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Editorial Profile: This magazine was the official mouthpiece of Chevrolet for their Corvette (until replaced by Corvette Quarterly), so as one might expect it tended to be rather one-sided. In fact, on the whole it refrained from anything controversial at all -- such as comparing it to competitors' cars or pointing out the Corvette's faults -- and also rarely printed technical articles. They did, however, provide a steady stream of articles about driving Corvettes in interesting places, about the latest stats on the latest models, about the people who designed, built, and sold Corvettes, and about the people who love them.

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Title Issue Year Highlights Copies
Corvette News 02-03 1975 FEAT: hot air ballooning, 65 Chevy Corvette, Appalachians via Chevy Corvette, Saratoga Tops, camping via Chevy Corvette, Lake George via Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 04-05 1975 FEAT: readers' rides, Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs, Joe Campbell, 65 Chevy Corvette, Death Valley via Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 06-07 1975 FEAT: Nova Scotia via Chevy Corvette, Zora Arkus-Duntov, IMSA 24 Hours of Daytona, Autobahn via Chevy Corvette
TECH: HEI ignition system upgrade
Corvette News 08-09 1975 FEAT: 59 Chevy Corvette reconditioning, 24 Hours of Daytona via Chevy Corvette, Whiskey Creek via Chevy Corvette, Southern California via Chevy Corvette, amateur racers, customized license plates 1
Corvette News 10-11 1975 FEAT: 76 Chevy Corvette, Corvette engineering team, Empire Hill Climb 1
Corvette News 02-03 1976 FEAT: Lion Country Safari via Chevy Corvette, Fred Neff, aluminum wheel factory manufacturing, 54 Chevy Corvette, Watkins Glen, Lincoln Auto Salvage 1
Corvette News 04-05 1976 FEAT: Jim Ingle, Oklahoma via Chevy Corvette, Goodyear Airship Columbia via Chevy Corvette, Corvettes in Australia, 53 Chevy Corvette, Corvette club directory
TECH: Corvette pinstriping
Corvette News 06-07 1976 FEAT: California coast via 63 Chevy Corvette roadster, GM design staff, 75 Chevy Corvette roadster, 58 Chevy Corvette, personalized license plates, Kingston Ontario via Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 08-09 1976 FEAT: 62 Chevy Corvette restoration, Corvette bicycle rack, Colye Chevrolet Bicentennial Edition Corvette, 70 Chevy Corvette, Pennsylvania via Chevy Corvette, Indiana via Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 10-11 1976 FEAT: Bob Wingate, Brainerd International Raceway, wedding via 77 Chevy Corvette, 11-mile 67 Chevy Corvette L88, National Corvette Restorers Society, Road America 1
Corvette News 12-01 1976 FEAT: Corvette cooling system testing, old Corvette owners, New England via Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 02-03 1977 FEAT: Cape Cod via Chevy Corvette, 71 Chevy Corvette roadster, 62 Chevy Corvette, Champion Spark Plug Road Racing Classic, custom Corvettes 1
Corvette News 04-05 1977 FEAT: readers' rides, 60 Chevy Corvette, Highway One via Chevy Corvette, 67 Chevy Corvette, 76 Chevy Corvette, Corvette market, Bob Johnson & Bob Johnson 1
Corvette News 06-07 1977 FEAT: Rocky Mountains via Chevy Corvette, Pat Meraw's 500,000th Corvette, Jerry Thompson, Corvettes in Germany, Berge Beam, Chevy Corvette Grand Sport 003, Corvette club directory 1
Corvette News 08-09 1977 FEAT: 63 Chevy Corvette, Lowell James, Sebring 25th Anniversary, 76 Chevy Corvette Turbo, personalized license plates 1
Corvette News 10-11 1977 FEAT: Corvette evolution, 78 Chevy Corvette 25th Anniversary Edition, St. Louis assembly line, 1978 pilot car run, Corvette buyer demographics 1
Corvette News 12-01 1977 FEAT: Canada via Chevy Corvette, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, aero-testing a model Corvette, old Corvette owners, buying a Corvette 1
Corvette News 02-03 1978 FEAT: Don Yenko, 78 Chevy Corvette Indy Pace Car Edition, Corvettes in SCCA racing, Kentucky via Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 04-05 1978 FEAT: Indianapolis Motor Speedway history, Germany via Chevy Corvette, 54 Chevy Corvette, "Corvette Summer" movie, 63 Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 06-07 1978 FEAT: whitewater rafting via Chevy Corvette, Frank Milne 77 Chevy Corvette, Robert Lund, Cindy Nardin, Nevada via Chevy Corvette, Curtis Ridgeway, Corvette club directory
TECH: clutch/transmission upgrades
