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Editorial Profile: This is the official journal of the Antique Automobile Club of America. As an official journal, much of the content is dedicated to covering the club's activities, especially car judging results. Nevertheless, they do manage to fit a few feature articles of general interest in each issue. These articles tend to address their subjects in great depth, and the subjects are usually obscure subjects difficult to find anywhere else. For finding historical information on an obscure marque, this magazine is a top contender. You can be sure that feature cars in this magazine are not significantly modified from original, as the AACA frowns on such things.

Finding Things: Use the "Find" feature on your browser, or try out our public Search Engine. For best results, send us a search query. Our internal search engine is far more powerful than the public one, and we have a more comprehensive index. Still can't find what you want? Consider subscribing to our Courtesy List.

Last Updated: This online listing lags behind our database by a couple of days. If you don't see what you need, write us!

Title Issue Year Highlights Copies
Antique Automobile 01-02 1979 FEAT: Bill Harrah, 41 Packard Station Wagon, Cyrus Patschke, 51 Kaiser Jade Dragon prototype
TECH: home sandblasting
Antique Automobile 03-04 1979 FEAT: 23 Mercedes-Benz 28/95, Mercedes-Benz early history, Climber automobile, Vauxhall Model D, Ford Archives, 10 Stoddard-Dayton Roadster Model 10H, auto industry brothers, 34 Bendix SWC prototype, Vincent Bendix, White Star automobile
TECH: painting tips
Antique Automobile 01-02 1982 FEAT: Packard trucks, Zundapp motorcycle history
TECH: restoration recordkeeping
Antique Automobile 07-08 1982 FEAT: Ford engine colors, Selden patent history, Elcar Model 140, Dayton Auto Museum, 1921-39 German streamlined cars, 1919-33 Hispano-Suiza H-series, Packard bodies by Pullman, 28 Bentley Sports Torpedo
TECH: quarter panel installation
Antique Automobile 09-10 1982 FEAT: Mrs. Packard's 34 Packard, Pierce-Arrow truck history, 16 Chandler 7-passenger car, Selden patent history, Oldfield history
TECH: carburetor float valve
Antique Automobile 11-12 1982 FEAT: Selden patent history, 32 Chevy Deluxe 5-Window Sport Coupe
TECH: dry battery systems
Antique Automobile 01-02 1983 FEAT: American-LaFrance truck history, 24 Renault 40CV
TECH: floor replacement
Antique Automobile 03-04 1983 FEAT: National Motor Museum, 1904 Maryland motor vehicle registrations, Mercer at Indianapolis Speedway, 08 Fuller Model B
TECH: alignment toe-in
Antique Automobile 05-06 1983 FEAT: early motoring clothing, Mercedes-Benz Type K, Jeffery truck history, Nash truck history, Mercer at Indianapolis Speedway, Moxie Ponycycle 1
Antique Automobile 11-12 1983 FEAT: Ken Eberts gallery, 30 Chrysler 77 Roadster, classic cars in Argentina, Grosser Mercedes history, Lozier at Indianapolis Speedway
TECH: trailering
Antique Automobile 03-04 1984 FEAT: Alice Huyler Ramsey, pre-Cugnot automobiles, Bugatti Type 41 Royale, 1892 Harris Bus 1
Antique Automobile 05-06 1984 FEAT: Ford V-8 distributor history, Diamond T truck history, North Dakota automobile manufacturing
TECH: modern speedometer cable retrofit
Antique Automobile 11-12 1985 FEAT: AACA 50th anniversary, Ken Stauffer gallery, Ford in 1935, Peter Helck gallery, Bill Zerega, Antique Automobile magazine history
TECH: restoration tips
Antique Automobile 07-08 1986 FEAT: Marsh automobile history, early record-breaking cars at Indianapolis Speedway, National Motor Museum, 04 Cadillac, 05 Cadillac, Premocar history 1
Antique Automobile 09-10 1986 FEAT: 50 Volkswagen Beetle, Velie truck history, 10 Pullman automobile 1
