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Garage Sale!
We have a whole bunch of leftovers from various projects that we'd love to sell you on the cheap, so we can recycle that money into a new project!
Stories From the Garage
With 12 project cars and over 60 tech articles, this section has become the premier feature of Paradise Garage. Browse through the stories by vehicle or by subject.
Spacebears Racing
What, you think we just work on our cars? No, there's no better way to test the latest mods than to go racing! You can meet the cars and drivers and read about our past adventures on the track. We may not be the next pack of Andrettis, but what the heck... we're having fun!
Garage Engineering
From time to time we get to participate in the design or improvement of aftermarket parts. This section is a gallery of our projects, complete with contact information for the collaborating vendors.
Would you believe, some shysters out there are trying to sell bum products! We're not going to name any names-- who are we kidding? We LOVE naming names! Take the information provided here and protect yourselves!
Welcome to Paradise Garage! This cozy little garage on the side of the road is our place to help fellow do-it-yourselfers. We don't work on the flat-rate system, so, take your time! Relax a little. Enjoy the aroma of old car parts as we swap stories and knowledge.

Ever wonder just how long you can really leave that synthetic oil in there? We've been wondering that a lot lately, and we decided to find out. Have a look at our Synthetic Oil Life Study.

Check out Thumper's Chronicles, the life and times of a typical car as it fills its role in a typical American household. We're on the fourth month of this feature, and so far the Outback Sport is holding up quite well.

We have redesigned Stories From the Garage to make it easier to use. Enjoy!

Say goodbye to another project car. We disassembled our 1974 Dodge truck after we failed to find a buyer.

We finally scanned photos and posted the long-awaited Supercharger Project. There are over a dozen tech articles in all! Check them out at the Supercharger Project page.

Wheellegal has been static for a very long time, but we've made up for it by posting 22 new legal documents! Most of these cases involve various oil additive makers, but we also got another shot at SplitFire, and took a stab at Exxon. Watch your back; these guys aren't your friends!

Finally, the reason we're working so hard to clear the backlog is because we have a new project! We recently bought a 360 engine for the Charger, and we're going to do a complete and detailed series covering its rebuild. Start at the Dirt Cheap Engine Project page and follow along from there!

We also still owe the world some Outback Adventure photos. At last we've started to post them. Go check out the first nine days of our trip, online now!