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Price: $4.00
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We've all been through it. You know the dance.

It sees you and runs. You slam on the brakes and dodge. It panics and dodges too. Thump.


No one wanted it to happen: not you, not the animal. It just does. Darwin in action. Now, there's a way to commemorate your small friend whose self-sacrifice has compelled you to at least wash your car, and possibly even send it in for bodywork. Much like fighter pilots who remember the fallen enemy by painting their silhouettes on the side of the pilot's aircraft, you can now apply a silhouette of the poor animal on the side of your vehicle with our roadkill stickers.

White squirrel sticker as applied to a Chevy Camaro Z28.
Black rabbit, squirrel, and snake stickers as applied to a Dodge Charger.
Our roadkill stickers recognize some of the most common fatalities east of the Mississippi: turtles, raccoons, birds, opossums, squirrels (especially squirrels), deer, rabbits, snakes, and the dreaded skunks. And in silhouette form, many of these animals can easily fill in for an indigenous species elsewhere in the world.

The stickers use the same technology as the stickers that club racers use on their racecars. They are made of vinyl and apply easily with contact. They also remove easily, with no harm to the paint, by applying heat. A hair dryer will do the job, as will a nice sunny day (they won't just fall off -- you have to peel them). However, they are not reuseable. Once removed, they must be replaced.

Each sticker is $4 and measures 4" wide and 2" to 5" tall, depending on the animal.

We're closing out this item, so we have limited supplies remaining. You must order from this inventory:

bird: black, white, silver, gold, gold, gold
deer: white
opossum: black, white, blue, silver, gold
rabbit: black, white, blue, silver, gold, gold, gold
raccoon: black, blue, silver, gold, gold
skunk: black, white, blue, silver, gold, gold, gold
snake: black, white, blue, silver, gold, gold, gold
turtle: black, white, blue, silver, gold, gold, gold