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Editorial Profile: In the late 1990s, this magazine staked out the do-it-yourself segment of the hot rodding hobby and defended it with a homebuilt sledgehammer. For low-tech, low-budget, real-world car tech, there is no better source than Car Craft. Feature cars are realistic cars built by real people and racing pieces focus on grassroots racing. Prior to the current editorial direction, these guys have chased many fads. They were defenders of the pro street scene since its beginnings, and before that they were very much oriented toward racing. They also went through a loud-graphics phase. So, going over the total history of Car Craft, there's likely to be an article on just about anything.

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Title Issue Year Highlights Copies
Car Craft 04 1963 FEAT: 55 Chevy "Thunderbird", Pontiac Grand Prix, 57 Ford hardtop, show-quality brakes, 54 Ford convertible, 34 Ford five-window coupe, 38 Chevy Coupe
TECH: ignition analyzer tool, Ford 500XL console transplant, Landau irons fabrication, disc brake conversion, radiator basics, heavy duty bellhousings
Car Craft 06 1963 FEAT: 27 Ford Model T, 27 Ford Model T XR-6, 59 Chevy Impala hardtop, Star Kustom Futurista, 56 Chevy hardtop, Jaguar E-Type, 58 Plymouth Fury, 53 Kaiser Henry J
TECH: Chevy 148 performance buildup, dash panel styling, custom plastic taillight fabrication
Car Craft 07 1963 FEAT: 58 Chevy Impala, woodie hot rods, 55 Chevy hardtop, 58 Pontiac hardtop, Buick LeSabre wagon, 31 Ford Model A roadster, 32 Ford roadster, Alderson/McElvain Austin drag racer
TECH: camshaft selection & setup, customizing tips, Ford full floating axle conversion, lakes pipes installation, safety hub installation
Car Craft 08 1963 FEAT: 34 Ford Coupe, 31 Ford Coupe, 32 Ford Coupe, 32 Ford Coupe, 34 Ford Coupe, 33 Ford Coupe, 30 Ford Coupe, 27 Ford Coupe, 59 Chevy convertible, Bill Cushenbery, 54 Mercury hardtop, Plymouth Sport Fury, 58 Chevy Impala
TECH: cylinder head porting, engine balancing, rolled pan fabrication
Car Craft 09 1963 FEAT: Plymouth Fury, auto financing tips, 57 Ford, 60 Chevy Corvette, Larry & Mike Alexander, "Californian II" competition roadster, 47 Mercury Club Coupe, 33 Ford three-window coupe, music-playing fan blades, 25 Ford Model T Truck
TECH: transistor ignition fabrication, record player installation, chassis tuning, fender skirt fabrication
Car Craft 01 1964 FEAT: 26 Ford Model T, 64 Dodge Dart, 55 Buick Century, 22 Dodge T-bucket, 58 Chevy Corvette, 52 Studebaker Champ, 41 Willys Coupe gasser, 46 Triumph chopper
TECH: shock absorber basics, header fabrication, Fairlane/Falcon taillight swap, brake system servicing, custom knobs, ignition tuning basics
Car Craft 10 1973 TEST: Harley-Davidson Sportster
FEAT: Orange County International Raceway, 1960s drag racing, 1974 new cars, 74 Pontiac Grand Am
TECH: new Edelbrock manifolds, '57 Chevy suspension modifications, Mopar A-990 intake manifold modifications, Super Stock racecar tech, handling improvements, honing tank fabrication
Car Craft 02 1980 FEAT: black hot rods, 78 Chevy Monte Carlo, Chevy 409 engine, 62 Chevy Impala, Ford Mustang fastback, 67 Ford Mustang fastback, Chevy Chevette pro street, fuel-efficient motorcycles
TECH: homemade tools, Powerglide transmission shift kit installation, Capri performance mods, bolt-in rollbar installation, stealth radar detector installation
Car Craft 05 1980 FEAT: Las Vegas hot rods, Anglia
TECH: tire basics, wheel basics, wheel/tire fitment, tire testing, drag race disc brake installation, air shock system installation
Car Craft 06 1980 FEAT: 70 Chevy Camaro Z/28, high performance driving school, 73 DeTomaso Pantera, Hawaii hot rods, cafe hot rods
TECH: Camaro aerodynamics, car gauges, roadside repairs, 100 trick parts
Car Craft 10 1980 FEAT: Kansas City, 80 Pontiac Firebird, 57 Chevy Sedan Delivery, Terry Vance, Bergens & Leslie Plymouth Arrow funny car
TECH: intake manifold efficiency, Chevy smallblock buildup, performance ignition systems, nitrous oxide cooler, automatic transmission tech, ladder bar installation, rust repair
Car Craft 05 1981 FEAT: 68 Chevy Corvette, 81 Ford Fairmont Futura, 70 Chevy Corvette, "War Eagle" Dodge Challenger funny car, 80 Chevy Camaro Z/28
TECH: smallblock Chevy cylinder head comparison, Ford Escort performance mods, headlight blackout plate installation, race oil system tech, Crower efficient camshaft, shop alarm installation
Car Craft 06 1981 TEST: 81 Mazda RX-7, 82 Chevy Cavalier, 82 Pontiac J2000, Honda CB750F
FEAT: Camaro race car history, 71 Chevy Camaro, 79 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
TECH: header installation, efficient headers, header flange plate fitment, clutch plate tech, big-block L36 Chevy buildup
Car Craft 07 1981 TEST: Suzuki GS550T
FEAT: Ricky & Leo Klarr, 81 Ford Fairmont, Alston 67 Chevy Camaro SS, Opel GT BB/Altered dragster
TECH: torque converter tech, Toyota performance mods, economy torque converter tech, radiator fan tech, Mustang performance mods, Herb Adams F-body suspension tech, big-block Chevy cylinder heads, grinder stand contstruction
Car Craft 08 1981 TEST: Datsun 200SX, 81 Pontiac Firebird Turbo Trans Am
FEAT: Amy Faulk, Chevy Monte Carlo pro stock, Chevy Vega, celebrity cars, 57 Chevy shoebox, Ford Mustang hot rods, Jody Smart dragster
TECH: modern supercharger designs, paint chip repair, Chevy V6 cross ram intake manifold, Ford FE buildup
Car Craft 10 1981 TEST: Dodge Charger 2.2, Plymouth TC3 Turismo
FEAT: Texas funny car boycott, 1982 new cars, driving beaters, Chevy Camaro hot rods
TECH: big-block Pontiac buildup, big-block Chevy tunable exhaust port plates
Car Craft 11 1981 FEAT: Bilmar Automotive Turbo Trans Am, pro street hot rods, 74 Chevy Vega pro street, 74 Chevy Corvette, Dodge Omni funny car, Honda CBX race bike
TECH: junkyard V6 spotter's guide, brake system overhaul, Malibu pro street frame assembly, race clutch tech, parts cleaning tank construction
Car Craft 12 1981 FEAT: 10 strangest street machines, 71 Dodge Charger pro street, Candies & Hughes dragster, Ralph Seagraves, Marvin Rifchin, "Joint Venture" Chevy Camaro dragster, graphic hot rods
TECH: Chevy 262 V6 buildup, body graphic design, Dana 60 axle tech, big-block Mopar buildup
Car Craft 01 1982 TEST: 82 Chevy Camaro Z28
FEAT: Gordie Bonin, 67 Oldsmobile coupe, 67 Chevy Corvette, 72 Chevy Corvette, 72 Chevy Vega, Dodge Omni "Custom Body" funnycar, 64 Chevy Malibu, 79 Chevy Camaro Z/29, Roush Escort, 68 Chevy Camaro
TECH: performance tech tips, tunnel ram intake manifold installation, GM 12-bolt differential buildup
Car Craft 03 1982 TEST: Yamaha XJ750 Seca
COMP: luxury cars: 82 Chrysler Imperial, 82 Lincoln Continental Signature Series, 82 Cadillac Seville
FEAT: Ford Mustang, GMC Caballero, Chevy Malibu pro street, Formula Ford racing, bracket racing
TECH: first engine start, restoration basics, supercharger support tech, blasting cabinet construction
Car Craft 04 1982 FEAT: street cruising, Brothers Grimm Corvette group, Corvette hot rods, Edelbrock Corvette, 76 Chevy Corvette, 69 Chevy Corvette, Don Garlits Top Fuel dragster, Rehr-Morrison Pro Gas, Bernstein Ford funny car, 68 Dodge Dart GTS convertible, AMC Gremlin
