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So, do you enjoy resetting your watch?
Josh and I went to Indiana to pick up some car magazines. We brought our digital cameras, and as a means of passing the time we decided to set a motorcycle theme for the trip, and photographed all the bikes we happened to see on the highway with us -- along with a few other, less interesting shots.

Hello, you'd think the fellow would be looking for a different lane by now...

Very nice, you don't see Harleys in bright colors too often.

Honda sport touring. Check out the guy's license plate, then the strategic placement of his left hand.

The first word is "eat". Considering his riding gear, the last word ought to be "pavement". But, to each his own.

Kentucky is very motorcycle-friendly. In addition to these glowing message boards -- we saw at least four -- there's billboards and bumper stickers all over the place.

Okay, okay, you can sign us up for the Dork of the Month Club.

Those are cows. Guess who hasn't got a zoom lens.

Here's a close-up of a cow. This is as good as our camera could manage:

Ol' Randy must not hang out with too many furriners.

That's about as close to a Panoz as I'll ever get.

Yamaha R6 patiently waiting for its owner to come out and play.

One of my favorite cars ever, the Lotus Esprit, holds center stage at Buxton Motorsports.

A Mallett Corvette. Just in case you wanted Porsche Turbo speed with GM build quality.

Exotics galore. Here we see a pair of Porsche 911s, one a Turbo, and the rare and elusive Subaru Outback Sport.

Not all enthusiasts are in a hurry. (Hey, Lamborghini started out as a tractor manufacturer...)

No wonder you never got what you asked for. You've been sending your letters to the wrong address!

"Honey, I got the screaming orange vests... and yet, somehow I feel as though I've forgotten something..."

A 'Zooki dual-sport, out making an interstate journey. Bound to have an interesting ride.

I s'pose they've run out of yellow diamond signs by now.

Lady biker. Dig the fringe.