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Mona Lisa's 1,000 Words

Price: $10.00
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So you're looking at your rod, and you're thinking, "I bet I can squeeze a few ponies out of that intake system."

What do you do? Check The Reference. In it you find nearly two dozen suggestions to prep, fine tune, adjust, and repair your carb. All under the heading "Carburetor." All with references to guide you toward more information.

But then a fuel injection system catches your eye. You want to know what the pros think before you spend hundreds of dollars on it. What do you do? Check The Reference. In it you find specific references to three reviews of the system.

Still not sure? Check the Subject Index in The Reference. Ah! An article about fuel injection vs. carburetion. The index tells you where to find it.

Your mind made up, you want to call Holley and get the system of choice. Or maybe you'd rather get catalogs from the major wholesalers and see who's selling it cheapest this month. No problem; The Reference lists names, addresses, and phone numbers for well over 300 manufacturers and distributors.

The Reference is none other than The Hot Rodder's Quick Reference. Presented to you by Coltrane Productions.

ISBN 1-932295-02-X
Brian F. Schreurs
How It Works
Received The Book today! I must say you put some research into it! The "tips" are very benificial to many a car buff, and the manufacturer reference is great! In any event, GREAT JOB. ps; the check is in the mail. (where have we heard that before!)
-Dennis Edwards, California auto shop owner

It has over 500 tips to help make your car faster, stronger, and better. Most referenced.

It has over 2,000 references to product reviews.

It has over 300 manufacturers' names, addresses, and phone numbers.

It has over 400 entries in its subject index, all referenced.

It's easy to use, impeccably organized, and exhaustively cross-referenced.

If it's in here, you'll find it.

No rooting around through hundreds of entries all lumped under a broad category like "Engine." You need help with the intake manifold? 14 tips. Thermostat giving you problems? Four tips. Just look under "Thermostat" in the "Cooling System" chapter.

At the end of each of the 14 chapters, there is a product guide which is divided up the same way: by part type, just the way you need it.

Why sift through dozens of entries relating to the short block when what you need is help with piston rings? Just look up "Piston Rings." It's that easy.

Why are you still waiting? The Hot Rodder's Quick Reference only costs $10.

How much is your time worth to you?

Here's a list of the tech tips in The Reference. This doesn't even include the directory of product reviews, supplier contact list, and magazine index!

Car Wash Cloth
Carbon Cleanup
Electronic Parts Cleaning
Engine Washing
Hand Cleaning
Hose Cleaning
Rubber Cleaning
Small Parts Cleaning
General Engine
Aluminum Protection
Clearance Check
Custom Detailing
Custom Detailing II
Engine Additive
Engine Assembly Lube
Engine Break-In Oil
Engine Installation Protection
Engine Machining
Engine Teardown Prep
Machine Work
Parts Scrounging
Parts Storage
Remote Engine Cranking
Simpler Engine Reassembly
Stored Engine Port Cover
Timing Mark
Top Dead Center Location
Trick Parts Source
Tune-Up Order
Tune-Up Tip
General Shop
Assembly Manuals
Bead Blasting Assemblies
Car Cover Transport
Car Tarp Warning
Chrome Plating & Bead Blasting
Garage Security
Record Keeping
Air Filter Size Formula
Air Temperature/Horsepower Ratio
Fuel Injector Formula
Gear Ratio Formula
Rearend Gear Ratio Formula
Tire Diameter/Engine Speed Ratio
Unsprung Weight Ratio
Nuts n' Bolts
Acorn Nuts
AN Hose Check
AN Fittings Wrench
Bolt Locking
Bolt Removal
Bolt Selection
Bolt Storage
Bolt Tightening
Bolt Tightening II
Bolt Torque Chart
Bolt Torquing
Custom Mounting Brackets
Gasket Assembly Lube
Hard Line To AN Hose
Lock Washer Replacement
Making A Gasket
Nut Threading
O-Ring Holder
Odd Hardware Source
Sheetmetal Screw Swap
Twelve-Point Bolts
Wrist Pin Retainers

Engine Tools
Crankshaft Timing Gear Puller
Harmonic Balancer Puller Fabrication
Manual Engine Turnover
Shop Tools
Cheap Portable Jack
Cheap Portable Jack II
Engine Crane Wheels
Engine Stand Bolt Security
Engine Stand Tray
Fabrication Equipment
Floor Jack Clearance
Grinder Vibration Dampener
Jack Stand Leveling
Jack Stand Raising
Power Saw Cleaning
Flare Wrench Damage
G-Force Gauge
Height Micrometer Alternative
Metric Tool Identification
Metric Tool Matchup
Micrometer Alternative
Screwdriver Drill Socket
Screwdriver Screw Grabber
Screwdriver Slippage
Torque Wrench Tune-Up
Wrench Bolt Grabber

