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Even we have a disclaimer.

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair.
Not everyone is lucky enough to have a name ending in "sonian." Your hosts, Blake (left) and Brian (right), bravely go forth weekly to the Smithsonian Institution in an effort to discover what culture is, without being late for work.

Notice: Unfortunately, due to an untimely job change, the boys were no longer able to meet after only two entries. Perhaps, someday, we'll get lucky and they can try again.

Greetings, fellow normal people. First let us clear the connection of people who don't belong here. Will the following people please go find another website on which to lurk: 1) people who have time to go to art exhibits and analyze the works for deep inner meanings; 2) people who are easily offended by contrary viewpoints; 3) people who only use the word "cool" to define climactic conditions.

Ohhhhh all right, you people can stay too. But we reserve the right to make Smurf jokes at your expense.

So what is the Smith Institution? We study culture. Specifically, we study any culture which can be found at a Smithsonian Institution exhibit. We hit up about one gallery a week during lunch -- which means we have about an hour to spend. If we can't learn it in an hour, we don't have time for it. And we figure most Americans are a lot more like us than the odd academia you see staring at the walls and taking notes in these galleries. Blake and Brian, the Smith Institution Art Critics, will share their unique viewpoint in a weekly review of each gallery. That way, those of you who are also limited to culture over lunch in Washington will know where to go.

Comments should be posted at Cave Drawings but they may also be sent to the Comm Sat for the overly timid.

The Most Recent Exhibits

The Gilded Age and ImpressionistsTwo permanent exhibits featured at the National Museum of American Art. The Museum closes for renovation on January 4, 2000.
Regarding BeautyA special exhibit featured at the Hirshhorn Museum (better known as the Donut) on display from October 7, 1999 to January 17, 2000.

Older Exhibits

Nuthin' yet, we're just getting started!