TECH: roller camshaft basics, aluminum fan shroud tech, car alarm installation
Car Craft 07 1982 FEAT: 23 Ford Model T Roadster "Eagle One" drag racer, 67 Chevy Camaro Z/28, Ford performance cars, 75 Chevy Monza pro street, 67 Chevy Nova, Hanson Camaro collection, 68 Plymouth GTX, 66 Chevy Nova pro street
TECH: Ford 302 performance improvements, third-gen F-body chassis fabrication, car sound system basics, performance ignition basics, Mopar 2.2L performance buildup
Car Craft 08 1982 TEST: Honda CB900F
FEAT: 82 Chevy Camaro Turbo, 55 Chevy Bel Air, Quickor Escort, 71 Chevy Vega, Portland Oregon, Chevy Chevelle SS, 68 Ford Mustang, "Candyland Express" Top Fuel racecar
TECH: Mustang performance modifications, F-body engine swap parts, Mustang engine swap parts, flow bench construction, Ford 9-inch differential buildup, Chevy 350 buildup
Car Craft 11 1982 FEAT: 83 new cars, 67 Chevy Nova, 70 Dodge Coronet, 69 Dodge Charger 500, 69 Dodge Charger Daytona, 69 Chevy Camaro, 82 Ford Mustang, 73 Ford Pinto, 64 Ford Falcon
TECH: Trans Am racing, igniton system, parts matching, Mopar revival, cassette deck tech
Car Craft 12 1982 TEST: Kawasaki GPz1100
FEAT: "Assassination" funny car, Vince Piggins, 78 Ford Fairmont, 80 Ford Fairmont, Raymond Beadle, 83 Ford Ranger XLS
TECH: Lakewood traction bar adjustment, brake specific fuel consumption, braided steel brake lines
Car Craft 02 1983 FEAT: 66 Chevy Chevelle SS396, pro autocross, 74 Chevy Camaro Z/28, Time Dynamics portable reaction timer, computers in racing, 71 Chevy Camaro, Buick & Oldsmobile musclecar pointers, Pontiac Firebird, 70 Ford Mustang Mach I, Chevy Monte Carlo Pro Gas racecar
TECH: aircraft parts, budget brake cooling installation, alternator removal, valve tips, camshaft dialer fabrication
Car Craft 03 1983 TEST: 84 Chevy Corvette
FEAT: 65 Ford Mustang GT-350, 69 Chevy Camaro Phase I, 69 Chevy Camaro RS, 72 Ford Maverick, 69 & 67 Chevy Camaros, Glidden Thunderbird funny car
TECH: basic street rod building tips, graphic equalizers, steel braided hose, Formula Ford, camshaft basics
Car Craft 05 1983 FEAT: Car Craft 30th anniversary, Mopar Super Stock car history, 75 Ford Mustang II pro street, Mike Solesbee, 67 Chevy Camaro, 1957 hot rods, 51 Mercury convertible
TECH: high-tech plastics, cold-air induction fabrication, Fox Mustang performance modifications, stealth stereo installation, Chevy smallblock V8 head gasket basics
Car Craft 07 1983 FEAT: Ford Galaxie lightweight, 68 Oldsmobile 4-4-2, 69 Chevy Camaro, 67 Chevy Malibu, 69 Chevy Camaro SS, 83 Dodge Challenger, Segrini Firebird funnycar, 67 Chevy Camaro
TECH: routine maintenance, Oberg reusable oil filter, troubleshooting Quadrajet carburetors, 12-bolt differential rebuild
Car Craft 08 1983 TEST: 83 Ford Mustang SVO, Chrysler Laser & Dodge Daytona
FEAT: John Collins, 83 Ford Thunderbird, 59 Chevy El Camino, 82 Pontiac Trans Am
TECH: 229ci V6 into Chevy Vega, suspension basics, 330 hp Buick V6, replica window stickers
Car Craft 09 1983 FEAT: 67 & 68 Chevy Camaros, Moroso 83 Chevy Camaro Z28, 68 Plymouth Road Runner, two Chevy IIs, 60 Cadillac, 72 Chevy Vega
TECH: adjustable brake proportioning valve, high performance ignition, 83 Thunderbird bodywork
Car Craft 11 1983 FEAT: gearhead freebies, 57 Chevy Corvette pro stock, 67 Ford Mustang, 72 Chevy Nova, 67 Chevy Nova, 69 Chevy Chevelle SS, 74 Pontiac Firebird
TECH: shifter tech, Muncie four-speed blueprinting, Chevy 350 buildup, aluminum door panel installation, Direct Connection Stage V cylinder head
Car Craft 02 1984 FEAT: 79 & 67 Ford Mustangs, 68 Ford Mustang, Pontiac Trans Am, Rick Dobbertin, Chevy Camaro, 76 Ford Mustang, 68 Ford Mustang, Gary Ormsby
TECH: Cragar Supercharger, Camaro wind tunnel testing, Fiero handling, refurbishing plastic, Mickey Thompson tires
Car Craft 03 1984 FEAT: Mopar reader's rides, 56 Chevy Coupe, Dyno Don Nicholson, 84 Dodge Charger, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T, 79 Chevy Camaro Z28, 75 Chevy Nova, 69 Chevy Impala SS, 72 Plymouth Duster
TECH: tech tips, Mopar 2.2L overview, Ny-trous + nitrous oxide, Corvette spring selection, parts matching
Car Craft 05 1984 FEAT: Kenny Bernstein's funny car, 69 AMC Scrambler & 70 AMC Rebel, 72 Chevy Camaro Z28, 70 Plymouth Cuda, Chevelle Super Sports
TECH: Buick V6 parts, painting tips, paint terms, dent repair, paint stripping, types of paint, paint sprayer tips, powder coating, painted trim, distributor troubleshooting, GM 60-deg V6 performance, Air Lift Polyair springs
Car Craft 06 1984 FEAT: 12-sec Camaro, Road Runner, Mustang, Hurst/Olds; 68 Plymouth Barracuda & 64 Dodge Super Stock; 69 Ford Mustang Mach I, DuPrey's collection, 68 Chevy Camaro, Camaro history, 68 Plymouth Duster
TECH: portable parts washer, high tech batteries, intake manifold installation, spotting a fake Z28, repairing Camaro disc brakes, rare Camaro performance options, Camaro restoration tips, autocrossing a Plymouth Turismo
Car Craft 07 1984 FEAT: 83 Chevy Camaro, 62-71 muscle cars, 62 Chevy Corvette, Ford Mustang Mach I, rare Mopar protoypes, 67 Chevy Nova & 69 Chevy Camaro, 74 Pontiac GTO, 62 Chevy Impala & 69 Ford Mustang Boss 302
TECH: cheap Chevy 350 buildup, head porting, nitrous oxide installation, Vega suspension upgrade, California Bureau of Automotive Repair, roller rocker arms, suspension bushings swap
Car Craft 09 1984 TEST: 84 Ford Mustang GT 350
FEAT: Ford Thunderbird, 75 Chevy Vega, 73 Chevy Vega wagon, 67 Chevy Camaro, 1963 musclecars
TECH: 460ci Ford big block, Mopar 440 big block, Chevy 454 big block, 672ci Ford big block, reusable Holley gaskets, Ford 351 Cleveland
Car Craft 10 1984 FEAT: Pontiac Fiero, 69 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, 74 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, 83 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Gasser, 64 Pontiac GTO, 1985 new cars, 72 Chevy Camaro, 1964 musclecar history, Ford Maverick, 68 Dodge Charger
TECH: Pontiac tech tips, Pontiac Tunnel Port 303-ci SOHC V8, Turbo Action transmission shift kit installation, air cleaner tech, camshaft degreeing
Car Craft 11 1984 FEAT: 84 Ford Mustang Turbo GT, Mickey Thompson, Mustang feature, 66 Chevy Acadian, 67 Chevy Camaro, 70 Chevy Chevelle, 1965 musclecars, 69 AMC AMX, Chevy Monza & Chevy Camaro, Tony Adams
TECH: Mustang horsepower tips, intake restoration, disassembling an engine, chassis tuning
Car Craft 01 1985 FEAT: Jaguar E-Type, 1967 musclecars, 72 Chevy Vega, 69 Dodge Dart Swinger, 55 Chevy, 69 Ford Mustang, 84 Ford Thunderbird & 82 Ford EXP
TECH: 50 tech tips, unleaded gasoline, testing Holley power valves, performance spark plug wires, crankshaft conditioning, reproduction rubber
Car Craft 04 1985 COMP: 85 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z vs. 67 Chevy Camaro Z28
FEAT: 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi, 75 Chevy Monza, 1970 musclecars, 70 Plymouth Cuda, 69 Ford Mustang, Buick GS Stage I, 78 Chevy Camaro Z28, 73 Chevy Corvette, 64 Plymouth Savoy, 74 Ford Mustang
TECH: shifter installation, gauge installation, remote oil filter installation, fuel system upgrade, U-joint installation, traction bar installation, transmission cooler installation, line lock installation, bolt-in roll bar installation, steering wheel installation, Mopar 340 buildup, reproduction batteries, Chevy cylinder head test, cylinder bore finishing
