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Editorial Profile: This magazine tends to cater toward restored Corvettes. It is heavy on feature cars, mostly older restorations and NCRS winners. Sometimes they will feature a modified car, but it tends to be a later model, less likely to offend purists. They also follow late-model performance trends, and they include vintage racecars from time to time. Tech articles tend to be restoration and repair tips on older cars or performance modifications on newer cars. Vette is one of the longest-running Corvette magazines still in print.

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Title Issue Year Highlights Copies
Vette 01 1984 TEST: 84 Chevy Corvette
FEAT: 68 Chevy Corvette, 81 Chevy Corvette convertible, Reynolds Aluminum Corvette prototype, 67 Chevy Corvette Astro I prototype, 58 Chevy Corvette
TECH: buying a cutsom paint job
Vette 05 1987 FEAT: Guldstrand Corvette Grand Sport 80, 55 Chevy Corvette, 68 Chevy Corvette, Corvette investments, 74 Chevy Corvette, 67 Chevy Corvette roadster
TECH: smallblock Chevy aluminum cylinder head identification, big-block Corvette cooling tips, C4 A-arm polyurethane bushing installation
Vette 03 1989 FEAT: Chevy LT5 engine, 63 Chevy Corvette #614 vintage racecar, 1955 Chevy 235 V8 history, 55 Chevy Corvette, Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette, car trailers, 69 Chevy Corvette "George", "Side Pipe Serenade", 56 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket prototype
TECH: C4 CD player installation
Vette 06 1989 FEAT: Corvette insurance, John Fitch and Corvette SS, 57 Chevy Corvette, 72 Chevy Corvette LT-1 convertible, 1989 Corvette price guide, 58 Chevy Corvette, 1965 Corvette codes, 67 Chevy Corvette convertible, 62 Chevy Corvette RPO 687 Gulf Oil racecar
TECH: restoration basics
Vette 10 1989 TEST: 90 Chevy Corvette
FEAT: Dick Guldstrand NCRS team, 69 Chevy Corvette L89, Chevy Corvette Super Gas, Montreal via 89 Chevy Corvette, 57 Chevy Corvette history, Corvette Challenge, 76 Chevy Corvette
TECH: oil analysis, 1963 Corvette suspension design, car alarm installation, 1968-72 Corvette codes
Vette 04 1990 FEAT: Roger Rabbit buys a Corvette, Chevy Corvette GT1 racecar, 66 Chevy Corvette, Tony Rudd, 72 Chevy Corvette LT1, 54 Chevy Corvette, 59 Chevy Corvette, Callaway Cars, 75 Chevy Corvette, 62 Chevy Corvette dragster, World Challenge Series
TECH: GM Canada documentation, 1963-72 Corvette tires
Vette 08 1990 FEAT: 75 Chevy Corvette, 65 Chevy Corvette, 1965 Corvette history, 65 Chevy Corvette convertible, 1965 Corvette advertisements, 32 Chevy roadster ZR1, 67 Chevy Corvette roadster
TECH: 1965 Corvette protect-o-plate, Chevy 454 cylinder head tech, dry stripping paint removal
Vette 10 1990 TEST: 91 Chevy Corvette
FEAT: 73 Chevy Corvette, 1956 Pikes Peak hillclimb, Florida via 67 Chevy Corvette, World Challenge Series, Bloomington Special Collection, "Bat Vette" Chevy Corvette limousine, 63 Chevy Corvette B/Prod racecar
TECH: 58-67 Corvette seatbelts, Chevy 454 dyno test
Vette 12 1990 FEAT: "Christmas Eve on a Narrow Street", 68 Chevy Corvette convertible, "Cardiac Arrest" jet-powered Corvette dragster, Willow Springs International Driving School, 67 Chevy Corvette, 73 Chevy Corvette, 61 Chevy Corvette
TECH: L98 fuel system O-ring replacement
Vette 06 1991 FEAT: Paul Deutschman, Corvette women, 65 Chevy Corvette, 76 Chevy Corvette, 66 Chevy Corvette vintage racer, 73 Chevy Corvette
TECH: doorspring adjusters, tools, 65-82 Corvette brake ovehaul
