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Editorial Profile: This magazine is an extreme Mopar magazine. When they feature a race car, it is an extreme tire-shredding race car. When they feature a restoration, it is an extreme chalk-mark restoration. And when they feature an average car, it is extremely average. We're poking fun a little, of course, but that's okay because Mopar Action pokes fun at itself all the time. It is one of the few magazines where reading the table of contents and staff box is a pleasure. Though this magazine is heavy on the features, their tech articles set the standard for innovation, details, and engineering quality. This magazine has been publishing bimonthly since the late 1980s, with the same staff since issue number 3!

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Title Issue Year Highlights Copies
Mopar Action 08 1990 TEST: 70 Plymouth GTX Hemi
FEAT: 62 Plymouth Sport Fury, 69 Dodge Charger 500, 1967-76 Mopar A-body history, 66 Dodge Coronet Hemi, ball-stud Hemi history, Dodge Ram drag truck, Bonneville salt races, 69.5 Dodge Super Bee, Steve Klein collection, Dodge Viper prototype
TECH: cheap Mopar engine mods, A-body 8-3/4 differential large axle swap
Mopar Action 10 1990 COMP: 62 Dodge 413 Super Stock vs. 63 Chevy Corvette Sting Ray fuelie
FEAT: 1991 new Mopars, 69 Plymouth Barracuda, 71 Plymouth GTX Hemi, Lori Johns, Dodge Lil' Red Truck, 69 Dodge Charger Daytona, 61 Chrysler Turboflite prototype, Rod Shop
TECH: transmission output spline adaptation, Mopar wheel fitment, 72 Plymouth Road Runner disassembly
Mopar Action 02 1991 TEST: 72 Dodge Super Demon GSS
FEAT: 69 Dodge Dart Swinger, Darrell Alderman, NASCAR 64 Plymouth Belvedere, 71 Plymouth Cuda, 78 Dodge Diplomat wagon, 69 Dodge Charger Daytona, "Teacher's Pet" 64 Plymouth Belvedere Max Wedge, 71 Dodge Charger, 55 Chrysler Falcon prototype
TECH: electronic ignition conversion, restoration tips, B-body dashboard assembly
Mopar Action 06 1991 TEST: 72 Dodge Charger SE
FEAT: 67 Plymouth GTX convertible, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge Omni Turbo, 70 Dodge Challenger T/A, 67 Dodge Dart drag racer, Mopar appraisal, Jim Hale, 33 Plymouth PC coupe, 70 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi, 57 Chrysler Super Gilda/Dart/Diablo prototype, 69 Dodge Charger Daytona Buddy Baker racecar, Mopar 400 short block assembly
Mopar Action 08 1991 FEAT: 71 Plymouth Cuda convertible, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible, 1968-71 Mopar marketplace, 65 Dodge Coronet 500, 58 Plymouth Fury, Wayne County Speed Shop Dodge Daytona drag racer, 71 Plymouth Road Runner, 64 Dodge Hemi Lightweight, 72 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus, 70 Plymouth Superbird, Chrysler 300 prototype, 70 Dodge Dart Swinger, 69 Plymouth Cuda 340 autocrosser
TECH: Mopar 451 short block assembly
Mopar Action 08 1992 FEAT: 66 Plymouth Satellite Hemi, Lucky Lee Lott, 74 Plymouth Road Runner GTX, 69 Dodge Charger, 64 Dodge Super Stock, 57 Chrysler 300C, 92 Dodge Dakota, 72 Plymouth Barracuda
TECH: Identifying an R/T Challenger, performance tech tips, Mopar 360/360 Magnum engine, driveshaft restoration
Mopar Action 02 1993 FEAT: Scott Geoffrion Dodge Daytona race car, 71 Dodge Challenger Hemi, Richard Petty, 65 Dodge Coronet, One Lap of America, Count Paul J. Kennedy's 58 Plymouth Suburban wagon
TECH: big block Mopar aluminum cylinder head comparison, door jamb restoration
Mopar Action 04 1993 FEAT: 67 Plymouth Satellite Hemi convertible pilot car, JIm Vandiver and 74 Dodge Charger NASCAR race car, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 56 Plymouth Plaza, 76 Plymouth Volare Road Runner, 79 Plymouth Volare race car, 71 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi, 68 Dodge Super Bee
TECH: ignition system tuning and upgrade, Mopar Performance Hemi block