Car Craft 06 1985 TEST: 85.5 Ford Mustang SVO
FEAT: cruise spots, 68 Dodge Charger, 64 & 65 Chevy Chevelle, 68 Plymouth Road Runner & Ford Fairlane, 65 Pontiac GTO, 85 Chevy Monte Carlo SS, 67 Ford Mustang, 69 Chevy Nova, street machine jargon
TECH: buying a car, hot rodding mistakes, painting a Dart, high pressure oil pump, Ford ID tags decoding
Car Craft 09 1985 FEAT: 68 Pontiac Firebird, 57 Chevy Coupe, 67 Chevy Chevelle, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 77 Cadillac, 67 & 69 Chevy Camaros, 73 Buick GS, 67 Ford Mustang, 68 AMC AMX, 70 Pontiac Acadian, 66 Chevy Chevelle
TECH: smog legal performance, emissions controls basics, Accel high performance catalytic convertor, cam shaft degreeing, interior restoration, inside a Stock Eliminator, piston ring prep, Comp Cams roller rail rocker arms
Car Craft 11 1985 FEAT: 71 Plymouth Cuda, 69 Chevy Camaro, 64 Pontiac GTO, Ford collection, 68 Plymouth Road Runner, 84 Oldsmobile Cutlass, 66 Chevy II, 78 Plymouth Volare, Joe Amato's Mustang Funny car, 63 Studebaker Avanti, 78 Chevy Vega, Ford Mustang
TECH: NOS & reproduction parts, headliner installation, replacement body panels, steering wheel repair, restoring exhaust systems, restoring trim, restoring rally wheels, Mopar 360 buildup, drag racing chassis setup, clutch & shifter basics, engine gaskets
Car Craft 12 1985 FEAT: world's fastest 55 Chevys, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 73 Chevy Camaro, 508ci Chevy Camaro, 70 Chevy Nova, 68 Ford Mustang, 70 Ford Mustang Boss 429, 70 Pontiac LeMans
TECH: bolt-on parts test, Ford C-4 buildup, musclecar graphics, emissions legal hot rodding, engine fasteners
Car Craft 01 1986 TEST: Yamaha V-Max
FEAT: 70 Chevy Camaro SS350, Gold Coast via 70 Camaro, 73 Chevy Camaro, 70 Buick GSX, Bandimere High School Drags, Total 351 Sport Thunderbird, 77 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, 70 Oldsmobile 4-4-2, Mark Oswald, Ford Mustang Mach 1, Chevy Nova, 77 Chevy Caprice
TECH: Art Carr Super Torque converter, 510 ci Chevy buildup, carburetor performance calibration, Mityvac, short-block assembly basics, reversion basics
Car Craft 04 1986 TEST: 86 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z 350, 86 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, Honda V-65 Magna
FEAT: 67 Chevy Nova, 70 Chevy Camaro RS, Chicago to Detroit via 70 Camaro, bracket racing basics, 67 Ford Mustang, 67 Chevy Camaro, 77 Pontiac Firebird, 83 Ford Thunderbird Turbo, 66 Chevy Nova SS, 73 Ford Mustang Mach I, 65 Chevy Chevelle Z-16
TECH: best performance bolt-on parts, engine compounds, wiring connectors, DOT-legal pro street tires, cylinder head CCing basics
Car Craft 07 1987 TEST: 87 Chevy Corvette convertible
FEAT: cruising tips, establishing a cruise, cruise spots, 70 Plymouth Road Runner, 65 Ford Mustang, 70 Chevy Chevelle, 1967-69 Chevy Camaro history, 67 Chevy Camaro RS, 82 Chevy Corvette, 71 Ford Mustang Boss 351
TECH: Chevy 406 torquer buildup, Mopar Six-Pack tech, F-body exhaust tech, performance gauges
Car Craft 11 1987 TEST: 88 Kawasaki 600R Ninja, 88 Pontiac Fiero GT
FEAT: 10 best musclecars, forgotte musclecars, late-model musclecars, 73 Chevy Vega pro street, 70 Plymouth Superbird, 61 Chevy Corvette pro street, 67 Chevy Camaro Z/28, 69 Ford Torino Talladega 428CJ, 1964-67 Pontiac GTO history, 67 Pontiac GTO convertible, 64 Ford Falcon pro street
TECH: musclecar restoration parts, Chevelle chassis tuning, $5000 pro street buildup, engine removal basics, Edelbrock Digital Spark Computer
Car Craft 12 1987 TEST: 88 Ford Mustang GT
FEAT: 65 Chevy Chevelle, 69 Ford Mustang Mach I, 64 Chevy II sedan delivery, 69 Chevy Camaro, 1968-71 Ford Torino history, Billy Myer, Bob Glidden, 70 Buick GSX Stage I, Coughlin Family, 70 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi, 68 Chevy Camaro
TECH: best tools, drag racing tips, Chevy 334 ci short-block assembly
Car Craft 02 1988 TEST: 88 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais International Series, 88 Harley-Davidson FXRS Low Rider
FEAT: street machine trends, South via 70 Buick GSX Stage I, 1967-76 Mopar A-body history, 68 Chevy Camaro, Billy Meyer, 78 Ford Mustang II, 68 Pontiac Firebird 400, 67 Chevy Chevelle SS396
TECH: Holley carburetor tech, Carter AFB carburetor tech, Rochester Quadrajet carburetor tech, carburetor linkage tech, engine dimensions, engine preparation & installation, Alston Chevelle track testing, safety wire basics
Car Craft 03 1988 TEST: 88 Pontiac Firebird Formula
FEAT: midwest via 70 Buick GSX Stage I, drag racing predictions, counterfeit restoration parts, 69 Ford Mustang, Dick LaHaie, 73 Chevy Vega, 1968-72 Chevy Nova history, 84 Chevy Camaro Z28, 66 Ford Mustang T-5
TECH: handling tech, F-body suspension shootout, warped Holley metering block repair, cylinder head porting basics, B&M Quick Stick shifter installation, performance torque converter tech
Car Craft 05 1988 TEST: Toyota MR2 Supercharged, 88 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z 350
FEAT: Car Craft 35th Anniversary, editors on Car Craft, Car Craft history, drag racing history, 72 Chevy Camaro RS/SS, 66 Chevy Chevelle, 71 Chevy Camaro Z/28, 1970-73 Camaro history, Indiana to New York via Buick GSX, Chevy Vega pro street, 72 Hurst/Olds Pace Car
TECH: Camaro gauge panel restoration, Buick 3.8L Turbo upgrades, $1000 smallblock Chevy buildup, compression ratio calculation, setting ignition timing
Car Craft 07 1988 TEST: 88 Pontiac Grand Prix SE
FEAT: 69 Ford Mustang, Eddie Hill 4.990 quarter-mile, 70-71 Chevy Chevelle LS-5, heartland via 70 Buick GSX Stage I, 69 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, 66 Oldsmobile 4-4-2, 55 Chevy shoebox, 1968-72 Pontiac GTO history
TECH: nitrous oxide basics, GM PROM chip installation, 6-71 supercharger installation, performance exhaust system tech, electric fan installation, performance suspension installation, ignition system basics, torque converter installation, hood scoop installation, Fox Mustang 5-lug axle conversion, 500 hp big-block Chevy buildup, GMC C-1500 suspension lowering, Holley throttle shaft bushings
Car Craft 11 1988 TEST: 89 Saleen Mustang
FEAT: Kings of Pro Street feature, Chevy Camaro, 70 Ford Mustang Boss 302, 88 Chevy Corvette GTO, 69 Yenko Chevelle, Buick Regal, Chevy Impala history
TECH: Torque multiplication through gears, torque strap, differential setup, traction devices, supercharger repair, F-body suspension upgrade, Corvette LT5 overview, Taurus SHO overview, Corvette 427ci buildup, high tech valve covers
Car Craft 03 1989 TEST: Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais International Series
FEAT: 65 Ford Mustang, 67 Chevy Impala SS 427, Plymouth Duster, 68 Chevy Camaro pro street, 62 Chevy Corvette pro street, 74 Chevy Vega pro street, 69 Chevy Camaro pro street, 1967-68 Ford Mustang history, Houston to Denver via Pontiac GTO
TECH: bodywork overview, paint buffing, paint fixes, graphics application, decal application, welding basics, valvespring basics, Ford FE engine indentification
Car Craft 05 1989 TEST: 89 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe
