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What do you want for 400 bucks?
This is our 1985 Chevrolet Suburban Silverado. Some of the photos are larger than they appear; right-click on them to get the option to view the fullsize version.

From here you can see the worst of it. The large deer-dent in the driver door, the worst rust spot on the driver and rear doors, the flaked paint on the roof.

Here's a close look at the big deer-dent, and the rust is in view also. This is the only place where the rust has actually eaten through the metal -- everywhere else it's just surface rust scum.

This is another look at the driver side, including the somewhat rusty front bumper. You can also make out some dings in the front of the hood from the deer's antlers.

Here's the passenger side, it's a bit dark but there's not as much to see anyway, just one dent caused by an errant compact car. You can see the places with bad paint fairly clearly here.

This is a close-up of the compact car's dent. It's actually smaller than the deer's. We've got the errant wheel cover round here somewhere.

The interior is a bit rough: torn seat covers, damaged door panels, cracked dash pad, and stained carpet.

The headliner is falling. Or fallen. Not glued up anyway. But have a look at the rear A/C unit, which -- when working -- will freeze the nuts off a walrus.

Good old carbureted V8. It's a GM 350 crate engine, and I think it's a 4bbl carb.

See, it even says "350" right on it. Obviously, there's plenty of room for performance mods, as this thing is pretty much stone stock. It puffs a bit at startup but runs well.

The roof and its surface rust problem. None of it is serious.

The headliner droops pretty bad up front too.

Here's the factory-installed trailer hitch. Everything's still in place, though it may need a new plug.