Mopar Action 06 1993 FEAT: Chrysler prototypes, Plymouth Road Runner history, 62 Plymouth Super Stock, 71 Dodge Demon, 37 Plymouth Sedan, 66 Plymouth Belvedere Hemi, 56 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer, grassroots racing
TECH: rocker shaft support block fabrication, exterior trim restoration, MSD adjustable timing module installation
Mopar Action 02 1994 TEST: 95 Plymouth Neon, Dodge Ram V10
FEAT: 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 74 Dodge Charger Rallye, Plymouth Prowler prototype, 73 Dodge Dart, Marvin Hughes' rare parts
TECH: 440 buildup on a budget, swapping K-members, Sure-Grip differential installation
Mopar Action 04 1994 FEAT: 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi convertible, 71 Plymouth Cuda convertible, 68 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi, 70 Plymouth Road Runner, 71 Dodge Dart Swinger, 70 Dodge Challenger Hemi convertible, 63 Plymouth Savoy Super Stock, SCCA National Touring Rally, 63 Plymouth Super Stock Arlen Vanke racecar
TECH: Mopar A-727 transmission upgrades, Pro Gram four-bolt main cap installation, Kenny Bernstein racing team engine rebuilding
Mopar Action 08 1994 FEAT: IROC Dodge Avenger racecar, 33 Plymouth coupe, Dodge D-50, 68 Dodge Dart GTS, 72 Dodge Charger, 74 Dodge Monaco New York State Police car, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 95 Dodge Neon ACR racecars, McCormack Dodge Dakota race truck
TECH: fuel line tech, 440 crankshaft to 400 stroker conversion, structural rust repair
Mopar Action 10 1994 FEAT: 70 Dodge Charger R/T, 71 Plymouth Barracuda, 41 Plymouth street rod, 90 Dodge Dakota, 54 Chrysler New Yorker, 70 Plymouth Superbird, 69 Plymouth GTX
TECH: new Mopar cylinder heads, chassis finish, rear drum brake restoration, Mopar race engine tech
Mopar Action 02 1995 TEST: Dodge Neon
FEAT: 71 Dodge Challenger Indy Pace car, 67 Plymouth Barracuda convertible, 69 Dodge Super Bee, 65 Dodge D-100 truck, 70 Plymouth Cuda, 78 Plymouth Barracuda SS/AA race car, 48 Chrysler Town & Country Sedan, 94 Dodge Ram pickup
TECH: 392 hemi buildup
Mopar Action 04 1995 FEAT: 72 Plymouth Road Runner, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T, “Phantasm III, Lord of the Dead” 70 Plymouth Cuda, 62 Dodge Max Wedge Polara 500, 70 Plymouth Superbird with custom sunroof, 68 Plymouth Cuda, Dodge Econo fuel altered race car, 69 Plymouth GTX, 70 Plymouth Duster T/A
TECH: nitrous oxide test-drive, roadside troubleshooting
Mopar Action 06 1995 FEAT: Chrysler Atlantic prototype, 71 Dodge Charger R/T, street racing art, 70 Plymouth Hemicuda, Antique & Collectible Autos Cobra S/C replica, 74 Dodge Dart Swinger, 92 Chrysler LeBaron land speed racer, 68 Plymouth Barracuda
TECH: super stock Hemi tech, Holley race carburetors
Mopar Action 08 1995 FEAT: Plymouth Colt Hemi, 71 Plymouth Cuda, 16 Dodge Bros. Touring car, 72 Plymouth Road Runner GTX, 69 Dodge Dart GTS convertible, Dodge NASCAR SuperTruck, Carlisle CSO (Chrysler Standard of Originality) judging program
TECH: race manifolds
Mopar Action 12 1995 TEST: Dodge Stratus
FEAT: Yasemin Racing Dodge Viper, 66 Dodge Coronet hemi, 70 Plymouth Road Runner, 80 Dodge Aspen
TECH: 4-piston disc brake rebuild, aluminum oil pump
Mopar Action 02 1996 FEAT: Richard Petty, 72 Plymouth Duster, Dodge Viper GTS, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 70 Dodge Challenger Hemi convertible, 32 Plymouth Sedan, 73 Plymouth Cuda
TECH: air induction systems, carburetor swap, Ray Barton Racing Engines 557 V8
Mopar Action 04 1996 FEAT: 62 Dodge Dart Max Wedge Super Stock, 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi, 67 Dodge Dart GTS, Dodge Neon prototypes, 65 Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Avenger Pro-Stocker, 69 Plymouth Satellite
TECH: Mopar Performance 440 Hemi block, steering system upgrade, cylinder head swap
Mopar Action 06 1996 FEAT: 68 Dodge Dart Hemi, 72 Plymouth Road Runner, 69 Plymouth Cuda, 35 Chrysler Airflow Sedan, 71 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible, Mopar sport and luxury sedan concept cars, 72 Plymouth GTX, 64 Valiant Signet convertible, 71 Plymouth Duster