FEAT: 66 Chevy Fleetside, Seattle to Los Angeles via Pontiac GTO, 55 Chevy Bel Air drag racer, 70 Chevy Camaro pro street, 1967-69 Pontiac Firebird history, 68 Hurst/Olds
TECH: GM TPI intake system dyno test, reproduction parts quality, restoration glossary, car history tracing, seal weatherproofing, wiring loom installation, vintage smog control basics, big-block Mopar identification, S-10/S-15 performance modifications, automatic transmission cooling tips, Turbo Action Cheetah SCS Shifter installation, shift kit installation, solvent-free parts washer
Car Craft 08 1989 TEST: 89 Shelby CSX-VNT
FEAT: junkyard scavenging, NHRA superchargers, 61 Chevy Corvette pro street, 200-mph club, 69 Ford Mustang fastback, 88 Ford Ranger 5.0, 68 Shelby Mustang GT500-KR, 65 Chevy El Camino, 67 Chevy Camaro Z/28, 68 Chevy Camaro Z/28, 69 Chevy Camaro Z/28
TECH: Ford Fairmont Street/FX bodywork
Car Craft 10 1989 FEAT: 70 Mercury Cougar Eliminator, 67 Chevy Camaro, 83 Pontiac Trans Am, 90 new cars, 70 Ford Mustang, Ford Fairmont, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 55 Chevy Shoebox, 88 Chevy Camaro, 69 Ford Torino Cobra
TECH: Chevy 572ci big block, Chevy 454ci big block, matching numbers, parts matching
Car Craft 11 1989 TEST: 90 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
FEAT: best musclecars, worst cars, 70 Chevy Chevelle, 69 Ford Mustang Mach I, 70 Chevy Chevelle SS454, 69 Plymouth 'Cuda 440 Hardtop, JBA Mustang GT, 89 Chevy Beretta pro street, 64 Plymouth Belvedere pro street, 88 Chevy Beretta pro street
TECH: paint tips, Chevrolet RPO codes, Chevy/Dart II cast-iron cylinder heads, BDS supercharger EFI system, starting system basics
Car Craft 12 1989 TEST: 90 Chevy Camaro, 90 Ford Mustang
FEAT: street sleeper shootout, Chevy Beretta, 69 Chevy Camaro ZL1, 71 Pontiac T-37, 67 Chevy Camaro
TECH: tech questions, mathematical formulas, paint touch up, fiberglass repair, rust repair, build sheets
Car Craft 05 1990 TEST: 91 Pontiac Firebird Formula
FEAT: Paul Suloff, hot rodding jargon, past drivetrain trends, future performance, 65 Oldsmobile 4-4-2, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 65 Dodge Coronet, 69 Chevy Camaro pro street, mail-order freebies, 71 Plymouth Cuda Hemi, 66 Chevy Nova
TECH: Chevy 427 smallbock buildup, third-gen F-body performance modifications, GM A/G-body suspension upgrades
Car Craft 07 1990 FEAT: K.C. Spurlock, drag racing tips, 69 Chevy Camaro, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, Chevy V8 35th anniversary, 72 Buick Skylark, 70 Plymouth Superbird, 79 Chevy Nova
TECH: ignition system tech, chassis tech, carburetor tuning tech, performance exhaust tech, GM TH700R4 performance modifications, F-body suspension lowering, date codes, Richmond 5-speed manual transmission installation, Chevy 402 smallblock dyno test
Car Craft 08 1990 FEAT: 79 Chevy Malibu, 69 Chevy El Camino SS396, 70 Chevy Chevelle Malibu, 75 Chevy Camaro, 68 Hurst Oldsmobile, 65 Mercury Comet
TECH: wheel & tire tech, vintage wheels & tires, performance engine fans, Chevy 427 smallblock dyno test
Car Craft 09 1990 FEAT: 63 Ford Falcon Sprint, 68 Chevy Chevelle, 55 Ford Mainline, 65 Pontiac GTO, 72 Chevy Chevelle, 68 Ford Mustang, 69 Chevy Camaro Z/28
TECH: multiple carburetor setup tech, screw-compressor superchargers, nitrous oxide tech, air cleaner basics, 70 Chevelle bodywork, Chevy 427 smallblock performance tuning, restoration tips, carburetor restoration
Car Craft 10 1990 COMP: 70 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi vs. 91 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo
FEAT: Street Machine Nats board game, 56 Chevy shoebox, 65 Plymouth Belvedere 426-S, 69 Dodge Dart Hemi, 67 Ford Mustang, 57 Chevy Bel Air, 70 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350, 67 Chevy Camaro
TECH: GM F-body 1LE Showroom Stock front brake installation, GM 4L80-E automatic transmission tech, GM A/G-body rear axle installation, 70 Chevelle engine installation, master cylinder tech
Car Craft 11 1990 TEST: 91 GMC Syclone
FEAT: 68 Dodge Charger R/T, 60 Chevy Impala pro street, 54 Ford Victoria, 70 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W30, 69 Buick GS Stage I, 85 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z, 70 Chevy Nova SS, Summit Racing drag racing team
TECH: engine kit selection, crate engine selection, mail-order smallbock Chevy cylinder heads, third-gen F-body lowering kit installation, Chevy H.O. 350 performance modifications, interior assembly
Car Craft 12 1990 FEAT: 69 AMC SC/Rambler, 89 Chevy Beretta GT pro street, 77 Chevy Nova SS, 64 Plymouth Sport Fury, 68 Pontiac GTO convertible, 65 Mercury Comet Cyclone, 67 Chevy Camaro
TECH: performance ignition system tech, distributorless ignition basics, spark plug & spark plug wire basics, battery & alternator basics, 70 Chevelle suspension buildup, transmission cooler installation, GM H.O. 350 buildup
Car Craft 03 1991 TEST: 91 Pontiac Sunbird GT
FEAT: swimsuit issue, 62 Chevy Impala SS409, 70 Plymouth Superbird, 69 Ford Mustang Boss 429, 70 Buick GSX, 70 Plymouth Cuda 400+6, 65 Pontiac GTO, 71 Chevy Camaro Z/28, 68 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, Fairway Rogue Mustang, 73 Mercury Cougar XR7, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T, 69 Chevy Camaro RS ZL1, 60 Chevy Corvette, 67 Chevy Camaro, 90 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme pro street, 85 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z
TECH: Holley 4150/4160 tuning, valve guide basics, Predator carburetor tech, brake system basics
Car Craft 04 1991 TEST: 91 Ford Thunderbird LX 5.0
FEAT: 73 AMC Gremlin X, 59 Chevy Corvette, 68 Ford Torino GT convertible, 56 Chevy Bel Air, illustrated tool guide, 84 Dodge Daytona pro street, 70 Ford Mustang, 67 Chevy Camaro, 62 Chevy Impala SS, 74 Chevy Laguna
TECH: 101 paint tips, tape graphics installation, Chevelle rear disc brake conversion, Delco 10SI/12SI alternator rebuild, 25 transmission tips
Car Craft 05 1991 TEST: 91 Dodge Shadow ES Turbo Convertible
FEAT: 87 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z, 62 Dodge Dart drag racer, 57 Chevy Bel Air pro street, 48 Ford Coupe pro street, 69.5 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, 71 Chevy Camaro pro street, Ford Mustang, 79 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, 67 Chevy Nova pro street
TECH: restoration tips, electric fan installation, camshaft degreeing, budget fuel injection installation, gauge installation, Ford R.H.O. 302 engine, engine pre-lube, axle saver kit installation
Car Craft 10 1991 TEST: 91 Toyota MR2 Turbo
FEAT: 70 Plymouth Satellite, 92 new cars, 78 Chevy Malibu, 78 Ford Mustang, 67 & 69 Chevy Camaro, 57 Chevy Sedan Delivery, 85 Chevy Camaro Z28
TECH: fuel flow, anti-theft systems, Ford Fox body tech, NHRA Super Street
Car Craft 11 1991 TEST: 92 GMC Typhoon
FEAT: 65 Ford Mustang, 66 Chevy El Camino, 79 Ford Fairmont, 74 Dodge Challenger
TECH: colored carburetors, Chevy 396 assembly, Ford 390FE assembly, Mopar 383 assembly, GM 350 TPI tweaks, GM 350 TPI supercharger
Car Craft 04 1992 TEST: Ford F150 Flareside, 92 Ford Taurus SHO
COMP: 70 Oldsmobile Cutlass W31 vs. 92 Oldsmobile Achieva SCX W41