Vette 08 1991 COMP Chevy Corvette L98 vs Porsche 911 Carrera 2
FEAT: 66 Chevy Corvette, 1966 advertising campaign, 78 Chevy Corvette, 66 Chevy Corvette convertible, 66 Chevy Corvette 427
TECH: converting digital gauges to analog, aftermarket air conditioning, automotive electronics training
Vette 12 1991 FEAT: road rallying, 61 Chevy Corvette Moroso drag racer, 69 Chevy Corvette ZL-1 roadster, 54 Chevy Corvette, Corvette racing stories
TECH: TPI maintenance, C4 taillight conversion, winter storage tips
Vette 07 1993 FEAT: alcohol-blended gasoline, Corvettes Unlimited, Corvette Diner, 74 Chevy Corvette, Sedona via Chevy Corvette, 70 Chevy Corvette roadster, John Lingenfelter, 63 Chevy Corvette roadster, Dick Wingerson 1
Vette 12 1993 FEAT: Scott Leon, Suncoast Corvette Association, 82 Chevy Corvette, Zora Arkus-Duntov's 1954 Corvette letter, Oregon via 62 Chevy Corvette, 70 Chevy Corvette ZR-1, 65 Chevy Corvette, Guldstrand GS-90 Corvette
TECH: brake noise prevention
Vette 01 1994 FEAT: Corvette quality audit, Corvettes of Central Ontario, Newport via Chevy Corvette ZR-1, 1950s Corvette racecars, 59 Chevy Corvette "Purple People Eater Mk. II", Greenwood G350sc Corvette, 67 Chevy Corvette roadster, 60 Chevy Corvette
TECH: AIR system restoration
Vette 02 1994 FEAT: Lancaster County Corvette Club, Corvette colors, 73 Chevy Corvette, 74 Chevy Corvette wagon, 62 Chevy Corvette fuelie, 94 Lister Corvette, Silver State Classic 100
TECH: C2 differential replacement, C3 brake rebuild
Vette 09 1994 TEST: 94 Chevy Corvette
FEAT: Blue Ridge Mountain Corvette Club, 82 Chevy Corvette, BluBlocker Nevada 100, Lister Corvette, James Burton, 67 Chevy Corvette
TECH: Chevy 460 performance modifications

Vette 12 1994 TEST: 95 Chevy Corvette ZR-1
FEAT: Club Corvette Sweden, Northern Virginia Corvette Club, 68 Chevy Corvette, 65 Chevy Corvette, 65 Chevy Corvette Roadster, 75 Chevy Corvette, 54 Chevy Corvette, 1994 Corvette color production, Bill Harbort, bracket racing basics
TECH: caliper and micrometer basics
Vette 01 1995 TEST: 72 Chevy Corvette 454
FEAT: garage security systems, GMC Corvette Set, Roger Jones, National Corvette Museum, 67 Chevy Corvette L-88, 56 Chevy Corvette Sebring endurance racecar, 82 Chevy Corvette Collector Edition
TECH: MSD Pro Billet HEI distributor installation
Vette 06 1995 FEAT: Corpus Christi Corvette Club, 88 Chevy Corvette Challenge race car, 81 Chevy Corvette, police officers' Corvettes, 67 Chevy Corvette roadster, Vette cruise, 64 Chevy Corvette
TECH: C4 header installation, car waxing basics
Vette 07 1995 FEAT: Heritage Corvette Club of Florida, 60 Chevy Corvette, Florida Keys via 87 Greenwood Corvette, 92 Callaway Corvette SuperNatural, 82 Chevy Corvette
TECH: TPI performance tech
Vette 09 1995 FEAT: Palm Springs Corvette Club, Doug Rippie Motorsports Corvette LeMans race car, 82 Chevy Corvette, Bridgestone Potenza S-02 tire, 69 Chevy Corvette L-88, 95 Chevy Corvette pace car
TECH: C2 seat cover installation, Henrob 2000 welding torch
Vette 11 1995 FEAT: Classic Glass Corvette Association, Rocky Mountain Vintage racing, 59 Chevy Corvette, Kokopelli Corvette, 77 Chevy Corvette, Texas via Chevy Corvette ZR-1
TECH: L98 performance tech, Eastwood black oxide kit
Vette 02 1996 FEAT: Kansas City Corvette Association, 60 Chevy Corvette, 64 Chevy Corvette, Chevy Corvette Sting Ray prototype at 1960 Laguna Seca race, C4 track comparison
TECH: C2 Be Cool radiator installation, C4 seat belt bar installation, C4 front brake rebuild
