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Trust me, the world ran out of good IROC jokes about 15 years ago.
When it looked like I was going to be faced with an early retirement from motorsports, my friends did the most amazing thing. They bought me a racecar! This is it: a 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z. It's not that fast at the moment, but that'll change over time. I promised them some fun photos, so a few of these are a little goofy. Have fun!

Mmmm, red. I love red cars. They're faster than any other color.

I've long felt the third-gens were the best looking of the Camaros. This really shows its muscular lines.

The view most people are gonna... oh who are we kidding. It's only got 190 hp. I'm just showing off the tag; I don't normally splurge on custom plates.

So okay, on this side it's an OC-Z. Stickers are just extra weight anyway.

Racer Bry -- perhaps optimistically ready to suit up and take to the tracks! It still needs a little attention first.

Ponycar Express -- your valuable correspondence and packages are deliverd quickly and well-protected. Insuring items is not necessary.

Obi-Wan Irocze -- prepared for battle against the evil Darth Honder and his front-drive minions on the street or at the track.

Motorhead -- in the middle of a rite dedicated to Chromulus, the God of Hot Rodders.