FEAT: 68 Pontiac GTO, 68 Ford Mustang, 65 Chevy Corvette, GMC Sonoma, 88 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z, HKS/Toyota MR2
TECH: custom graphics guide, paint preparation, types of paint, aerosol paint, gauge selection, 562hp Chevy big block, Moser differentials, 2 stroke engines
Car Craft 09 1992 TEST: 93 Ford Probe GT, Lingenfelter Corvette, 92 Chevy Suburban K2500
COMP: 64 Pontiac GTO vs 92 Chevy Corvette ZR1
FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro, 68 Ford Mustang, 64 Chevy Impala SS & M1A1 Abrams, Oldsmobile Achieva super stock, 88 Toyota Supra Turbo, 62 Chevy Corvette, 69 Chevy Camaro
TECH: mass-flow vs speed density EFI, Bernstein's nitro dyno, performance tuning, identifying headlights, traction bar tech, hydrogen fuel
Car Craft 01 1993 TEST: 93 Mazda RX7, 93 Chevy Camaro Z28
TECH: bolt-on bargains, race engine installation, GM 350 HO crate, Ford Motorsport 302/351 SVO crate, Mopar performance 350 crate, 742 hp Ford 302 build-up, Carburetor Shop primary bushing kit, Chevy 18 degree cylinder heads, twin turbo kits, lateral load transfer
Car Craft 02 1993 TEST: 91 Tokico Thunderbird, Pontiac Grand Am GT
FEAT: 10 best performance cars
TECH: Chevy GEN 5 crate motor, Fox Mustang suspension overhaul, fiberglass race body installation, small block Chevy mail order engines, intake manifold swap questions, fuel system design, GM exhaust restoration, boost limits
Car Craft 05 1993 TEST: 93 Ford Taurus SHO, 93 Nissan 300ZX convertible, 94 Pontiac Grand Am GT prototype
COMP: GMC Typhoon vs. Chevy S-10 Blazer
FEAT: 55 Chevy pro street, Chevy Chevelle feature
TECH: engine combinations: Chevy big-block, Ford 5.0, Mopar 360, GM 350 TPI, low-cost engine buildup, buying a street machine, first car best buys, Mopar EFI conversion, aftermarket EFI calibration, fixing alloy wheels, changing brake pads, convertible top cylinder replacement, dual-fuel injection
Car Craft 07 1993 TEST: 93 Dodge Shadow ES, 93 Pontiac Firebird Firehawk
FEAT: 54 Chevy, 83 Chevy Camaro, 69 Chevy Camaro, 70 Pontiac GTO, 90 Chevy S10
TECH: engine swap tech, GM starter solenoid, GM TH700-R4 swap
Car Craft 08 1993 TEST: 93 Chevy Cavalier Z24
FEAT: hot bodies edition, 55 Chevy coupe, 67 Chevy Chevelle SS, 85 Chevy Monte Carlo SS, 69 Pontiac Firebird
TECH: new high-performance parts, high school big bang contest, replacing points with HEI, underdrive pulleys for Mustang and F-body, body repair, gear shifter tech, horn repair, EFI Technologies Race System
Car Craft 10 1993 FEAT: 1994 new cars, 68 Chevy Camaro
TECH: Morrison Super Jack, Chevy 305 build-up, bolt-on parts guide, cad plating, bolt-on tips, 93 Firebird Formula upgrade, overlooked bolt-ons
Car Craft 11 1993 TEST: 94 Ford Mustang
COMP: real street: 69 Ford Fairlane Cobra, 73 AMC AMX, 72 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, 76 Chevy Camaro, 80 Ford Mustang, 69 Chevy Camaro
FEAT: 56 Chevy Bel Air, Car Craft 40th anniversary, 67 Chevy Nova wagon
TECH: Camaro suspension & drivetrain upgrades, GM CS-130 alternator refit, GM SI alternator refit, alternator tech, hot rod math, GM 7-1/2" & GM 7-5/8" differential rebuild, Feuling IVT transmission
Car Craft 12 1993 FEAT: street racing, 93 Pontiac Grand Am pro street, readers' rides, 68 Chevy Camaro, 57 Chevy Nomad, 85 Chevy Camaro, 94 Engineering Concepts S-10 Stallion
TECH: DAS1000 telemetry system, Chevy 334 smallblock buildup, harmonic balancer tech, GM HEI distributor myths, musclecar radiator tech, performance exhaust system buildup, Super Gas EFI systems, battery checking, backpressure basics
Car Craft 02 1994 TEST: 94 Chevy S-series truck
FEAT: 55 Chevy Bel Air, 71 Chevy Camaro, 89 Chevy Cavalier Z24 pro street, 55 Chevy shoebox, 69 Chevy Camaro, 66 Ford Mustang
TECH: drag racing antilock brakes, tech tips, exhaust crossover tube installation, Camaro subframe bushing replacement, Pontiac high-volume fuel pump rebuild, restoration tips, engine simulation software
Car Craft 03 1994 FEAT: street outlaw hot rods, Chevy Camaro pro street, 68 Chevy Camaro, 92 Chevy Caprice pro street
TECH: temperature guns, tech questions, heavy-duty driveshaft tech, GM TH700R4 automatic transmission mods, 55 Chevy brake system upgrades, valvetrain tech, fourth-gen F-body suspension lowering, Mopar E-body muffler installation, Rand Cam Engine basics
Car Craft 04 1994 COMP: 93 Pontiac Firebird Formula vs. Pontiac Firebird Pro Stock dragster
FEAT: 67 Chevy El Camino, 51 Ford Custom Deluxe convertible, 69 Chevy Camaro, 67 Chevy Camaro, 64 Pontiac GTO
TECH: brake coatings, complete paint job tech, paint preparation, painting tips, powder coating basics, F-body disc brake rebuild, Vortech T-Rex fuel pump installation, Decuir Valvetrain System, photographing a car, ignition interrupt switch installation, Hurst wheel tech, spherical rotary valve basics
Car Craft 06 1994 TEST: 94 Pontiac Firebird V6
COMP: 68 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet vs. 94 Ford Mustang GT
FEAT: 69 Dodge Charger Daytona, 70 Plymouth Superbird, 57 Chevy 210, 72 Chevy Chevelle, 56 Chevy shoebox, 65 Chevy Chevelle, 83 Ford Thunderbird pro street
TECH: carbon fiber driveshafts, carburetor & ignition tuning, nitrous oxide tuning, turbocharger & supercharger tuning, C-clip eliminator kit installation, heavy duty wheel stud installation, Ford Motorsports subframe connector installation, tech tips, Rochester Quadrajet restoration, Auto Meter Pro Comp 2 tachometer installation, McRat billet aluminum Chevy big-block
Car Craft 08 1994 TEST: 94 Chevy Beretta Z26
FEAT: 72 Dodge Demon, 66 Chevy Nova, 55 Ford Thunderbird, 83 Mercury Capri, musclecar glossary, 55 Chevy 210, Paxton 93 Chevy Camaro Z28, "Birth of a Challenge" land speed record racecar
TECH: racing with nitrous oxide, engine buildup basics, engine buildup mistakes, SuperTrapp muffler tuning, TCI Vibratrol harmonic balancer, engine buildup tips, Walker F-body replacement exhaust system installation, aluminum Chevy engine tech
Car Craft 09 1994 FEAT: 67 Chevy Nova, readers' rides, 68 Pontiac Firebird, 68 Chevy Camaro SS, 71 Plymouth Cuda Hemi, 69 Chevy Camaro sketches, 55 Chevy Del Ray drag racer, 50 Oldsmobile Coupe, Chrysler Patriot prototype
TECH: MSD ProMag high-power magneto, Holley carburetor basics, tech tips, spark plug basics, Borg-Warner T-5 manual transmission rebuild, automatic transmission cooler installation, GM A-body electric heater blower replacement
Car Craft 10 1994 COMP: 94 Chevy Camaro SCCA Trans-Am racecar vs. 94 Chevy Camaro Z28
FEAT: 89 Chevy Camaro, 65 Pontiac GTO, 90 Ford Mustang, 67 Chevy Chevelle, 68 Ford Mustang, 70 Chevy Chevelle, 62 Chevy Nova, 71 Plymouth Cuda Hemi convertible, pro street history, pro street future, 70 Chevy Monte Carlo
TECH: Hurst T5 shifter installation, trunk-mounted battery installation, stripped spark plug thread repair, valvetrain stabilizer installation, gauge installation, GM TH400 shift kit installation, variable fuel pressure regulator construction, rear anti-roll bar installation, cheap Chevelle fixes, Camaro 9" axle installation, Eastwood blasting cabinet assembly, new car wiring
Car Craft 12 1994 COMP: real street: 85 Chevy El Camino, 93 Chevy Camaro Z28, 86 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z, 66 Pontiac GTO, 68 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR, 88 Saleen Mustang
