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Editorial Profile: This is one of the best-known Corvette magazines on the market. Broadly speaking, they cover everything having anything to do with Corvettes; more specifically, however, they tend to lean more toward the C3 and C4 cars, and the latest factory offerings. Most featured cars are restorations; what few modifieds there are tend to be very professionally done -- in fact, they tend to be professional special models or racers. Tech articles usually focus on late-model performance or early-model restoration. They also frequenty take their Corvettes on interesting drives, documented with excellent photography.

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Title Issue Year Highlights Copies
Corvette Fever 03 1990 FEAT: Dennis Amodeo, John Heinricy, 67 Chevy Corvette, Corvette Challenge finale, 56 Chevy Corvette salt racer, Route 66 via 60 Chevy Corvette, 70 Chevy Corvette roadster, Scott Lagasse
TECH: Rochester fuel injection basics, dashboard speaker replacement, engine oil basics
Corvette Fever 05 1990 FEAT: Franklin Mint 53 Corvette model, 63 Chevy Corvette Edelbrock racecar, 55 Chevy Corvette, 78 Chevy Corvette, CERV III, Route 66 via 60 Corvette, 67 Chevy Corvette
TECH: stereo systems, 78-82 Corvette speedometer replacement, suspension inspection, security flaws
Corvette Fever 06 1990 FEAT: "Taking Care of Chet", 70 Chevy Corvette LT1, 71 Chevy Corvette LT1, 72 Chevy Corvette LT1, Kaminari Corvette, 54 Chevy Corvette, Corvette price guide, 58 Chevy Corvette, 64 Chevy Corvette, Yosemite via 89 Corvette
TECH: brake overhaul, gas tank cleaning, Libbey Owens Ford solar-control glass, suspension inspection
Corvette Fever 08 1990 FEAT: Bertone Nivola prototype, 78 & 86 Chevy Corvette Pace Cars, 65 Chevy Corvette, 53 Chevy Corvette, 59 Chevy Corvette, 84 Greenwood Corvette, Scottsdale via Corvette ZR1, Corvette Action Center
TECH: racing basics, aluminum wheel restoration, Corvette alarm improvement
Corvette Fever 10 1990 TEST: Corvette ZR1
FEAT: Jerry Palmer, John Cafaro, Dave McLellan, 67 Chevy Corvette L71, 89 Chevy Corvette 454, Jim Perkins, 76 Chevy Corvette L82, 87 Chevy Corvette Geneve, New England via Corvette
TECH: radar detector test, GM TH700R4 rebuild, car alarm installation
Corvette Fever 11 1990 TEST: 91 Chevy Corvette
FEAT: dealer promotional models, "Love/Hate My '68", 68 Chevy Corvette L88, National Championship Air Races via Corvette, 85 Corvette owners survey, 63 Chevy Corvette, 57 Chevy Corvette racecar
TECH: TPI engine buildup, hose inspection, Holley carburetor overhaul
Corvette Fever 05 1992 FEAT: modified Corvettes, 67 Chevy Corvette, 75 Chevy Corvette roadster, 55 Chevy Corvette, Chevy Corvette SS, northwest Washington via 91 Chevy Corvette convertible
TECH: Doug Rippie Motorsports coil-over suspension, cooling tips, aero kit installation, modification tips, anti-sway bar installation
Corvette Fever 08 1992 TEST: Chevy Corvette Sting Ray III
FEAT: tracking rare Corvettes, 73 Chevy Corvette roadster, 66 Chevy Corvette L88 racecar, 54 Chevy Corvette, 75 Chevy Corvette, 60 Chevy Corvette, Bob Clift, 68 Chevy Corvette roadster, Rhode Island via Chevy Corvette
TECH: budget engine rebuild, TPI tech, C2 gauge replacement
Corvette Fever 10 1992 TEST: 53 Chevy Corvette, 63 Chevy Corvette, 73 Chevy Corvette, 83 Chevy Corvette, 93 Chevy Corvette
FEAT: National Corvette Museum groundbreaking, Road America International Challenge, first V8 Corvettes, 1,000,000th Corvette, New England via Chevy Corvette, "The Fat Lady Sang", Jankel Tempest
TECH: ignition system upgrades, reproduction wheels, valvetrain performance mods
Corvette Fever 04 1993 FEAT: 68 Chevy Corvette L71, 66 Chevy Corvette roadster, 89 Guldstrand GS-80 Corvette roadster, 54 Chevy Corvette, Larison Rock hillclimb, Corvette tax guide, Bob Bondurant, future Corvettes, 73 Chevy Corvette