Corvette News 08-09 1978 FEAT: Indianapolis 500, Al Unser, Rick Mears, Dan Ongais, Jim Rathmann, Indy race officials, Indianapolis 500 Festival, Road America, Corvette club directory 1
Corvette News 10-11 1978 FEAT: rallying tips, Jeff Easley & Alan Tardy, 76 Chevy Corvette, factory tire testing, 79 Chevy Corvette, Terry Michaelis, Dr. Donald Blatchley 1
Corvette News 12-01 1978 FEAT: Corvettes at Mid-Ohio, Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum, Alan Glines
TECH: chassis & suspension upgrades
Corvette News 02-03 1979 FEAT: Greg Pickett, GM Proving Grounds, Chevy Corvette XP-819 prototype, towing a sailboat via 72 Chey Corvette, Mount Greylock via Chevy Corvette, Columbus Auto Auction, 70 Chevy Corvette, Chevy Corvette Grand Sport reunion, Grand Sport overview
TECH: Corvette storage
Corvette News 04-05 1979 FEAT: Road Atlanta, Phil Currin, Ontario via Chevy Corvette, GM Proving Grounds, 78 Chevy Corvette, Joe Pike, 68 Chevy Corvette, Guldstrand Engineering Inc. 1
Corvette News 06-07 1979 FEAT: 61 Chevy Corvette, Phyllis Stiles, 24 Hours of Daytona, GM Noise and Vibration Laboratory, Lowell James, Cars & Concepts Chevy Corvette Hatchback 1
Corvette News 08-09 1979 FEAT: Scott Murray, 77 Chevy Corvette, 53 Chevy Corvette EX-122 prototype, Chevy Turbo Corvette prototype, GM Safety Research Center, Lowell James, Corvette club directory 1
Corvette News 10-11 1979 FEAT: Trans-Am racing, 80 Chevy Corvette, 53 Chevy Corvette EX-122 prototype, American Custom Industries 1
Corvette News 12-01 1979 FEAT: Greg Pickett, Eckler's Corvette Parts, 71 Chevy Corvette, camping via Chevy Corvette, George Barris, Robert "Dirty of Dallas" Dowis 1
Corvette News 02-03 1980 FEAT: Gene Bothello, Chevy Turbo Corvette II prototype, Corvette restoration, Chevy Corvette Grand Sport 001, wire Corvette models, 69 Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 04-05 1980 FEAT: Albert Nietzman, Corvette books, Bill Gregory's 72 Chevy Corvette, Chevy Turbo Corvette II replica, 79 Chevy Corvette, Herb Caplan, 62 Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 06-07 1980 FEAT: Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, father & son with Corvette, Robert Carradine's 69 Chevy Corvette roadster, Chevy Turbo Corvette II replica, SunPace 78 Chevy Corvette fleet, Zora Arkus-Duntov, Corvette magazines, 79 Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 10-11 1980 FEAT: Troy Police Corvettes, 81 Chevy Corvette, Maritime Provinces via Chevy Corvette, Watkins Glen, starting a Corvette club 1
Corvette News 12-01 1980 FEAT: Chevy Corvette, 60 Chevy Corvette, 68 Chevy Corvette, GM Safety Research and Development Laboratory, 54 Chevy Corvette bubble-top, 77 Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News 02-03 1981 FEAT: Corvette fiberglass rear leaf spring, Corvette company cars, Jerry Palmer, Bill Scott 1
Corvette News 04-05 1981 FEAT: Corvette independent rear suspension overview, 70 Chevy Corvette Aerovette prototype, Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant construction, researching Corvette history, letter from Mom, Corvette electronically tuned receiver, premium leaded fuel 1
Corvette News 06-07 1981 FEAT: computer command control, Corvette tools, Bowling Green Assembly Plant, 70 Chevy Corvette Aerovette prototype, Corvette advertising, Corvette values 1
Corvette News 08-09 1981 FEAT: human factors engineers, Corvette factory painting technique, Bowling Green assembly line, Corvette club directory, Corvette information sources 1
Corvette News 12-01 1981 FEAT: Joe Bonus Corvette Collection, Larry Shinoda, John Jensen, Planters Go Nuts contest 79 Chevy Corvette, turbocharging a Corvette, drag racing basics 1
Corvette News Wi 1981 FEAT: Corvette electronic theft deterrent system, Cross-Fire Injection overview, GM TH700-R4 automatic transmission overview, Corvette history, 82 Chevy Corvette 1
Corvette News Au 1986 FEAT: 87 Chevy Corvette, Callaway Corvette Twin Turbo, Corvette GTO racing team
TECH: deflected disc shock absorbers
Corvette News Su 1986 FEAT: Corvette SCCA Showroom Stock Racing Team, Corvette Emblem history, "Stingray" TV show cars, Corvette Factory, ABS test session 1
Corvette News Wi 1986 FEAT: Bloomington Gold, Goodyear Eagle ZR-S tire, Bowling Green Action Center, Corvette service checklist 1
Corvette News Sp 1987 FEAT: motorsports preview, C4 bicycle rack, Corvette winter driving, shifting basics, 68 Chevy Corvette 1