FEAT: 65 Ford Mustang, 68 Plymouth Road Runner, 69 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am convertible, 85 Ford Mustang, 67 Chevy Nova
TECH: real street tech tips, GM LT1 Hypertech Power Programmer, HKS Turbo Timer installation, Chevy 511 big-block buildup, GM TH700R4 transmission swap, budget Chevelle performance mods, Carb Shop Super Booster Holley carburetor booster, headrest restoration, stereo installation
Car Craft 03 1995 FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro SS, 68 Chevy Camaro SS, 70 Chevy Impala convertible, Hennessey Camaro RS330, 70 Plymouth Road Runner, 65 Mercury Comet
TECH: budget performance mods, polyurethane transmission mount installation, catalytic converter basics, intercooler basics, Impala SS performance mods
Car Craft 09 1995 FEAT: 67 Chevy Chevelle, 70 Dodge Challenger, restoration company directory, Warren Johnson, 95 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Pro Stock racecar, 66 Chevy Chevelle, 65 Shelby GT350 Mustang, 64 Dodge Super Stock
TECH: Holley carburetor TV-cable bracket installation, braided steel hose fabrication, electric choke installation, Borg-Warner T5 transmission shift improvement, starter noise silencing, driveshaft u-joint replacement, tech tips, RHS Ford 5.0L engine buildup, nitrous oxide installation, carburetor refinishing, ZZ Wheelz interchangeable wheel centers
Car Craft 10 1995 COMP: 96 Ford Mustang Cobra vs. 96 Chevy Camaro Z28 SS
FEAT: 68 Pontiac GTO convertible, 69 Plymouth Road Runner convertible, 71 Chevy Chevelle, 66 Chevy Nova, 93 Ford Mustang Cobra, 67 Chevy Nova, GM LT4 engine, 68 Chevy Camaro
TECH: Chevelle front suspension rebuild, Ford plastic fuel line repair, street machine tech tips, forth-gen F-body LT1 supercharger installation, 351 Windsor/Cleveland identification
Car Craft 11 1995 TEST: 95 Ford Mustang GTS
FEAT: new Chevy performance cars, 67 Chevy Chevelle 300, 95 Chevy Camaro super-rod/gas racecar, 55 Chevy 210 pro street, 69 AMC AMX Super Stock
TECH: budget mail-order engine combinations, smog-legal power, Paxton supercharger smallblock Chevy installation, oil analysis, Ford 4.6L DOHC engine overview, carburetor modifications, GM coupe weatherstrip replacement
Car Craft 12 1995 TEST: 94 Lingenfelter Firebird Formula 383
FEAT: best and worst of 1995, 63 Pontiac Tempest A/FX, 63 Ford Fairlane, 63 Chevy Nova, Jr. Drags
TECH: Ford 460 crate engine, forged pistons vs. hypereutectic pistons, GM 12-bolt rearend buildup, skip-shift elimination, GM A-body antenna installation
Car Craft 08 1996 FEAT: Zora Arkus-Duntov, 66 Chevy II, 65 Pontiac GTO convertible, 84 Chevy Corvette, 65 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 #54, 64 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge wagon
TECH: PAW camshaft installation, Chassis Engineering Traclift Bar installation, K&N Stub Stack installation, SplitFire spark plug & wire installation, Hypertech HEI coil installation, Hedman exhaust crossover installation, DynoMax header installation, Flex-a-Lite cooling fan installation, PAW Ford 427 crate engine buildup, power steering tech, torque converter installation, exhaust system basics, battery tray installation
Car Craft 12 1996 TEST: 96 Pontiac Sunfire GT
FEAT: street racing, Hurst Pontiac Firebird prototype, 65 Chevy Corvette, readers' rides
TECH: Chevy timing belt installation, ignition coil tech, Centerforce Dual Friction clutch, Edelbrock LT1 throttle body, Buick 455 buildup, GM window glass codes
Car Craft 01 1997 COMP: real street: 78 Ford Fairmont Futura, 91 Ford Mustang LX, 85 Chevy Corvette, 71 Chevy Corvette, 81 Chevy Monte Carlo; old & new: 67 Chevy Camaro SS vs. 97 Chevy Camaro SS
FEAT: new trends, pro stock trucks, 67 Chevy Camaro, 57 Chevy Bel Air ZR-1, 10 best Camaro engines, Chevy Camaro history, 70 Chevy Monte Carlo
TECH: car battery basics, $1000 Chevy 350 buildup, Chassis Engineering Mustang rear subframe & roll cage installation, oxygen sensor replacement
Car Craft 04 1997 FEAT: 65 Chevy Nova, 70 Plymouth Road Runner, 86 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA, Baer Racing 95 Ford Mustang GT, 69 Buick GS
TECH: paint color-sanding, fender replacement, spoiler installation, door panel repair, hood replacement, patch panel installation, Speed-Pro power kits, 560-hp Mopar 478 Hemi buildup, master cylinder basics, traction tech tips, musclecar air cleaner detailing
Car Craft 09 1997 FEAT: 57 Chevy Bel Air, 70 Chevy Monte Carlo, 96 Ford Mustang, Scotty Richardson, 97 Chevy Camaro 510 prototype, 55 Chevy 210 LS1 prototype, RWD Chevy Monte Carlo prototype, AWD Chevy Tahoe SS prototype, supercharged Chevy Monte Carlo prototype, Xtreme Force Chevy S-10 Fleetside prototype
TECH: GM Performance Parts 502/502 big-block dyno test, Ford Motorsports 460 dyno test, Mopar Performance 528 Crate Hemi dyno test, engine-building tips, race muffler dyno test, power tuning tech, valvetrain basics, fastener basics, PAW Ford 355 smallblock kit, musclecar rear wiring harness installation
Car Craft 11 1997 FEAT: 56 Ford Thunderbird, Summit Racing 87 Chevy Corvette, smog testing debate, Dodge Copperhead prototype, Chrysler Phaeton prototype, 72 Buick Skylark
TECH: 101 performance tips, GM Performance Parts ZZ4 crate engine tech, HPM Chevy rear control arms, 10 critical engine mods, electric fuel pump basics, Ford 347 EFI smallblock buildup
Car Craft 02 1998 FEAT: 66 Chevy Impala, 78 Pontiac Grand Am, 68 Chevy Impala, 81 Pontiac Trans Am, 65 Chevy Chevelle, 77 Pontiac Trans Am, 88 Ford Mustang, 64 Chevy II, 57 Chevy Bel Air, auto industry heroes, 62 Buick Electra, 70 Plymouth Cuda
TECH: camshaft shootout, roller camshaft installation, camshaft degreeing, valvetrain parts, 400hp Ford 302, safety wire, transbrake installation, 18V battery, Quadrajet buildup, catback exhaust for Impala SS, high performance spark plug wires
Car Craft 04 1998 FEAT: 60 Chevy El Camino, 69 Dodge Dart, pro street survey, 72 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
TECH: selecting a paint shop, rust repair with POR-15, selecting paint materials, engine bay detailing, 500 hp Old 455, how to drag race, identifying Ford FE engines, building a Pontiac 455, ring-and-pinion tech, Gen IV F-body engine removal
Car Craft 05 1998 FEAT: 64 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2, Car Craft 45th anniversary, top 10 station wagons, 71 Chevy Nova
TECH: 25 magazine lies, engine-to-transmission adapters, engine swap kits, engine swap considerations, manual transmission basics, VDO gauge installation, connecting rod polishing, Chevy big-block oil cooler installation, leakdown testing basics
Car Craft 06 1998 COMP: 9-sec street cars: 67 Chevy Camaro, 92 Pontiac Firebird, 80 Ford Mustang, 70 Chevy Nova, 55 Chevy shoebox, 71 Chevy Camaro Z/28, 69 Pontiac Firebird
FEAT: top 10 cheap project cars, street machine sketches, 69 Chevy Camaro RS/SS, 70 Plymouth Superbird
TECH: GM 10-bolt rearend tech, bodywork lead filling, Mopar A-904 automatic transmission buildup, port matching dyno test, dyno sheet basics, Phoenix Systems one-person brake bleeding kit, Hypertech Airfoil installation, project car purchase tips, exhaust H-pipe dyno test, Custom Autosound stereo installation