TECH: exterior detailing, interior detailing, roadside repairs, carburetor troubleshooting, Holley carburetor tuning
Corvette Fever 02 1994 FEAT: 63 Chevy Corvette race car, Doug Rippie Black Widow LT5 Corvette, 57 Chevy Corvette, 70 Chevy Corvette Roadster, Vermont via Chevy Corvette ZR1, Corvette restoration glossary, 66 Chevy Corvette, 84 Chevy Corvette
TECH: C3 fiberglass repair, C3 Quartz clock conversion, small block Chevy cylinder head basics, C3 exhaust system replacement
Corvette Fever 06 1994 TEST: Greenwood G383 Corvette
FEAT: customized Corvettes, 70 Chevy Corvette LS5, 57 Chevy Corvette, 67 Chevy Corvette Roadster, Bayou via 94 Chevy Corvette
TECH: small block Chevy 383 build-up, 84-90 body updates, C3 tail-light upgrade, turnsignal cam replacement, Corvette frame inspection, C2 interior restoration
Corvette Fever 01 1995 FEAT: National Corvette Museum, 72 Chevy Corvette ZR-1, 58 Chevy Corvette retractable top, 76 Chevy Corvette, Corvette club directory, 67 Chevy Corvette L89
TECH: gasoline tech, black oxide refinishing, OBD2 basics
Corvette Fever 09 1995 FEAT: leasing vs. buying, Corvette price guide, "The Investment", buying a Corvette, 55 Chevy Corvette, 67 Chevy Corvette Roadster, Kentucky via Chevy Corvette
TECH: Corvette buying pointers, LT1 performance tips, TTS Power Systems PROM calibration tool, CAGS elimination
Corvette Fever 04 1996 TEST: 96 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport
FEAT: 60 Chevy Corvette, 66 Chevy Corvette L36, 77 Chevy Corvette
TECH: L48 performance buildup, detailing tips, TPI performance tips, windshield scratch repair
Corvette Fever 08 1996 FEAT: Zora Arkus-Duntov, 57 Chevy Corvette fuelie, 62 Chevy Corvette fuelie, 67 Chevy Corvette, 68 Chevy Corvette L88, 90 Chevy Corvette ZR-1, Holley Custom Shop profile
TECH: 63-82 power steering rebuild, C3 transmission mount replacement, Chevy 406 buildup
Corvette Fever 09 1996 FEAT: 59 Chevy Corvette fuelie, 65 Chevy Corvette convertible, 70 Chevy Corvette convertible, John Middlebrook
TECH: Corvette price guide, finding a Corvette, C3 mechanic's checklist, Trans-Go TH400 shift kit, parts selection
Corvette Fever 12 1996 FEAT: 71 Chevy Corvette, 71 Chevy Corvette ZR1, 57 Chevy Corvette, Route 66 via 78 Corvette, 96 Chevy Corvette "the last C4", Dick Almond
TECH: 73-82 Corvette backglass weatherstrip, 50 tech tips, Quadrajet Carburetor repair, underhood cooling fans, 58-67 Corvette radio repair, Kenwood CD changer install
Corvette Fever 04 1997 FEAT: 86 Chevy Corvette ZR1 prototype, Auto Masters, 57 Chevy Corvette Sebring racecars, 70 Chevy Corvette ZR-1, 65 Chevy Corvette convertible
TECH: performance tires for vintage corvettes, Hypertech Power Programmer, wheel alignment, straight axle Corvette wheel alignment, 409 hp ZZ4 crate engine
Corvette Fever 08 1997 FEAT: Klassix Auto Museum liquidation, Elfi Duntov's 55 Chevy Corvette, Shinoda 97 Chevy Corvette Sting Ray concept, 67 Chevy Corvette L68, 73 Chevy Corvette Roadster, 75 Chevy Corvette Roadster, 76 Chevy Corvette, 78 Chevy Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car
TECH: C3 rear suspension rebuild, C2 center console restoration, underhood detailing
Corvette Fever 10 1997 TEST: 98 Chevy Corvette convertible
FEAT: Chip Miller, 75 Chevy Corvette roadster, 55 Chevy Corvette, Lingenfelter Corvette ZR-1, British custom Corvettes, 66 Chevy Corvette L72, "The Last Ride"
TECH: plastic lens replacement, C2/C3 chambered exhaust system installation, C4 wheel bearing replacement, Delco batteries, 71 Corvette engine wiring harness replacement
Corvette Fever 04 1998 FEAT: 84 Chevy Corvette salt racer, 54 Chevy Corvette racecar, 67 Chevy Corvette Roadster, Duntov Corvette history
TECH: interior detailing, exterior detailing, detailing tips, C2/C3 front suspension rebuild, C4 clutch replacement, 77-81 C3 engine detailing
