People for the Elimination of Speed-control Technology
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Activism is the philosophy of making other people do things your way.
Speed control is nearly ubiquitous on the modern automobile; on most cars, it is standard equipment, included regardless of the consumer's wants. Yet, few take the time to consider this dangerous accessory dangling within finger's grasp of the unsuspecting innocent driver.

Because of this hazard lurking just outside the homes of 87% of America's citizens, People for the Elimination of Speed-control Technology (PEScT) has been formed to campaign against this scourge and make America safer.

Speed-control technology, better known by the deceptive marketing term "cruise control" (which wrongly implies that the driver is in control of a "cruise", when in fact he is along for the ride as his 5,000-pound missile of death hurtles toward certain destruction), has been responsible for countless deaths and injuries since its invention in 1952 by one William DuJeouir for the now-defunct Studebaker company. Specifically, PEScT has identified these hazards directly attributable to speed control:

  • Drivers, lulled into thinking that activating "cruise control" relieves them of all driving responsibility, instead pursue other activities such as reading the newspaper or napping. This inevitably results in the car hurtling over a cliff to a fiery end in the ravine below.

  • Some drivers have been known to actually forget they were in a moving vehicle, stepping out to the restroom at 65 mph.

Fortunately, many drivers do realize that speed-control technology is only effective on the accelerator; that the driver is still expected to steer and brake. But even with this knowledge, speed control remains extraordinarily dangerous.

  • Individuals who use speed control in congested urban areas are 21% more likely to rear-end a car driven by an expectant mother, setting off her car's airbag and causing a miscarriage.

  • Individuals who use speed control on the interstate severely compromise their ability to avoid a sudden road obstacle such as a wandering animal or small child. Tests show that drivers are not able to regain control of their vehicle and hit the animal or child three out of four times.

  • Wildlife management professionals have determined that the hum of a speed control module, outside the hearing range for humans, is actually soothing to deer. Deer are more than twice as likely to jump in front of cars with this humming sound.

  • The revenues lost from heartless travellers using speed control to avoid traffic citations causes small working-class towns with no tax base to disband their police force, leaving the towns vulnerable to ruthless motorcycle bandits.

  • Drivers often forget to turn off the speed control mechanism before applying the brake, causing the master cylinder to explode.

PEScT initially attempted to work with industry to voluntarily implement safety regulations to save lives. These included the immediate cessation of speed-control technoloy installation on all vehicles, as well as a voluntary recall to disable every "cruise control" system still in use on the road today, with a $1,000 refund for the consumer to cover depreciation loss and inconvenience while the safety upgrade is being implemented. However, the auto industry giants showed their usual disregard for critical public safety issues and refused to voluntarily comply.

It is now up to PEScT and concerned individuals to lobby Washington for new safety regulations that prevent the brazen installation of hazardous "features" such as speed control. But PEScT can't do it alone. PEScT needs your support!

Here are some ways to support PEScT:

  1. Make a donation to PEScT.
  2. Attend a PEScT rally, demonstration, protest, or seminar.
  3. Convince a friend to make a donation to PEScT.
  4. Rip out your car's speed control switches and mail them to the manufacturer, demanding $1,000 compensation for having to do the recall yourself. If your car is leased, rip out the switches on your friend's car instead.
  5. Make a donation to the PEScT Safety Research Center.
  6. Give our "Speed Control Kills and Maims Bunnies" coloring book to a child.

This year is a busy one for PEScT, thanks to overwhelming support from concerned citizens just like you. Please try to join us at one of our events:

January 23, New Orleans, La.: Sit-in protest at CruiseCon XVI, a convention of irresponsible aftermarket speed-control manufacturers.
April 17, Dearborn, Mich.: Delivery to Ford Motor Co. of a dump-truck full of deactivated Ford speed-control modules, to be dumped at their front door. Send yours in now!
July 5, Albuquerque, N.M.: "Speed Control and Animal Cruelty: How Cruise Control Kills America's Wildlife". A demonstration where laboratory rats will be released along a closed course, illustrating how difficult it is for drivers using cruise control to avoid killing them.
October 30, Washington, D.C.: The Million Module March on Washington. We will hold a candlelight vigil for all our fellow Americans who have plunged over a cliff thanks to speed-control technology, then deliver a petition to Congress for the outlaw of speed-control devices along with a million modules donated by PEScT supporters.

With vigilence and diligence, this scourge will end.