Car Craft 08 1998 FEAT: 70 Buick GS455, 66 Chevy Impala, 73 Chevy Corvette turbo, workshop blueprints
TECH: dual-plane vs. single-plane intake manifold test, 650 cfm/750cfm/850cfm carburetor comparison, engine dress-up kits, Pontiac 400 buildup, engine noise diagnosis, engine removal basics, GM HEI module testing, high compression ratio tech, welding basics, carpet basics, Monroe 86-93 Mustang high-flow air inlet
Car Craft 09 1998 FEAT: 70 Ford Mustang, 79 Chevy El Camino, Chevrolet Specialty Vehicles
TECH: 25 top tech questions, parts breakage, camshaft degreeing, head milling, piston ring filing, valvespring installed height , camshaft recommendations, 4L80E transmission installation, engine painting, trunk mounted battery
Car Craft 10 1998 FEAT: 70 Oldsmobile Cutlass, 63 Ford Fairlane, drag racing facts, race class basics, drag racing firsts, 62 Chevy Nova, "Javelin Speed Spectacular" 68 AMC Javelin
TECH: $499 engine rebuild, custom header dyno testing, free speed tricks, mag wheel restoration, best speed parts, pre-road trip inspection, 675-hp Chevy 502 buildup
Car Craft 01 1999 FEAT: 71 Chevy Camaro Z/28, 74 Pontiac Le Mans SD-455
TECH: carburetor swap, GM A-body anti-roll bar installation, performance muffler installation, rear trailing arm installation, differential gear swap, aluminum cylinder head installation, spark plug wire installation, G-Tech Accelerometer testing, Mustang shock tower replacement, budget engine-building tools, proven engine buildups, oil pan baffle fabrication, gas tank replacement
Car Craft 04 1999 FEAT: readers' rides, 68 Plymouth Valiant, 62 Chevy Bel Air, gearhead quiz
TECH: GM 12-bolt rear vs. Ford 9" rear comparison, cylinder head rebuild basics, Chevelle hood stripe painting, fender lip clearancing, vinyl top replacement, trunk restoration, patch panel installation, battery basics, fuel injection basics
Car Craft 07 1999 COMP: supercars: Chevy Corvette hardtop, Chevy Camaro SS, Dodge Viper, Pontiac Firebird Firehawk, Ford Mustang Cobra, Saleen Mustang S281
FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro, 71 Plymouth Scamp, 72 Chevy El Camino, finding parts online
TECH: $99 exhaust header comparison, $80 camshaft comparison, 300-hp Chevy 350 budget buildup, cheap muffler comparison, $300 engine rebuild kits, Chevy 350 vs. Chevy 305 comparison, Milodon four-bolt-main conversion kit, sleeper tech tips, early F-body Borg-Warner T56 six-speed installation, Ford 428 buildup
Car Craft 09 1999 FEAT: 67 Chevy Chevelle SS, 66 Chevy Nova, 79 AMC Spirit, 92 Ford Mustang, 66 Chevy Chevelle, 87 Ford Ranger, 68 Chevy Chevelle, 68 Plymouth Valiant, 78 Chevy Caprice, 70 Buick Wildcat
TECH: 350 vs 454 budget shootout, how to buy your first car, top 10 best first cars, 10 best mods, wheel fitment guide, Cadillac 529 ci buildup, car collectibles, TorqueFlite shift kit, Edelbrock Performer carb tuning, racing schools
Car Craft 12 1999 FEAT: buying a used police car, 70 Chevy Chevelle, import racer spotter's guide, 70 Plymouth Duster 340, Top Fuel vs. Fuel Funny Car
TECH: achieving 9.5:1 compression ratio, 9.5:1 engine power combinations, engine building tips, F-body ram air fabrication, floorpan replacement, Mopar A-body rear axle upgrade
Car Craft 01 2000 FEAT: 65 Dodge Coronet 500, 72 Chevy Camaro, 69 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-32
TECH: carburetors vs. fuel injection basics, EFI swap tech, fender patch panel installation, compression ratio dyno test, GM 12-bolt differential setup, distributor installation, CalTracs traction bar installation, Kwiklift setup
Car Craft 05 2000 FEAT: 64 Ford Falcon Sprint, 68 Ford Mustang, 73 Chevy Vega, 67 Pontiac Firebird, 68 Mercury Cougar, 71 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus, readers' rides, photo archives
TECH: camshaft tech, engine fan dyno test, 63 Falcon disc brake swap, line lock basics, degreeing a camshaft, Vortech supercharger tuning, removing a junkyard engine
Car Craft 07 2000 FEAT: top 10 lists, 66 Chevy Chevelle SS, 1970 NHRA Winternationals, 69.5 Dodge Super Bee, 81 Chevy Malibu, swap meet timeline
TECH: 87-octane performance tips, supercharged Chevy 496 big-block buildup, axle ratio comparison, Vintage Air Monster Cooler air conditioner installation, Pontiac myths, Ultra-Bell SFI bellhousing installation, piston-to-valve clearance measuring, Carter ThermoQuad tech
Car Craft 11 2000 FEAT: 56 Chevy Bel Air, 73 Plymouth Duster, 1965-70 Shelby Mustang history
TECH: 50 tech tips, driveshaft tech, roller camshaft vs. hydraulic camshaft comparison, suspension glossary, nitrous oxide dyno test, intake manifold porting, dyno-proven engine combinations, Whirly Jig car rotisserie
Car Craft 03 2001 FEAT: 81 Chevy Malibu wagon, 65 Ford Mustang convertible, 64 Dodge 330, 68 Chevy Impala
TECH: smallblock Chevy tech, clutch linkage rebuild, Ram Jet smallblock Chevy crate engines, carburetor spacer comparison, torque plate tech, Bassani header & X-pipe dyno test, rollcage installation, Desktop Dragstrip software, thread repair basics
Car Craft 06 2001 FEAT: 88 Pontiac Firebird Formula, 67 Pontiac Tempest, 66 Chevy II, 78 Chevy Malibu sketches, Nostalgia Super Stock racing, 69 Chevy Camaro SS
TECH: third-gen Firebird buildup, Merlin 509 tech, front-end alignment tech, Energy Suspension engine mount installation, Class M billet shift linkage installation, nitrous oxide overkill, tube flaring basics, suspension lowering tech, Tire MountMate tire fitment tool
Car Craft 07 2001 FEAT: readers' rides, CSK drag racing team, 87 Ford Mustang coupe
TECH: FRPP 302 ci V8 crate engine, Chevy 401 ci V8 buildup, GM TPI 350 nitrous oxide installation, Aeroquip Quick Drain oil drain plug, Mopar 360 six-pack buildup, Fox-Mustang cold air induction setup, TPIS ZZ450 GM 350 crate engine, Biscayne front suspension rebuild, Desktop Dyno 2000, GM steering column rebuild, Intercomp air gauge
Car Craft 12 2001 FEAT: 79 Chevy Malibu, street racing, Buick nailhead V8 history, 62 Ford Ranchero
TECH: Malibu suspension tech, cylinder head CCing basics, rearend rebuild, Competition Engineering adjustable rear shock installation, automatic transmission cooler installation
Car Craft 01 2002 FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro RS, drag racing costs, why imports suck, Bondurant Mustang track car, 71 Ford Mustang Mach 1, western USA via 70.5 Chevy Camaro
TECH: big-block engine dyno comparison, compression ratio dyno test, emergency brake overhaul, third-gen F-body suspension upgrade, distributor gear basics
Car Craft 02 2002 FEAT: 69 Oldsmobile 4-4-2, Tom Compton, 89 Ford Mustang, 56 Chevy Corvette
TECH: iron cylinder head dyno test, budget tech tips, camshaft dyno test, electric fan dyno test, drag race suspension setup, cylinder head porting, block sleeving, static vs. dynamic compression
Car Craft 03 2002 FEAT: 65 Plymouth Belvedere II, 78 Chevy Malibu, 64 Mercury Comet Caliente
TECH: Chevy 406 smallblock buildup, performance exhaust system design, spark plug tuning, Mopar 408 buildup, clutch basics, spark plug basics, NHRA 9-sec rules, Ford 408 buildup
Car Craft 04 2002 FEAT: 70 Plymouth GTX, 68 Chevy Camaro SS
