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Editorial Profile: This magazine tends to live up to its name, with the lion's share of the magazine's interest turned to Mopar performance modifications, racing, and factory performance. Tech articles tend to be on mega-cube engine buildups and other performance tech. Featured cars are likely to be a present or former drag race car. Of those that are not racers, the remainder are usually high-powered Wedge, 440, and Hemi factory cars from the musclecar era. Sometimes an oddball Mirada or 300-series will slip through. Though they do occasionally delve into the world of fender tags and matching numbers, overall this magazine is not a friendly place for purists; it's the hot rodders and racers that'll love this one.

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Title Issue Year Highlights Copies
High Performance Mopar 05 1990 TEST: Dodge Daytona ES, Shelby Daytona VNT turbo
FEAT: 62 Plymouth Valiant Wagon, 69 Plymouth Barracuda convertible, Mopar ram air history, 83 Dodge Mirada race car, 60 Chrysler 300F, Shelby Can Am race car, Dodge Charger "King Kong" race car, 1968-79 Mopar B-body history, 66 Dodge Coronet Hemi, 67 Plymouth Fury Police car
TECH: hardened valve seats
High Performance Mopar 01 1992 TEST: Dodge Viper RT/10
FEAT: Old Chrysler Corp. Auto Club, TrackTime Performance Driving School via Dodge Stealth R/T, 69 Dodge Charger Daytona, Dodge Daytona Pro Stock drag racer, 69 Dodge Dart GTS convertible, 68 Dodge Charger R/T, 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi, 71 Plymouth Road Runner
TECH: Carter ThermoQuad carburetor vacuum advance modification
High Performance Mopar 01 1993 FEAT: 51 Cunningham C2R, , 64 Plymouth Savoy, 68 Dodge Charger Hemi, 68 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi, Richard Sias on Charger development, 71 Dodge Demon 340
TECH: Challenger buying tips
High Performance Mopar 07 1993 TEST: 94 Chrysler LHS, 94 Chrysler New Yorker
FEAT: 68 Plymouth Cuda Hemi SS/AA racecar, Kiekhaefer 55 Chrysler C300 racecar, 68 Dodge Coronet R/T drag racer, 73 Plymouth Cuda, 69 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi, 73 Plymouth Duster 340, G&G Racing 73 Dodge Challenger One Lap of America racecar, Chip King IHRA Pro Stock Dodge Daytona dragster
TECH: suspension removal, suspension colors, 1972-74 Barracuda production notes & codes
High Performance Mopar 01 1995 FEAT: 70 Plymouth Cuda convertible "Phantasm III" car, Challenger history, 72 Dodge Challenger, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T-SE, 73 Dodge Challenger/Cuda, 70 Dodge Challenger, readers' rides, Mopar models, Lamborghini Countach pro street, 69 Plymouth GTX convertible
TECH: valvetrain installation basics, 1970 Challenger broadcast numbers, piston basics
High Performance Mopar 09 1995 TEST: Hennessey Viper Venom 550, Chrysler Sebring LSi
FEAT: 83 Chrysler Imperial NASCAR racer, 64 Plymouth Belvedere race car, 53 Chrysler D'Elegance prototype, 54 DeSoto Adventurer II prototype, 54 Plymouth Belmont prototype, 70 Dodge Dart Swinger, 70 Plymouth Road Runner, 74 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus
TECH: body repair tips, Mopar A-727 transmission basics, Holley carburetor tuning, TorqueFlite shift governor
High Performance Mopar 07 1996 FEAT: 39 Fargo pickup, 37 Fargo Sedan Delivery, 94 Dodge Ram, Richard Petty SuperTruck team, 73 Dodge Challenger Rallye, 70 Plymouth Superbird, 97.5 Plymouth Prowler, 66 Dodge Charger
TECH: Dakota towing prepartion, Mopar A-518 transmission shift improvement, gauge restoration, rear brake restoration, Mopar 318 budget rebuild
High Performance Mopar 03 1999 COMP: street/strip: 64 Dodge Polara, 72 Dodge Charger, 64 Plymouth Belvedere
FEAT: 70 Plymouth Cuda 440, 68 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi, Mopar B-body price guide, 63 Plymouth Savoy Super Stock, 72 Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge Omni GLH history, 70 Plymouth Superbird, 66 Plymouth Barracuda drag racer
TECH: Avenger tubbing, Hoosier DO5 & Hoosier Quick Time Pro DOT tire tests, Hemi B-body identification, JVX Mopar big-block A-518 transmission adapter
High Performance Mopar 11 2001 TEST: 02 Jeep Liberty
FEAT: 72 Plymouth Cuda pro street, 73 Dodge Challenger Rallye, Dodge police vehicles, 71 Dodge Challenger, 94 Dodge Dakota, 71 Plymouth Cuda, 70 Dodge Challenger, 70 Dodge Challenger
TECH: Mopar 528 buildup, Challenger exhaust system installation, Mopar A-body anti-sway bar installation