Bust Bob's Chops

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How many Bobs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Record length of time Bob Levey has managed to not tick us off:
33 days.

A note to our loyal readers: We recently moved out of Bob Levey's sphere of evil influence and are spared his demonic writings. The good news is that we no longer jump from our chair screaming incoherently at the comics page. The bad news is that since we don't read his stuff anymore, we can't keep this feature going. Sorry everybody. It was fun.

Bob Levey. Rrgh.

If the very mention of the name grates your nerves, then you'll understand this page. Bob Levey, the comics columnist in The Washington Post, has a knack for taking major issues and turning them into mindless, petty trivia. It's amazing.

We hate him. Yet for some reason we read his drivel anyway. Perhaps we have a curse. Or perhaps it's the sense of the macabre, the same force that causes us to look at car accidents as we drive by, the same force that makes us stare at the photo of a dead soldier in a faraway country fighting a war we've never heard about.

Whatever. We can't take it anymore. Arguing with the lady behind the counter of the Chesapeake Bagel Bakery is no longer enough. We must vent. Henceforth we are going to bust Bob's chops a little. Spew vitriol at his simplistic campaigns. Unveil the greater good -- or evil -- behind his trite observations. Demonstrate how Leveyland relates to the rest of the known universe.

Buckle up. It's a bumpy ride.

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What's Bob Levey Done Lately?

Bob vs. EnglishBob Levey is offended by our language.
Bob vs. ToysBob Levey thinks your kid is really, really stupid.
Bob vs. ContractorsBob Levey wants the Government to make 'em pay for wasting time.
Bob vs. TailgatersBob Levey solves Beltway congestion with bumper stickers.
Bob vs. Well-WishersBob Levey does not want to have a nice day. Do not threaten him with one.

Previous Things Bob Levey Did

Bob vs. SpeedersBob Levey is horrified by people who want to go faster than 55 mph.
Bob vs. Light-FlickersBob Levey tells us how claustrophobia causes speeding.
Bob vs. Race FansBob Levey explains why auto racing fans are sick psychopaths.
Bob vs. The RiffraffBob Levey tells the problem people to move along.
Bob vs. The MillenniumBob Levey tries to be the whole Western world's party-pooper.
Bob vs. Liquor StoresBob Levey tells liquor store owners to be funnier while carding customers.