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Price: $10.00
for a set of 20 plus pouch
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"That'll be a gold piece to pass," muttered the orc.

The ranger, weary and not looking for trouble, fumbled through his tunic to retrieve the orc's tithe. He pulled a single gold coin from its satin pouch and flipped it to the orc. The orc deftly snatched the coin from the air and turned it over in his hairy palms.

"Dragon's head, eh? You won't be from around here then. It'll cost you a pouch of gold to pass," he snarled.

"I think not," replied the ranger, as he drew his sword...

Coins tell a lot about who we are. The symbols represent concepts that are important to us, and the wording spells out what we believe in. The nationality of the coin instantly marks us with our countrymen, for good or ill. Nowhere is this more true than in a fantasy setting, where nations of humans and other races vie for power. Buying goods at a dwarven bazaar using elven money is certain to attract attention, just as surely as spending money from a freshly-looted tomb, money that was minted by a nation that died generations ago.

Now, with dragon coins, it's possible to get a taste of what it must be like to bear coins that can open doors... or permanently slam them shut.

Our dragon coins are made of real metal, not cheaply-painted plastic. We currently have three denominations of dragon coins:

  • Gold Piece: These have a bright, golden finish, and are approximately the size of a quarter. One side features a dragon's head with the slogan "Live or die by the dragon" and the other side shows the denomination, "1", for 1 gold piece (1 gp).
  • Silver Piece: These have a bright silver finish, accomplished through nickel plating. The finish is similar in appearance to a brand-new dime, though the coin is slightly larger. One side features an Oriental dragon with the slogan "Person with dragon never poor" and the other side shows the denomination, "1", for 1 silver piece (1 sp).
  • Copper Piece: These have a bright copper finish, similar to a brand-new penny. This coin uses the same die as the gold piece, so it is similar in size and has the "live or die" pattern on it, but the coloration and reeded edge give it a look and feel of its own.

Each order includes 20 coins and a quality cloth pouch with a drawstring. Bulk discounts are also available; contact us for details if you plan on ordering 100 or more coins.

These coins are ideal for enthusiastic fantasy adventure game players, including role-playing games (RPGs), live-action role playing (LARPs), and even card-based games. They are an especially high-quality supplement for the Wizards of the Coast game "Three Dragon Ante". Get a set in time for you next big adventure, or send them as a gift to the gamer in your life. Be sure to get enough to pay off the orc...