TECH: Le Mans Pontiac 455 installation, Bondo application, supercharger basics, fender alignment, painting flames, Jesel valvetrain upgrades, trim reassembly, air cleaner comparison, drag-race manual transmissions, tool tips
Car Craft 07 2002 COMP: 72 Chevy Nova vs. 86 Ford Mustang
FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro SS, stupid gearhead stories, 71 Chevy Nova, NASA racing
TECH: GM LS1 performance, carburetor basics, Liberty Pro Shifted Toploader transmission installation, 672-hp Pontiac 350 buildup, EFI tuning basics, performance hoses & lines basics, Spin Tech performance exhaust system installation
Car Craft 08 2002 FEAT: 64 Chevy II, 65 Mercury Comet, 41 Willys Coupe
TECH: header coatings, 780-hp Chevy 454 buildup, performance fuel filters, bad street modifications, Nova six-cylinder to V8 conversion, torque converter stall basics, brake system troubleshooting, drag racing tire tech
Car Craft 09 2002 FEAT: 57 Chevy Bel Air, tech line stories, rating Camaros, 64 Plymouth Savoy
TECH: drag radials vs. slicks, air bleed tuning, Nova drivetrain upgrades, Chevy 406 vs. Ford 408, 440-hp GM Vortec 350 buildup, Comp Cams three-piece timing chain cover installation, cutoff switch installation, hydraulic lifter comparison, air conditioner basics
Car Craft 11 2002 FEAT: 66 Chevy Nova SS, 65 Buick Skylark, 71 Plymouth Duster
TECH: dyno-proven engine combos, intake manifold restoration, GM automatic transmission identification, Nova rearend installation, smog test tech, camshaft lobe separation angle basics, U-joint replacement, wheel sizing, copper vs. aluminum radiators
Car Craft 01 2003 FEAT: 81 Chevy Malibu, Chevy Nova dragstrip test, buying a police car, 81 Oldsmobile 98 demolition derby car, 2003 calendar, 70 Chevy Malibu, 61 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88
TECH: engine combinations, Mallory HyFire VI, first-time engine buildup, new engine startup, piston ring dyno test
Car Craft 03 2003 COMP: real street: 78 Chevy Caprice, 67 Chevy Camaro, 78 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, 70 Chevy Camaro, 82 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance coupe
FEAT: 69 Ford Mustang, readers' rides, GM Powertrain
TECH: crate engine comparison, exhaust system efficiency testing, Chevelle front suspension upgrade, oil system basics, spring basics, Carburetor Solutions Jet Block, Kilgore GM TH400 transmission
Car Craft 07 2003 TEST: Ford Mustang Mach 1, Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
FEAT: 72 Chevy Nova, pro street movement, garages
TECH: 400-hp Ford 302 buildup, Baer rear disc brake upgrade, Dick Miller shock controller, GM Vortec cylinder head porting
Car Craft 09 2003 FEAT: 67 Dodge Coronet, stupid gearhead stories, 71 Chevy Chevelle, drifting sport, 71 Chevy Nova
TECH: Chevy 454 buildup, Ford 351W buildup, Nova front disc brake upgrade, LS1 performance tips, distributor advance curve basics, front suspension rebuild
Car Craft 10 2003 FEAT: 64 Chevy Chevelle, General Lee jump, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, cheap pro racing
TECH: Holley carburetor rebuild, Chevy 350 buildup, crate engine selection, GM Vortec valvespring upgrade, torque converter basics, GM TH700-R4 performance rebuild, camshaft degreeing
Car Craft 05 2004 FEAT: budget supercars, 72 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, 79 Dodge Aspen, 73 Plymouth Duster, 70 Plymouth Road Runner convertible, GM LS2 engine, Cadillac performance cars, 71 Ford Mustang Mach 1
TECH: MSD electrical connectors, first-gen F-body LS1 installation, Accel/DFI EFI system installation, Tractech gear-style limited-slip differential, Performance Stainless stainless steel fittings
Car Craft 06 2004 COMP: 04 Pontiac GTO vs. 64 Pontiac GTO
FEAT: 65 Pontiac GTO, Mopar 5.7L Hemi engine, 67 Chevy Nova SS, 89 Ford Mustang
TECH: performance basics, nitrous oxide maximum performance test, GMC pickup performance modifications, cylinder leakdown tester basics, 560-hp Chevy 420ci smallblock buildup, Edelbrock polished aluminum intake manifolds
Car Craft 07 2004 FEAT: 68 Dodge Dart Super Stock SS/A replica, 69 Chevy Camaro SS Silver State racecar, Ford 5.4L DOHC engine, 79 AMC Spirit GT
TECH: first engine buildup tips, 514-hp Ford 347ci buildup, GMC pickup bolt-on performance, performance tech tips, part heat cycling, Holley twin-TBI EFI system, Creeper Sweeper
Car Craft 09 2004 TEST: 04 Chevy SSR
FEAT: 70 Ford Mustang Boss 302, pro touring vs. pro street, 55 Chevy 210 pro street
TECH: Malibu project overview, synthetic oil, Barry Grant Idle-Eze throttle plate, GM LS1/LS6 parts interchange, air cleaner performance, Jiffy-tite quick-disconnect fittings
Car Craft 10 2004 FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro, musclecar auction prices, eBay shopping, 69 Ford Mustang Mach I, Venom Street Machines fiberglass replica musclecars
TECH: GM 5.3L performance upgrades, Mopar 5.7L Hemi basics, GM electronic overdrive transmission tuning, McLeod transmission swap adapter bellhousings, No-Rosion cooalnt rust inhibitor
Car Craft 01 2005 TEST: 05 Chrysler 300C Hemi
FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro convertible, Wauseon Ohio, 70 Plymouth Barracuda, 61 Chevy Nomad, 70 Chevy Nova
TECH: budget carburetor tips, GMPP LS1 exhaust system test, electrica drain diagnostics, Earl's Pro-Lite 350 braided hose installation, dyno tuning basics, welding tips, late-model handheld engine tuners, California Car Covers Kreepster
Car Craft 06 2005 FEAT: Vic Edelbrock collection, Curboy's Auto Wrecking, 63 Pontiac Tempest, 62 Pontaic Tempest
TECH: Chevy smallblock Dart small-chamber Iron Eagle cylinder heads, Mercury Comet performance upgrades, GM TPI troubleshooting
Car Craft 07 2005 FEAT: Rob Ball's garage, 68 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S 340
TECH: six-week Camaro rebuild, electrical mistakes, Innovate LM-1 carburetor tuner
Car Craft 08 2005 FEAT: Don Crouse's garage, buying a project car, homebuilt supercars, 69 Chevy El Camino SS396
TECH: annular vs. dogleg carburetor comparison, GM TPI bolt-on performance upgrades, Nova modifications
Car Craft 09 2005 FEAT: Milton Robson collection, Oakboro NC, 67 Chevy Camaro twin-turbo
TECH: blueprinting basics, Oldsmobile 425ci buildup, oil control basics, paint job restoration
Car Craft 10 2005 FEAT: Mark Buchanan's garage, 69 Dodge Dart Hurst 440, Greenwood IN, 70.5 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
TECH: blow-through supercharger basics, camshaft drive comparison
Car Craft 11 2005 FEAT: Kenn Funk collection, Medford OR, 78 Ford Fairmont Futura
TECH: nitrous oxide plate comparison, flame painting, paint gun selection, trunk repair, door reskinning, Mopar Strange Engineering S-60 rearend installation
Car Craft 12 2005 FEAT: Bruce Litton collection, 1976-81 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am history, 65 Chevy El Camino, Milford MI
TECH: suspension tuning, third-gen F-body performance upgrades, fuel delivery system design, ignition advance basics
Car Craft 01 2006 FEAT: Car Craft shop, 71 Chevy Camaro, 69 Chevy Camaro SS/RS 396, House Springs MO, 68 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang clone
TECH: 480-hp AMC 370 buildup, camshaft tech tips, Pontiac 455 aluminum cylinder heads