Antique Automobile 11-12 1986 FEAT: Allard early history, Maxwell at Indianapolis Speedway, license plate collecting 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 1987 FEAT: Pinchot's 31 Studebaker President Touring Car, Maccarr truck history 1
Antique Automobile 03-04 1987 FEAT: Parry Auto Company history, Ford ester colors, 26 Rickenbacker Super Sport, Pope-Hartfort at Indianapolis Speedway, Eva Hasell, 09 Auto Bug Model F
TECH: Maxwell Type L & Type A transmission band relining
Antique Automobile 05-06 1987 FEAT: early motorcycles & Bernard Andre, 02 Indian motorcycle, Al D. Edmond, Roamer at Indianapolis Speedway 1
Antique Automobile 09-10 1987 FEAT: 33 Pierce-Arrow Le Baron, C.A. Hyde motor home, Brockway truck history, Stutz Motor Car Company history 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 1988 FEAT: J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company history, Adapto-Tractor history, Golden Gate Bridge birthday party 1
Antique Automobile 03-04 1988 FEAT: Darrin history, 1893 Dureya, Parenti Motors Corporation history
TECH: external shift/brake levers & sliding gear transmissions
Antique Automobile 05-06 1989 FEAT: 18 American LaFrance Type 40 Triple Combination Pumper, Kelly truck history, Dixie Gun Works Old Car Museum, Pope Pius X electric car, 33 Ford truck stamina trials 1
Antique Automobile 07-08 1989 FEAT: Ford Model T, Billy Giblin, Cole at Indianapolis Speedway, Raymond E. Holland Automotive Art Collection 1
Antique Automobile 09-10 1989 FEAT: cover shoot photography, Graham Brothers truck history 1
Antique Automobile 03-04 1990 FEAT: Studebaker truck history 1
Antique Automobile 05-06 1990 FEAT: early automotive humor, early brass parts, very early license plates, Schacht at Indianapolis Speedway, J. Stanley Stratton
TECH: spark plug basics
Antique Automobile 07-08 1990 FEAT: 1921-40 Lincoln history, Garford truck history, Stanley Wanlass gallery, 15 Lozier automobile
TECH: automobile materials
Antique Automobile 09-10 1990 FEAT: 32 Studebaker Model 55 Saint Regis Brougham 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 1991 FEAT: Dureya history, Harriet Bell, Max Frei gallery 1
Antique Automobile 03-04 1991 FEAT: White automobile history, early highway construction, 36 Harley-Davidson Model 61 OHV, failed manufacturer names 1
Antique Automobile 05-06 1991 FEAT: early highway construction, Ronald V. Barnett, early two-cylinder cars 1
Antique Automobile 09-10 1991 FEAT: 60 Chevy Corvette, tire chain history, Cutting at Indianapolis Speedway, Henry Ford II's 45 Ford Model A, Jeep early history 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 1992 FEAT: Selden Patent plates, Ford Model A experiences 1
Antique Automobile 03-04 1992 FEAT: Franklin automobile history, 21 Cadillac, Staude Mak-A-Tractor, 10 Hunt Special, Chester Geist's Fisher Coach model 1
Antique Automobile 11-12 1992 FEAT: Mitchell Motor Car history, Granatelli supercharged 62 Plymouth Fury 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 1993 FEAT: 1920-39 Polish auto industry, license plate collecting
TECH: bearings basics
Antique Automobile 03-04 1993 FEAT: 27 Buick, Selden automobile history, antique cars in Cuba, 53 Arnolt-Bristol Deluxe Competition Roadster, 39 Alvis Speed 25, 12 Cadillac Model 30, AACA judging basics, rim & tire early history 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 1994 FEAT: Aas Rambler Agency, King & Kleinart at Indianapolis Speedway, early clutch design 1
Antique Automobile 07-08 1994 FEAT: Premier at Indianapolis Speedway, Stearns automobile history, 20 Ford Model T 1
Antique Automobile 09-10 1994 FEAT: 32 Packard V-12 Coupe/Roadster, Pence Agency, 36 Chevy 2
Antique Automobile 11-12 1994 FEAT: Stearns automobile history, 26 Diana roadster 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 1995 FEAT: 57 Chevy Bel Air, winter storage, White at Indianapolis Speedway 1
