer. May I strongly suggest you join Jag-Lovers, by subscribing to their "modern" list. Someone there will be able to give you step-by-step instructions.

From Jenni Martin on 9 May 2001:

I was reading your site about the 85 XJS(GREAT INFO). Since it seems you
have done some extensive work on your I was wondering if you would
happen to know what the vaccum valve on the drv. side injector rail is
called? My haynes manual doesnt really go into great detail and from the
best I can tell it's a thermal vaccum switch. Well mine broke at the
line and I need to replace it, is there any good parts suppliers you
know of? Also Im getting a bad fuel smell from the trunk, I pulled the
tank and everything looks fine, no rust or signs of holes, any ideas??
Thanks for any help can provide..
Thanks for the kind words! We have some great projects coming up yet too. With your problem, if you found the Haynes manual confusing, you're excused... I just flipped through it and failed to find a diagram that accurately represents what can be found on my car. I'm looking through my XJ-S books and photos and you're talking about a switch that screws right into the driver fuel rail. A switch that my car doesn't have!!! Bugger. The port is there but the sensor's not. Well now you have my curiosity up, as I don't have one, which makes me wonder what kind of bodge the PO arranged to make up for its absence. It's a thermal vacuum switch. Helps regulate fuel pressure based on fuel temperature. Mine is totally bypassed. Now I have to buy one too! Thanks a lot! As for the fuel smell, my first guess: the carpets have been previously soaked with gas (or the foam mat under the tank) and the smell's still there. Second guess: there's a little condenser scheme that goes up into the passenger-side buttress. Sometimes that rusts out, allowing vapors to escape. Third guess: a really small fuel leak in the rubber hoses somewhere. I buy 90% of my Jaguar parts from Coventry West and Jagbits. While I'm at it, I also recommend Jag-Lovers and Nine Lives.

From Billy Smith on 2 December 2000:

Hi  Have tried to get Prolift Struts here in B.C. Canada but all I can seem to find 
are Monroes or StrongArm.Would you recommend either of these.If not can you give me 
name of a parts store in the U.S.A where I can buy them.

                                               Thank You.
                                                  Billy Smith
                                                      B.C. Canada
Hi Billy! I checked my usual online vendors and came up empty-handed. So, I went to my local Pep Boys where I got them last time, figuring I'd buy them for you and send them along, but they changed brands! So honestly, I have no idea where you can find Pro-Lifts anymore.

From Kathy Hutchins on 15 April 2000:

Is there a spot where Jaguar enthusiasts hang out on line that will let me 
offer my 1987 XJ6 for sale? If there is, I'd appreciate directions. Thanks!!
Try the Used Parts Exchange at Jag-Lovers. After that, try your local auto trader.