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What do communists say instead of "what's it worth to ya"?
When you work on cars for as many years as we have been, you start to collect stuff. Weird stuff, oddball stuff, miscellaneous stuff. Stuff you can't quite throw out, but nevertheless stuff that you're not likely to ever use. This is our stuff, and we'd like you to have it.

If you see something here you want, click on the price to send us an e-mail. Shipping is extra on all items! We will provide you with a shipping quote when you submit your request.

There's a ton of small image files on this page, so it may take a little time to load. Be patient!

We can provide photos for anything listed but not pictured, and we can accept mail-in payment, PayPal, or credit cards. Money you spend with us will in turn be spent on our next project.

General Parts

CRX Fender. Right front, off a 1985 CRX. $75

Ford Parts

Stock Ford 5-speed Vibration Dampener. Fits 5-speed SN95 Mustangs, maybe others. This piece is new. The rust in the pic is surface rust from exposure, just like it'd get after a few weeks on your car. We didn't end up using it in our Tremec conversion. Dealer price is $100, ours is $25
Stock Ford Air Silencer.

Ford Motorsports 9mm Spark Plug Wires. The numbers 2 and 4 cylinders only. These are new spares we have lying around and probably won't ever use. FREE
Wix Transmission Filter Kit. Part number 58877, for Ford AODE. Includes filter and gasket. Totally unused. We blew up our AODE before we had a chance to install it. $8

Jaguar Parts

Instant XJ-S Memorabilia Collection. 28 genuine magazine ads, some quite rare, all framed; Jaguar buyer profile from 1976; packet of Jag/MG/Triumph postcards; dealer intro invitation; XJ-S technical guide; "thundering elegance" brochure; four misc. unframed Jaguar ads. Price is with or without frames but shipping will be much reduced without them. $175 GT Jaguar Bushings. Inner and outer performance wishbone bushings for XJ-S. Includes special offset bushings to improve camber. New in bag. $250

Mopar Parts

B-Body Throttle Pedal Pivot. This is the mechanism behind the throttle pedal which actually controls the throttle cable. Ours is for a 1970 Charger but it probably fits others. Reconditioned used -- no one makes these. $60
Power Steering Gear.

Instrument Cluster. A complete instrument cluster from a 1974 Plymouth Cuda. Will not separate. $150
1" Lift Kit. Lift the back of your vehicle by 1" for a cool rake. Fits most Mopars and many other things as well. You'll need to provide two U-bolts of your own. FREE

Stock Auto Shifter. Center console shifter for automatic transmission from a 1974 Cuda. $50
Stock Console Bin.

Stock Throttle Cable.
Stock Alternator. From a 1970 Charger. Condition unknown. FREE

Charger Taillight. Leftover. Fits 1970 Charger, right side. $75
Charger Taillight. Also 1970 Charger, right side. Yes, there are two of them. $75

318 Fuel Pump. No doubt works on millions of smallblock Mopars. $10
Chrysler Hubcap.

Dodge Hubcaps. Off a 1970 Charger but probably good for many cars. Five total. Some mint; others faded. $50
Steering Wheel. From a 1974 Cuda. Original item. $50