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Editorial Profile: This popular magazine about hot rodding seems to predate time itself. In print for a couple of generations now, it caters to the gearheads in every generation regardless of popular trend. It seeks to be everyman's source for hot rodding information, whether you need budget or mega. Popular Hot Rodding, like most of this type, emphasizes the 1960s musclecar era machines over all others, though it has a more balanced spread of machines than many other magazines. The technical articles tend to be quite in-depth most of the time. In recent years PHR has given more attention to the late-model EFI performance scene.

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Title Issue Year Highlights Copies
Popular Hot Rodding 03 1998 TEST: 98 Chevy Camaro Z28
FEAT: 41 Willys Coupe, Jimmy DeFrank, 59 Chevy El Camino, 70 Plymouth 'Cuda AAR, 74 Dodge Challenger, JRB Engineering land speed racer, 37 Chevy Business Coupe drag racer, Auto Meter Products
TECH: SN95 Mustang suspension upgrades, first-gen F-body engine installation, Indy Maxx Mopar 440 aluminum engine block, supercharged Mopar 360 buildup, bolt-on performance, Painless Wiring switch panel installation, Holley Annihilator installation, Comp Cams MaxJet installation
Popular Hot Rodding 04 1998 FEAT: 70 Chevy Chevelle SS, 66 Chevy El Camino, 80 Chevy El Camino, 96 Chevy Truck, 90 Chevy Truck 454SS, 72 Buick GS Stage I
TECH: smallblock Chevy cylinder head dyno test, 1967 Firebird interior installation, GM truck stereo upgrade, truck bolt-on parts, towing basics, abrasive blast cabinet fabrication, third-gen F-body rear suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, Lincoln disc-brake 9" rearend basics
Popular Hot Rodding 01 1999 FEAT: 88 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z, 79 AMC AMX pro street, Moroso Performance Products, 37 Ford Coupe V16, Batten 1002ci DOHC V12, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 pro street
TECH: Merlin 638 buildup, Buick 3.8L Turbo power tech, two-valve vs. four-valve cylinder heads, muffler performance test
Popular Hot Rodding 02 1999 FEAT: 70 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible pro street, 64 Ford Fairlane 500 pro street, Tom West, Fluidampr, Pontiac Firebird land speed racer, 51 Ford Anglia
TECH: Merlin 638 buildup, Ford 5.0L bolt-on performance, GM TH400 transmission performance upgrades, MSD Digital-6 Plus ignition installation, ignition system basics
Popular Hot Rodding 04 1999 FEAT: 65 Plymouth Belvedere Hemi, 55 Chevy shoebox, 66 Pontiac GTO, 70 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350
TECH: smallblock Chevy buildup, crankcase pressure basics, Ford 428 buildup, prepurchase inspection, Oldsmobile 403 buildup, bodywork basics
Popular Hot Rodding 05 1999 FEAT: 70 Chevy El Camino, American prototypes, Northwestern College, 98 Chevy Camaro Z28, SuperFlow Advanced Engine Technology Conference, 62 Chevy Bel Air, 62 Chevy Impala, 85 Chevy Monte Carlo SS
TECH: Ford 342 buildup, Chevy 383 buildup, Granatelli LT1/LS1 mass air flow sensor installation, car wax basics
Popular Hot Rodding 08 1999 FEAT: 70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler, Chevy Nomad prototype, 59 Chevy Biscayne, Chevy Camaro pro street
TECH: Chevy/Ford/Mopar smallblock engine dyno test, Chevelle suspension upgrades, metal stripping basics, piston ring basics, Ford 500ci pro stock engine, manual transmission identification, B&B Camaro 3.8 exhaust system installation
Popular Hot Rodding 09 1999 FEAT: 70 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 convertible, 67 Chevy Camaro pro street, 66 Ford Mustang, 94 Chevy Corvette drag racer
TECH: Comp Cams solid roller camshaft tech, Ford 9" rearend conversion for Mopar, powdercoating parts, Mothers Clay Bar cleaning system basics, handling basics, dual-supercharged Buick 455 buildup
Popular Hot Rodding 11 1999 FEAT: 65 Ford Mustang, SCCA road racing, best Mopars, 41 Willys Coupe
TECH: fourth-gen F-body cat-back exhaust system installation, Holley Pro-Jection Ford 5.0 installation, Chevy 502 supercharger installation, AMC performance tech, fuel system Q&A
Popular Hot Rodding 12 1999 FEAT: 65 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 clone, 99 Dodge Charger prototype, 39 GMC Pickup, FWD performance cars
TECH: fourth-gen F-body suspension upgrades, Holley SysteMAX for Chevy big-block, Trick Flow aluminum smallblock Chevy cylinder heads, pro street Firebird tube frame assembly, carburetor Q&A
Popular Hot Rodding 01 2000 FEAT: 61 Buick coupe, 69 Chevy Camaro, 75 Chevy Camaro, 78 Chevy Camaro, 97 Chevy Camaro pro street