Corvette Fever 05 1998 FEAT: California Coast via Chevy Corvette convertible, 75 Chevy Corvette L82, Bragg-Smith Advanced Driving School, 62 Chevy Corvette, 69 Chevy Corvette L88, 65 Chevy Corvette
TECH: DIY tech tips, Doug Rippie Motor Sports brake package, Crossfire injection vs. tuned port injection dyno shootout, C2/C3 rear suspension rebuild, radar detector comparison, 77-81 C3 engine detailing
Corvette Fever 06 1998 FEAT: 67 Chevy Corvette, 61 Chevy Corvette, Corvette big-block history, 87 Chevy Corvette convertible
TECH: black trim touch-up, C4 Corvette exhaust system shootout, 67-82 Corvette brake system replacement, painted steel valve cover restoration, 69-82 Corvette door handle installation, TransGo Performance Shift Kit, C4 Corvette rear hatch drain, clear coating wheels
Corvette Fever 03 1999 FEAT: 74 Chevy Corvette, 99 Chevy Corvette C5-R, 58 Chevy Corvette fuelie, 67 Chevy Corvette roadster, 96 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport
TECH: BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KD tires, C5 header installation, C4 Baer brake installation, C4 DRM trailing arm bracket installation, restoration tips, A-6 air conditioning compressor rebuild, C4 Random Technology catalytic convertor installation, C3 radiator repair
Corvette Fever 12 1999 FEAT: old west via 98 Chevy Corvette, 72 Chevy Corvette, Chevy Corvette 5-R, 63 Chevy Corvette, 96 Chevy Corvette Collector's Edition, 57 Chevy Corvette, 98 Rampage Performance Corvette, 82 Chevy Corvette, John Cafaro
TECH: C2/C3 chassis repair, tech tips, 73 Corvette exhaust system installation, Crossfire injection basics, camshaft selection
Corvette Fever 05 2000 FEAT: 67 Chevy Corvette roadster, 73 Chevy Corvette, 96 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport, last 99 Chevy Corvette Hardtop, 60 Chevy Corvette, Chris Petris, 82 Chevy Corvette, 87 Chevy Corvette, getting in and out of a Corvette, 69 Chevy Corvette
TECH: Corvette maintenance, C4 L98 valve cover restoration, C3 taillight lens replacement, Zaino car care system, GM crate engines, C3 cooling system repair, synthetic motor oil, C4 NJA Brake Products ti22 brake pad installation
Corvette Fever 08 2000 FEAT: 85 Chevy Corvette project car, 00 Chevy Corvette, top 10 Corvettes, 62 Chevy Corvette, buying a Corvette, Corvette price guide, 96 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport, 72 Chevy Corvette, Skip Barber Driving School, 63 Chevy Corvette, 69 Chevy Corvette
TECH: Demon carburetors, C1 trim replacement, C3 rear suspension upgrade, tools
Corvette Fever 12 2002 FEAT: 78 Chevy Corvette, Mecham Dumans Corvette Z06, 84 Chevy Corvette, 62 Chevy Corvette, 66 Chevy Corvette roadster, 01 Lingenfelter Chevy Corvette Z06, 98 Chevy Corvette
TECH: LS6 ATI ProCharger supercharger installation, C1 rearend overhaul, L98 TPIS MiniRam supercharger installation, Sylvania headlight upgrade
Corvette Fever 01 2003 FEAT: GM AUTOnomy prototype, 50th anniversary tour, 53 Chevy Corvette, 73 Chevy Corvette roadster, street racing story, 97 Chevy Corvette
TECH: engine block machining, F55 ride control system basics, C3 rack-and-pinion steering conversion, C2 latch restoration
Corvette Fever 03 2003 FEAT: 61 Chevy Corvette, 94 Chevy Corvette, 81 Chevy Corvette, 98 Chevy Corvette convertible, fuel injection history, 65 Chevy Corvette roadster
TECH: cylinder head machining, fuel injector selection, carburetor vs. TBI dyno test, C4 MAF sensor tips, C5 KoolMat sound deadener installation
Corvette Fever 12 2003 FEAT: 67 Chevy Corvette roadster, 96 Callaway Corvette Grand Sport Aerobody, 71 Chevy Corvette roadster, big-block Corvette facts and rumors, 66 Chevy Corvette roadster, 55 Chevy Corvette racecar
TECH: crate engines, L98 intake manifold coolant leak repair, DynoSim software, C2/C3 halfshaft upgrade, Chevy 454 camshaft comparison, Chevy 327 dyno tune, C5 AFR cylinder head, C3 air conditioning control panel replacement