Vette 04 1996 FEAT: Sam Houston Corvette Club, Mid America Corvette Museum, 93 Chevy Corvette convertible, 71 Chevy Corvette roadster, Devin SS, 71 Chevy Corvette LT-1, readers' rides, 67 Chevy Corvette roadster
TECH: Doug Rippie coil-over suspension conversion, C4 front hub replacement
Vette 06 1996 FEAT: Jacksonville Corvette Club, Callaway SuperNatural Corvette, Gulf Oil Corvette racecar history, 90 Chevy Corvette, 60 Chevy Corvette, 72 Chevy Corvette 454, 65 Chevy Corvette B/Production racecar, Vette Cruise
TECH: power tuning baseline
Vette 07 1996 FEAT: General Motors Locomotive Group, Mickey Thompson 63 Chevy Corvette salt racer, Zora Arkus-Duntov, 85 & 87 Chevy Corvettes, 81 Chevy Corvette, 67 Chevy Corvette roadster, 54 Chevy Corvette, 65 Chevy Corvette drag racer
TECH: power tuning tips, SX chip collector drain plug
Vette 10 1996 FEAT: Yosemite Corvette Club, National Corvette Museum Zora Arkus-Duntov tribute, U.S. Open Road Challenge, 56 Chevy Corvette, 96 Chevy Corvette "the last C4", 69 Chevy Corvette ZL-1 clone, Vancouver Island via 96 Chevy Corvette Collector Edition, 67 Chevy Corvette L-89 roadster, Corvette Image profile
TECH: Chevy 327 performance modifications, fuel system power tuning, TPI cleaning and adjusting
Vette 11 1996 FEAT: Central California Corvette Club, Pirelli P7000 tire, Firestone SZ50 tire, 54 Chevy Corvette competition prototype, 81 Chevy Corvette, 66 Chevy Corvette roadster, LS1 engine, 91 Chevy Corvette convertible
TECH: engine machining & balancing, power tuning tips
Vette 02 1997 FEAT: Heartbeat of America Corvette Club, 95 Chevy Corvette, 59 Chevy Corvette SCCA racecar, 59 Scaglietti Corvette, 72 Chevy Corvette Le Mans racecar, 67 Chevy Corvette, 63 Chevy Corvette drag racer, Contemporary Corvette profile, Malibu Corvette ski boat
TECH: Mallory electronic ignition conversion, TPI conversion, cylinder head modifications for low-octane fuel, engine component restoration, C4 windshield wiper motor swap, C3 painting
Vette 03 1997 TEST: 97 Chevy Corvette
COMP: Chevy Corvette vs. Dodge Viper
FEAT: 81 Greenwood Daytona Turbo Corvette, Conte's Corvettes & Classics, Mid America Designs ad campaign
TECH: single-mass 6-speed flywheel, 327 Chevy oiling system, paint finishing, engine bay restoration, weatherstrip repair
Vette 05 1997 FEAT: Lakes Corvette Club, Corvette price guide, 62 Chevy Corvette, 86 Chevy Corvette, 70 Chevy Corvette, 65 Chevy Corvette pro street, Ramp Chevrolet profile
TECH: Chevy 327 top end assembly
Vette 12 1997 FEAT: Longhorn Corvette Club, Larry Shinoda, ZR-1 Registry, 91 Chevy Corvette ZR-1, ZR-1 dragstrip testing, 91 Chevy Corvette ZR-1, New York City via Chevy Corvette C5, 73 Chevy Corvette ZL-1, 58 Chevy Corvette TPI, 73 Chevy Corvette, White Post Restorations, 58 Chevy Corvette
TECH: Bohacz brake rotor treatment, GM LT5 engine modifications, C4 wheel polishing
Vette 12 2003 FEAT: 62 Chevy Corvette, 67 Chevy Corvette, 98 Chevy Corvette convertible, readers' rides, 88 ASC Geneve Corvette prototype, 66 Chevy Corvette, 99 Chevy Corvette convertible, 96 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic
TECH: C5 trailer hitch installation, C4 rear bumper replacement
Vette 02 2004 FEAT: 64 Chevy Corvette roadster, 65 Chevy Corvette roadster, Dick Dale 98 Chevy Corvette convertible, inside a cover photo shoot, 71 Chevy Corvette roadster, Chevy Corvette C5-R 004, Chevy Corvette GTP racecar
TECH: Turbo Technologies LS1 turbocharger kit, C5 front spoiler repair, C5 brake upgrades, C4 underhood light repair, C4 interior upgrades, drum brake upgrades