TECH: TCI T-com fourth-gen F-body transmission tuning, Edelbrock QwikData System, GM Performance Parts EFI system, drag racing F-body fabrication, Stielow Oldsmobile Rocket engine assembly, Comp Cams Pontiac hydraulic roller lifters, camshaft Q&A
Popular Hot Rodding 03 2000 FEAT: 55 Chevy Nomad, American Car Dealership, 68 AMC AMX, 70 Plymouth Cuda AAR, Ford Racing Technology Mustang FR500 prototype, Chevy Nova hot rods
TECH: NOS LS1 progessive nitrous oxide system installation, GMPP Chevy smallblock cylinder head dyno test, ignition & fuel optimization, Currie Ford 9-inch axle assembly
Popular Hot Rodding 05 2000 FEAT: 69 Chevy Chevelle, Chevy SSR prototype, Dodge Viper GTS/R prototype, Chrysler 300 Hemi C prototype, 63 Chevy Impala SS pro street, Mopar hot rods, 62 Ford Galaxie wagon
TECH: fourth-gen F-body ground effects installation, shoebox Chevy modifications, powdered-metal connecting rods, damaged part removal tips, modular carburetor Q&A
Popular Hot Rodding 06 2000 FEAT: 67 Buick Riviera pro street, 67 Chevy Chevelle SS, 70 Ford Mustang Boss 302, 70 Ford Mustang Boss 429, 70 Ford Mustang Boss 429, 70 Ford Mustang Boss 302, 33 Ford Coupe, 70 Buick GSX
TECH: Holley System Selector, lifter preload & pushrod length tech, Nitrous Works LS1 nitrous oxide kit installation, battery technology, chassis Q&A
Popular Hot Rodding 07 2000 FEAT: 71 Dodge Charger R/T, 32 Ford Coupe, drag racing tips, 58 Chevy Nomad, 68 Chevy Camaro, 65 Pontiac GTO
TECH: fourth-gen F-body performance tips, Chassisworks Chevy II front end installation, 67 Mustang modifications, street machine teardown, GM ASA Vortec 5700 engine, ignition Q&A
Popular Hot Rodding 08 2000 FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro COPO, Chrysler PT Bruiser prototype, 62 Plymouth Belvedere Hemi, Fox Mustang drag racers, specialty insurance
TECH: Chevy II front end installation, first-gen F-body suspension & gearing modifications, shock absorber basics, rust repair tech, Merlin 540 buildup, exhaust system Q&A
Popular Hot Rodding 10 2000 FEAT: 54 Chevy Corvette, One Lap of America via 69 Chevy Camaro, 70 Plymouth Barracuda convertible, 61 Ford Fairlane Club Coupe, 65 Chevy Chevelle
TECH: Nova bushing upgrades, carburetor basics, Galaxie wagon interior upgrades, Chevy 350 assembly, Agostino LS1 cylinder heads, brake system Q&A
Popular Hot Rodding 11 2000 FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro, 70 Mercury Cougar Eliminator, 63 Chevy Nova, Goodwood Festival of Speed, 93 Pontiac Firebird pro street, 66 Chevy Nova
TECH: Chevy smallblock buildup, smallblock Chevy cylinder head flowbench test, ultrasonic parts testing, GM 10-bolt rearend upgrades, ignition Q&A
Popular Hot Rodding 06 2001 FEAT: 55 Chevy Nomad, 41 Willys Coupe, drawing cars, 01 Ford Mustang Super Street racecar, 56 Ford F-100
TECH: Paul Pfaff Chevy 454 buildup, Nova front suspension upgrades, Pat Musi/Holley Chevy 383 EFI crate engine, fourth-gen F-body manual-to-automatic transmission swap
Popular Hot Rodding 07 2001 FEAT: 60 Ford Thunderbird, Camaro project concepts, 32 Ford roadster "Dominator 2", 59 Chevy Biscayne, 67 Chevy Chevelle
TECH: Dick Landy Mopar 440 buildup, high-output alternator basics, budget disc brake upgrade, Vortech LT1 supercharger installation
Popular Hot Rodding 10 2002 TEST: HSV Monaro GTS
FEAT: 69 Chevy Camaro RS convertible, drag racing basics, 69 Ford Mustang convertible, 67 Chevy Nova, Chevy Bel Air Nomad
TECH: Dakota suspension lowering, Dick Miller Oldsmobile 350 buildup, Kinsler fuel injection installation, Ida Automotive twin turbo installation, Dynamat sound deadener installation
Popular Hot Rodding 12 2002 FEAT: 68 Pontiac GTO convertible, 66 Buick Skylark, 68 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 convertible, 71 Plymouth Duster, 56 Chevy shoebox
TECH: Camaro chassis wiring, SN95 Mustang upgrades, Ron Shaver Chevy buildup, body painting, Lightning upgrades, Lokar parking brake installation
Popular Hot Rodding 06 2003 FEAT: 60 Ford Falcon, 53 Studebaker Hawk, 57 Chevy Nomad, 67 Chevy Nova SS, 57 Chevy shoebox
TECH: spark plug wire fabrication, SN95 Mustang bolt-on performance parts, rotating assembly preparation, Mopar E-body cooling system upgrades
Popular Hot Rodding 07 2003 FEAT: 87 Buick Regal, 69 Chevy Camaro ZL-1 clone, 62 Ford Galaxie convertible, 57 Chevy shoebox, 74 Chevy Corvette
TECH: fittings basics, Baer GM A/F-body front brake upgrade, engine block prep work, Magnuson MagnaCharger tech
Popular Hot Rodding 10 2003 FEAT: 94 Chevy Camaro, 55 Chevy shoebox, PHR Project X 57 Chevy 210 history, 65 Pontiac GTO, 67 Chevy Chevelle
TECH: nitrous oxide tuning tips, Road Demon Jr. carburetor basics, header tech, Mopar E-body lowering