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Coltrane Productions, Inc. is no longer in business, but we have left the site online as a tribute to the dedication and hard work of its owner and founder, Brian F. Schreurs.

In loving memory of Brian F. Schreurs, proprietor of Coltrane Productions, Inc.

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Dragon Coins

Take fantasy adventure gaming to the next level with a set of real coins minted for fantasy settings. These coins, available in gold, silver and copper, and stamped with a dragon on one side, are made of metal -- not plastic -- for an authentic gold piece look and feel. They are great conversation-starters at a role-playing game, work well as markers for card-based games, and are great accessories for live-action roleplaying. Each set comes with its own drawstring pouch.

Liberty Coins

Our Liberty Coins are the perfect non-currency solution to situations where actual gold coins would prove prohibitively expensive -- situations such as a treasure hunt, a display, a mural, or a costume prop. These Liberty Coins are made of metal (no plastic here!), giving them an authentic feel, and are anodized for an authentic look. They come in two different sizes, just like real coins. Thrown in a pouch like ours, and they jingle just like real coins.

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