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A Mustang is a GT like a butterfly is made from dairy.
One of the great motoring inventions was the concept of the grand tourer, or GT. Misappropriations by Ford notwithstanding, a proper GT is a luxurious, fast, and powerful coupe, capable of carrying two people at very high speeds in absolute comfort, and also able to bring onboard two other less-fortunates for shorter trips. Two milestones of the breed are the Jaguar XJ-S and the Porsche 928. We are fortunate enough to have one of each: a 1985 XJ-S and a 1984 928. Please enjoy these photos of our roadgoing companions.

Here's our then-new XJ-S basking in the warm spring sun, out in our front yard.

Here's the 928S at its first photo shoot ever, along a quiet country road near our home.

Kitty is ready to pounce on any unsuspecting so-called "sport coupes" that get in its way.

Practically ready to take off, the 928 takes a particularly aggressive stance in profile.

No, we didn't put the dent there, and Yes, we're getting it fixed!

It's the face, on these cars, that earned them the nickname "Shark". Very distinctive, graceful yet menacing.

Here, our XJ-S watches over its elder -- an unrestored XK120 waiting to go to Australia.

Our 928 pauses between high speed runs to graze in a pasture for a few minutes.

The XJ-S sits in our driveway, enjoying the fall weather.

The Shark watches over our driveway's turnaround, protecting us from econoboxes.