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When it comes to sheer bang for the buck, GM got it right with the F-body cars. We couldn't resist and got our hands on the more attractive of the two, the Firebird, with the LS1 engine. This car is as much fun on the road as it is on the track, so naturally we've been taking pictures. There are photos and writeups of the Firebird's competitive ventures at Spacebears Racing and projects at Stories From the Garage.

Here's the new Firebird shortly after delivery. It even still has a temp tag on the front -- that wouldn't last long.

The car looks muscular yet svelte from any view. It's rare for a carmaker, especially GM, to get the proportions just right.

Most people see the car from this angle.

This is a closeup of the Firebird's really cool "face." It has far more character than the previous design and is one of the features that sold me on the car. The LS1 is the other.

Check out the water cascading down the nose in this artsy photo. It brings out the metallic effect of the paint.

This is me, crouched next to the Firebird the morning after a run at Maryland International Raceway. We had a pretty good run that night.

Now the well-performing round winner is allowed its own moment in the limelight. That was the last race of the season; spring can't get here soon enough.

At last! The T-tops are off. Middle of the summer? Nope, January, during a trip to Florida. A removable roof of some kind is the only way to go.

This is the sort of winter I am, unfortunately, accustomed to. The Firebird is a daily driver so that means all days, including days like this when most sports cars are in hiding.

Victory! Somehow the Firebird and I took a class win in the Viper-Vette-Fbody Dragathon. Too cool!

Another shot of the Firebird bravely holding forth through the winter. Did we mention this is an all-year car?