TECH: 440 buildup
Mopar Action 08 1996 FEAT: 38 Plymouth Coupe stock car racer, 64 Dodge "Spartacus" drag racer, 64 Plymouth Fury "Spartacus Son" drag racer, 69 Dodge Dart Swinger, 32 DeSoto Coupe, 69 Dodge Charger Daytona, 73 Plymouth Cuda
TECH: ignition and wiring upgrades, steering box upgrades, Mopar Slant Six tech
Mopar Action 10 1996 FEAT: 72 Dodge Demon GSS, 73 Dodge Colt Hemi history, Steve Juliano automobilia collection, 69 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi convertible, 67 Plymouth GTX "Silver Bullet" engineering mule, 76 Plymouth Feather Duster
TECH: aluminum master cylinder installation, engine swap basics
Mopar Action 12 1996 TEST: Dodge Viper GTS, Dodge Dakota
FEAT: One Lap of America via 69 Plymouth Valiant, 70 Plymouth Hemicuda SS/EA racecar, "Vanishing Point" movie, "Mr 5 and 50" 67 Plymouth Belvedere, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T SE, 69 Dodge Dart
TECH: Mopar 360 buildup, nitrous oxide race tech, A-833 manual transmission installation
Mopar Action 02 1997 TEST: Chrysler Prowler
FEAT: 68 Plymouth SS/AA Barracuda, 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi, 68 Dodge Dart Hemi, 71 Dodge Demon, 65 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stocker
TECH: camshaft installation, TorqueFlite transmission swap
Mopar Action 04 1997 FEAT: Dodge T-Rex prototype, 71 Dodge Demon, "Cajun Flyer" Dodge Dart, 71 Plymouth Cuda, Dodge Sidewinder prototype, Jeep Dakar prototype, Jeep Icon prototype, Rik Smits collection, 70 Dodge Coronet R/T Hemi, 67 Plymouth GTX, 71 Chrysler 300 pickup
TECH: exhaust & cooling tech, carburetor & distributor tuning, Mopar 572 ci V8 buildup
Mopar Action 06 1997 FEAT: 70 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible, 64 Plymouth Belvedere, 69 Plymouth Barracuda 440, 66 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi, Dodge Copperhead prototype, 65 Plymouth Belvedere A-990, 73 Plymouth Duster
TECH: leaded engines on unleaded fuel, throttle linkage tech, horsepower rating basics
Mopar Action 10 1997 FEAT: Jay Leno Mopar collection, 70 Plymouth Cuda, Mopar Super Stock history, Mr. Norm's Super Ramcharger Dodge Ram, 68 Plymouth Road Runner, Muscle Motors Top Dragster, 73 Plymouth Cuda drag racer, Dodge A-100 Hemi
TECH: Dakota suspension upgrades, Mopar 440 Hemi buildup
Mopar Action 02 1998 FEAT: 72 Plymouth Cuda, 74 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis, 71 Dodge Challenger, 68 Plymouth Valiant, 65 Plymouth Satellite, 71 Dodge Charger, 74 Dodge Power Wagon
TECH: One Lap smallblock Valiant buildup, engine swap for trucks, connecting rod sizing
Mopar Action 04 1998 FEAT: 62 Plymouth Fury Wagon drag racer, Dodge Avenger drag racer, 69 Plymouth Road Runner convertible, 68 Dodge Charger, 39 Chrysler pickup, 72 Dodge Demon, 71 Dodge Charger R/T, 70 Plymouth Road Runner convertible
TECH: Carter AFB Competition Series carburetor basics, Valiant performance tech
Mopar Action 06 1998 TEST: 98 Dodge Dakota R/T
FEAT: Dodge Big Red Truck prototype, 60 Dodge Polara, 69 Plymouth GTX drag racer, 99 Plymouth Prowler, 97 Dodge Intrepid, 68 Dodge Super Bee, 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi
TECH: Hemi horsepower rating, Neon Iceman cold air intake installation, engine swap hardware, 8-3/4" differential tech
Mopar Action 08 1998 FEAT: 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 71 Dodge Dart convertible, 65 Plymouth Sport Fury Indianapolis 500 Pace Car, Dodge Viper GTSW wagon concept, 99 Chrysler 300M, Dodge Ram jet-powered truck, Arlen Vanke, 47 Dodge truck
TECH: Neon 2.0L camshaft installation, Mopar Performance parts for smallblock Mopar, TorqueFlite kickdown improvement
Mopar Action 10 1998 FEAT: "Blade" 68 Dodge Charger, vintage Chrysler advertisements, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi, 72 Valiant Charger E-49, Sox & Martin racing team, 65 Plymouth Belvedere A-990 drag racer, 70 Plymouth Duster, Dodge Ram Holley Super MTS, Chrysler Pronto Cruizer prototype