Antique Automobile 05-06 1995 FEAT: Butler, Penn., auto industry, early automobile assembly dates, Benny T. Bootle, early pectons
TECH: bicycle computer installation, plastic restoration
Antique Automobile 09-10 1995 FEAT: Harrigan automobile history, 31 LaSalle, 69 AMC AMX, vintage clothes, 32 Auburn Speedster 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 1996 FEAT: Henry Ford and Muscle Shoals, Ryan Richter, 49 DeSoto Model S-13 Custom, Pence Agency, 1896 automobile industry
TECH: oil changes, overheating prevention
Antique Automobile 03-04 1996 FEAT: James Michael Curley, Auburn automobile history, 51 Ford Victoria, Ford Model T, horses vs. cars in 1896, Hatfield automobiles, 1896 automobile industry
TECH: blowing down steam cars
Antique Automobile 01-02 1997 FEAT: vintage hats, John Memmelaar Jr, 39 Ford Convertible Sedan, parking meter history
TECH: trailer safety, rag wheel buffing, British wrench standards
Antique Automobile 07-08 1997 FEAT: Marmon automobile history, Henry Ford and philanthropy, 20 Anderson convertible roadster, Mercedes-Benz tour, Mark and Vicki Qualls, 22 Chandler, Franklin collection, Benson Ford ship
TECH: antifreeze in old cars
Antique Automobile 11-12 1997 FEAT: 30 International A-5 Semi, 23 Rickenbacker, 39 Studebaker Cruising sedan 1
Antique Automobile 05-06 1998 FEAT: 48 Davis coupe, Thomas F. Howard, Bjorneberg Building, early traffic laws, coach lace, 62 Buick Wildcat, steam car experience, 64 Mercury Comet Calienta, 55 Chevy truck 1
Antique Automobile 09-10 1998 FEAT: 16 Chevy 490 Touring, George A. Lewis, Cunningham automobiles, 08 Pontiac, Howard E. Coffin 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 1999 FEAT: William Richard Morris, 07 Cadillac single, 54 Packard Carribbean convertible, Ford Model T, 30 Ford Model A, restoration terms, Jaguar C-Type 1
Antique Automobile 05-06 1999 FEAT: 70 Ford Mustang Boss 302, Hinkleville collection, Bonfield's Garage, Janet M. Ricketts, classified advertising
TECH: brass windshield liners, early car batteries
Antique Automobile 09-10 1999 FEAT: Dudgeon steam vehicle, Loscalzo safety fender, 14 Locomobile Berline Limo 1
Antique Automobile 01-02 2000 TECH: tire mounting tools, 37 Chevy coupe, 55 Chevy First Series pickup, 60 Chevy Corvette, 31 Buick Model 8-57, A.M. Herring, Alaska via 52 Chevy pickup, 36 Lincoln Zephyr, Gray automobile history 2
Antique Automobile 03-04 2000 FEAT: Reo automobile history, 1898 Stanley Steamer, auto restoration, 1899 Reese, 66 Plymouth Belvedere II, 39 Sayers & Scovill Cadillac Imperial Carved Panel Hearse 2
Antique Automobile 05-06 2000 FEAT: Kaiser-Frazer history, Selden Patent, John Myer, 35 White Model 703, 46 Hudson convertible 1
Antique Automobile 09-10 2000 FEAT: Bobby Hammond, 24 Moon roadster, 38 Lincoln Brunn Victoria convertible, Benjamin P. Jonas, Henry Ford's first 50 years 1
Antique Automobile 07-08 2001 FEAT: 13 Buck Model 31, Alice Huyler Ramsey, 30 Lincoln Model 176-A Phaeton, Cawley Collection, car transport problems 1
Antique Automobile 09-10 2001 FEAT: 31 Ford Model A, Peerless automobile history, Singer automobile history, 17 Studebaker Funeral Car 1
Antique Automobile 03-04 2002 FEAT: gasoline pill, Marmon tire punctures, Hunter automobile history, 37 Packard Model 1508, Buffalo Transportation Musuem, 1934-35 Auburn history
TECH: bending brass tubing
Antique Automobile 05-06 2002 FEAT: Willys Overland history, 13 Cadillac, 50 Frazer, electric car history, James A. Raines 1
Antique Automobile 07-08 2002 FEAT: Ford Model T restoration, Forest Hills Middle School project, Schmidt automobile history, Henry Bird, 27 Dodge Bros. Cabriolet Coupe, early motoring in Hungary
TECH: leather care
Antique Automobile 09-10 2002 FEAT: early Buick racecars, 40 Ford Tudor Deluxe, Fageol Brothers history, 15 Simplex roadster 1