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On April 2, 2004, West Virginia University teamed up with some other organizations with names much too long for us to remember, to orchestrate a gimmick rally for hybrid car owners. At the time the only hybrid cars on the market were the Honda Insight, Honda Civic, and Toyota Prius, so it was a pretty exclusive little club. We got to go along for the ride in our friend Debbie's Insight.

Sooo... how many cars showed up? CLICK HERE TO SEE...

Our noble stallion, Glocklady's Silver Bullet. On the right.

Dang, we are so cool.

So far so good. In the lead, and soundly flogging the dread Doritos Van.

Just a glamour shot because, let's face it, the Insight rocks.

Big Al's Clown Car. Some people just don't appreciate the seriousness of these hybrids. We had a cool plastic and nylon flag too, but lost it along the way. We'll have to drive hybrids for the next 35 years to make up for the environmental impact of that flag. Sigh. It's not easy being green.

Debbie gets to talk to a friendly but kinda greasy newsman from Channel 3 Charleston. Note surly jealous University official in the left background.

"An' that button there is for the warp coil..."

Survivors square off for Hybrid Deathmatch.