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Editorial Profile: Primarily Mopar Collector's Guide serves as a classifieds exchange for owners of vintage Mopar cars, but they also have editorial content to keep people reading. That content focuses on rare and oddball cars, mainly restored or survivor original cars with strange option combinations or unusual history, but also covering period racecars and other vehicles of note. It mainly focuses on the 1950s and the musclecar era.

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Title Issue Year Highlights Copies
Mopar Collector's Guide 06 1993 FEAT: 52 Imperial phateon parade car, 70 Dodge Charger Daytona, Mopar Indianapolis 500 racecars, 70 Dodge Challenger, 68 Dodge Charger R/T 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 06 1999 FEAT: Peter Jordan, 64 Plymouth Sport Fury, 72 Plymouth Duster, 67 Plymouth Belvedere convertible, 69 Plymouth Road Runner
TECH: trailering basics
Mopar Collector's Guide 05 2002 FEAT: 74 Plymouth Road Runner, 71 Dodge Charger R/T, 68 Dodge Dart GT pro street, 68 Plymouth Satellite convertible, 71 Plymouth Cuda convertible, 69 Dodge Coronet R/T 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 09 2002 FEAT: 70 Dodge Charger Daytona prototype, 68 Dodge Dart GSS, 65 Dodge D100, 63 Dodge 330 Super Stock replica, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T-SE, Dodge Charger General Lee wheelstander, 71 Plymouth Cuda Hemi 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 10 2002 FEAT: 71 Plymouth Duster, 70 Plymouth Cuda, 69 Dodge Charger 500, 64 Patterson "Instant Madness" race boat, 70 Dodge Super Bee, 64 Plymouth Belvedere Max Wedge 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 02 2003 FEAT: 68 Plymouth Road Runner, 63 Dodge 330, 70 Dodge Charger Daytona, 70 Plymouth Cuda pro street, top 10 Mopars, Dodge Challenger, 70 Plymouth Duster 340 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 05 2003 FEAT: "General Lee" Dodge Charger wheelstander, Plymouth Fury go-kart, 69 Plymouth GTX, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T SE Hemi, 70 Plymouth Superbird, 61 Plymouth Fury, 67 Plymouth Belvedere I parts shipping container, 72 Dodge Charger USAC racecar 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 06 2003 FEAT: 65 Dodge Coronet A/FX Super Stock, 71 Plymouth Cuda Hemi, 69 Dodge Dart GTS 440, 69 Dodge Charger 500, 69 Dodge Super Bee, 66 Plymouth Satellbird, "2 Fast 2 Furious" Dodge Challenger 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 08 2003 FEAT: 70 Plymouth Cuda Hemi convertible, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T, 63 Dodge 330 Max Wedge, 68 Dodge Coronet R/T, 40 Plymouth Road Runner, Chrysler Conqueror speedboat
TECH: smallblock Mopar Hemi cylinder heads
Mopar Collector's Guide 10 2003 FEAT: 71 Plymouth Cuda Hemi, Australian Dodge Challenger convertible, "General Lee" jump, 71 Dodge Charger Super Bee, 66 Plymouth Belvedere II Hemi 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 12 2003 FEAT: 72 Dodge Challenger Rallye, 70 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi convertible, 68 Plymouth GTX, 65 Plymouth A/FX Super Stock, Mopar hobby future, 68 Dodge Charger 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 01 2004 FEAT: 68 Dodge Dart Super Stock, 71 Plymouth Cuda King Fish prototype, 70 Dodge Coronet R/T, 68 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi, 70 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi, Dodge Diamante prototype 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 02 2004 FEAT: Richard Petty 71 Plymouth Road Runner NASCAR racecar, Bill "Maverick" Golden Dodge A-100 "Little Red Wagon" wheelstander, 70 Plymouth Barracuda V10, 69 Dodge Charger 500 Hemi, 70 Dodge Challenger T/A "Gypsy" racecar 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 03 2004 FEAT: 70 Plymouth AAR Cuda, 65 Dodge Coronet, 69.5 Dodge Super Bee, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T SE, 69 Plymouth Barracuda Sox & Martin racecar 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 04 2004 FEAT: 69 Dodge Charger Daytona, 78 Dodge Aspen Kit Car, 38 Simca 8 racecar, 70 Plymouth Cuda AAR, 65 Dodge Coronet A/FX racecar 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 05 2004 FEAT: 76 Dodge Power Wagon 4x4, 72 Dodge Demon GSS, R&R Auto Salvage, 71 Dodge Challenger Hemi, 63 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge, 64 Valiant Savoy, 70 Dodge Charger Daytona, 70 Dodge Charger R/T SE Hemi 1
Mopar Collector's Guide 06 2004 FEAT: 79 Plymouth Volare, 04 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Pace Truck, 70 Plymouth Superbird, 37 Imperial Airflow pro street, 69 Plymouth Road Runner convertible, 70 Dodge Charger Daytona, 70 Dodge Challenger R/T SE 1