TECH: Neon handling upgrades, Holley Custom ThermoQuad drag test
Mopar Action 02 1999 FEAT: 74 Plymouth Cuda 360, 96 Dodge Ram R/T, Dodge Neon pro street, 65 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible, Mopar Special Streamliner Hemi land speed record racer, 66 Plymouth Barracuda pro street, 69 Plymouth Road Runner dirt track racer
TECH: Neon header installation, fast-ratio manual steering installation, multiport fuel injection installation
Mopar Action 04 1999 FEAT: Lou Patane, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T SE, 69 Dodge Dart race car, 64 Plymouth Sport Fury "Silicon Valley" race car, 58 Plymouth Belvedere Golden Commando, Jeep Grand Cheroke Unlimited, 69 Plymouth Road Runner, 66 Plymouth Satellite Hemi
TECH: multipoint EFI installation, Neon bolt-on performance, Mopar 4.7L V-8 basics
Mopar Action 08 1999 FEAT: 55 Plymouth Belvedere, 71 Dodge Challenger, 36 Chrysler Coupe, Mosher's Muscle Car Motors, 70 Plymouth GTX, Dodge Power Wagon prototype, Jackyl band profile
TECH: Mopar front disc brake installation, speedometer calibration, used engine buying tips
Mopar Action 10 1999 COMP: Dodge Viper RT/10 vs. Chevy Corvette
FEAT: 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi, EJ Potter Allison V12-powered Dodge Dart wagon, 68 Dodge A-100 pickup, 73 Plymouth Duster H/SA drag racer, 70 Plymouth Duster 340, 59 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban fire chief wagon, Plymouth Prowler XL concept, 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi convertible
TECH: Newman 32-valve cylinder heads, Neon brake upgrade, March multi-vee belt kit installation
Mopar Action 12 1999 FEAT: Dodge Dakota Killer Bee, 98 Dodge Neon Sport, 70 Plymouth AAR Cuda, SVSi Viper Twin-Turbo, 69 Plymouth Road Runner drag racer, Laurie Cannister Super Eliminator drag racer, Allen Johnson Dodge Avenger Pro Stock drag racer
TECH: Ray Barton Hemi rocker arm system, Neon turbocharger installation
Mopar Action 04 2000 FEAT: 73 Plymouth Duster, finding parts online, Chrysler 300 Hemi C prototype, 71 Plymouth Cuda pro street, 69 Plymouth Road Runner convertible, 88 Dodge Dakota Sport, Myers Slant Six dragster
TECH: Neon performance tips, engine timing tips
Mopar Action 06 2000 FEAT: 71 Plymouth Cuda, Dodge Ram MAXXcab prototype, Plymouth history, 70 Plymouth Superbird pro street, 69 AMC AMX pro street, 74 Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile
TECH: electrical system tech, Neon engine control computer comparison
Mopar Action 08 2000 FEAT: 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi convertible, 55 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer convertible, 68 Plymouth GTX, 69 Dodge Dart Sport convertible, 68 Plymouth Barracuda Sox & Martin SS/A drag racer, 81 Plymouth TC-3
TECH: Quaife Neon limited-slip differential installation, gauge repair, Mopar Pro Stock Hemi engine, TorqueFlite transmission performance modifications
Mopar Action 10 2000 TEST: Chrysler PT Cruiser
FEAT: 62 Plymouth Fury, 72 Plymouth Cuda, 71 Plymouth Duster 340, 69 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi, Dodge Diamante prototype, 79 Dodge Li'l Red Truck pro street, Tony Schumacher drag racer
TECH: starter basics, Neon 2.4L engine installation
Mopar Action 12 2000 TEST: 01 Dodge Neon R/T
FEAT: 71 Plymouth Cuda V10 convertible, 71 Dodge Charger Super Bee, 68 Plymouth Barracuda "Southland Flyer" drag racer, 71 Plymouth Cuda drag racer, 70 Dodge Challenger T/A, Eichler Racing V10 rail dragster
TECH: Mopar 2.4L stroker dyno test, Mopar smallblock stroker crankshaft basics, Wilwood disc brake upgrade
Mopar Action 04 2001 FEAT: Chrysler Crossfire prototype, 70 Plymouth Rapid Transit System Caravan Road Runner prototype, 71 Plymouth Duster, 70 Dodge Charger R/T, 34 Dodge Bros. tow truck, 73 Dodge C600, 70 Plymouth Road Runner convertible, Frank Manzo
TECH: Mopar 2.4L intake manifold honing & porting, engine block sonic checking, leakdown testing basics