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If it's not Scottish, it's crrrrrrrap.
On Neptune, we've discovered the perfect breed: The Scottish Terrier. We just love Scotties. We'd make a list of superior Scottie traits, such as attitude, intelligence, beauty, and loyalty, but something like that would just cause us to be inundated with irate e-mail from lovers of inferor breeds. Instead, simply enjoy the photographs of our Scottish Terriers in peace and harmony.

With a new house, Kara and I were looking for the perfect dog to go with it. We both love Taz the Cat Herder. He's quite the gentleman, and is sort of a large-dog/feisty-cat wrapped into a portable Scottish Terrier package.

Taz watches from his favorite vehicle, our old Dodge pickup "Col. Mosby." He likes Mosby because there's no back seat so he gets to ride with us. Too bad he's not tall enough to drive the thing for me.

Taz follows me almost everywhere, so he's usually handy when I'm advancing a new roll of film. You'll find his cute mug on Frame Zero more often than the inside of a lens cap.

If there's a burr bush or a bramble bush anywhere on the property, Taz will find it. In this case, he not only found it, he lost the battle to destroy it.

Introducing Heather! She is Taz's buddy, a wheaten Scottie. She can never relax; has to watch over everything to make sure it is just right.

Taz and Heather on our morning "patrol." They hear a sound and are ready for whatever it is, whether it needs teeth or tongue!

Taz and Heather guard Col. Mosby. Because heaven forbid anything should happen to that.

"My name is Heather and I am Queen of the Universe. Bow down and bring forth your milkbones."

Heather passed away from a probable brain tumor on February 14, 2003. As a sort of tribute, we've gone through and uploaded some of the best pictures of Heather and Taz from the last three years:

Welcome Elle! When Taz seemed ready to have a friend again, we lucked out and bumped into Miss Elle, who thought Taz might be just the playmate she needed. Her high energy level keeps Taz running; much to our surprise, Taz the Terror is now the CALM one!

They've known each other for less than a week and already they've moved in together! Kids these days!

Elle looks philosophical, but it's all a ruse -- unless plotting ways to steal shoes counts as philosophy!

Yeah, they know which strings to pull.