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You know you got the 'tude.

Your car is a sinewy predator at your command. Chewing its way through traffic. Attacking the curves. Running down the miles. Lesser cars move out of your way as you thunder by. Might as well give them early warning.

Let everyone know what's coming with our Car Teeth Plate. Give your car the set of teeth you always knew it had, hiding in its soul. These highly visible fangs add that final touch to your car's snarling front end.

Our teeth are sized to fit on U.S.-spec front license plate brackets with no modification either on the plate or the car. Just bolt on using the OEM license plate mount.

Our teeth are made of thick, quality laser-cut aluminum that never rusts. They ship bare for your own paint job -- or to keep the bare-metal finish (bare-metal teeth may start to discolor from exposure if not adequately protected).

Put your car on the prowl with our Car Teeth Plate!

Our car teeth plate, painted white, on a Camaro Z28, with a tinted plate cover to protect it from debris.
Our car teeth plate, modified to accommodate a license plate, on Judd Steele's dune buggy.