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Coltrane Productions, Inc. is no longer in business, but we have left the site online as a tribute to the dedication and hard work of its owner and founder, Brian F. Schreurs.

In loving memory of Brian F. Schreurs, proprietor of Coltrane Productions, Inc.

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Car Teeth Plate

Some cars just have a certain attitude. You just know they're thinking about gobbling up the slower vehicles ahead of them as they prowl through the concrete jungle. Now, add some life to that impression by giving your car a set of teeth! These teeth are made of real laser-cut aluminum -- they're not airbrushed to sheet stock! Available bare or pre-painted white with a black border.

Roadkill Stickers

It's just awful when our small animal friends jump in front of a car. It's bad for the car, and it's bad for the animal. But now, drivers can memorialize these fellows with roadkill stickers modeled after the "confirmed kill" inscriptions on fighter planes. Each animal silhouette represents a common Eastern wild animal prone to becoming a buzzard pancake. The adhesive vinyl applies easily and removes with no harm to the paint underneath. They are availabile individually, as a set (for those who frequently travel in high-wildlife areas), or as a gift "certified" sticker.

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