Paint and Body
Door Weathershields
Inner Panel Installation
Latch Detailing
Silicone-Free Glass
Chip Repair
Easy Paint Removal
Engine Painting Masking
Foot-Deep Finish
Paint Filter
Painting Chrome Parts
Chevelle Inner Fender Note
Countersinking Sheetmetal
Drilling Cleanly
Drilling Specific Depths
Drilling Through Carpet
Easier Fender Alignment
Fender Installation Clearance
Fiberglass Hood Hold-Down
Sheetmetal Reinstallation
Sheetmetal Tolerances
Silicone-Free Sheetmetal
Splatter Prevention
Welding Safety Equipment
Odd-Shaped Washer Reservoirs
Weatherstrip Installation
Wiper Rehabilitation
Gas Tank Strap Resto
Undercarriage Cleaning
Undercarriage Color Choice
Undercarriage Protection
Carpets & Covers
Trunk Mat Contouring
Electric Tach Recalibration
Gauge Grounding
Oil Line Upgrade
Tachometer Grounding
Temperature Gauge Error
Interior Trim
Headlight Switch Problems
Pedal Pad Installation
Safety Devices
Crotch Strap Installation
Race Belt Buckle Placement
Race Belt Mounting Angle
Race Belt Pull Tab Margins
Shoulder Harness Length

Front Suspension
Adjustable Shock Tuning
Aligning MacPherson Struts
Alignment Benefits
Drag Race Alignment
Weight Transfer Cheap Fix
Weight Transfer Expensive Fix
Weight Transfer Improvement
Overall Suspension
Adjustable Shocks
Bushing Torquing
Electronic Shocks
Polyurethane Squeak Elimination
Suspension Upgrade
Rear Suspension
Anti-Sway Bar
Coil-Spring Airbag
Coil-Spring Lift Bars
Lift Bars
Pinion Angle Adjustment
Pinion Snubber
Snubber Air Gap Tuning
Spring Squat Prevention
Underrider Bars 	
Wheelhop Control
Wheelhop Control II
Quick-Ratio Steering
Rack & Pinion Swap
Remote Power Steering Reservoir
Steering Disassembly
Tie-Rod Disassembly
Subframe Connectors
Tires & Wheels
Air Pressure
Drag Slick Pressure
Hard Wheel Balance Fix
Lug Nut Quality
Overall Diameter Selection
Racing Slicks Benefit
Running Slicks
Tape-On Wheel Weights
Tire Diameter Chart
Tire Diameter Chart II
Tire Type Selection
Tire UV Protection
Tire-Wheel Matchup
Wheel Cleaning
Wheel Clearance Check
Wheel Lug Torquing
Wheel Securing
Wheel Stud Size
Wheel Stud Spacing

Brake System
Brake Lines
Bleeder Caps
Bleeding Brakes
Front Line Clip
Disc Brakes
GM Intermediate Upgrade
Drum Brakes
Drum Backing Plate Cleanup
Drum Backing Plate Repair
Drum Brake Tools
Drum Clip Interference
Lightweight GM Brakes
Emergency Brake
Emergency Brake Removal
Parking Brake Cleaning
Parking Brake Maintenance
Master Cylinder
Brake Proportioning Valve
Disappearing Fluid
Power Brakes
Grand National Power Assist

Fuel System
Air Intake
Cold Air Benefits
Dual Air Induction
Hood Scoop Isolation
Low-Restriction Filter
Oil Breather Plug
Base Plate Breakage
Booster Swap
Bowl Screw Leak
Carb Stud Alternative
Carburetor Size Selection
Carburetor Stand Fabrication
Dual Throttle Return Springs
Fuel Cup
High-Gain Boosters
Holley Gasket Lube
Holley Jet Extensions
Holley Metering Gasket Note
Holley Power Valve Gaskets
Holley Rear Jet Note
Holley REO Pump
Holley Vent Note
Jet Tool
Notched Holley Floats
Parts Organization
Staggered Jetting
Venturi Polishing
Fuel Lines
Braided-Steel Fuel Line
Fuel Cell Placement
Fuel Line Angles
Fuel Pressure Regulator Benefits
Fuel Pump Current
Fuel Pump Selection
Hatchback Fuel Cell Barrier
Aviation Gasoline
Nitromethane Additive
Octane Selection
Unleaded Gas Conversion
Intake Manifold
Aluminum Manifold Cooling
Clean Manifold Swap
Intake Gasket Adhesion
Intake Manifold Cooling
Intake Manifold Selection
Intake Manifold Selection II
Manifold Bolt Torquing
Manifold Cooling Power
Manifold Heat Shield Benefits
Manifold Port Sizing
Measuring Air/Fuel Distribution
Race Port Sizing
Rubber End Seal Swap
Upper Intake Heat Shield
Intercooler Benefits
Intercooler Style Choice
Nitrous Oxide System
Nitrous Benefits
Nitrous Limits
Fuel Flow Improvement
Fuel Temperature Control
Heat Sink Spacers
K&N Stubstack Note
Spacer Size
Supercharger Benefits
Supercharger Cam Selection
Supercharger Carb Tuning
Supercharger Fuel System
Supercharger Gaskets & Fasteners
Supercharger Ignition Timing
Supercharger Maintenance
Hose Coupling Replacement
Turbo Chilling
Turbo Life Extender

Electrical System
Alternator Cleaning
Keep The Alternator
Battery Charging Danger
Battery Charging Warning
Corrosion Prevention
Full Charge Defined
GM F-Body Trunk Mounting
Overcharging Battery
Trunk Mounting
Trunk Mounting Benefits
Chipless Computer Reprogramming
Chevrolet Distributor Note
Chevrolet HEI Distributor
Distributor Gear Gap
Fuse Box Wiring
Fuse Protection
GM Extra Fuse Box
Anti-Vibration Mounts
Ignition Advance Guide
Ignition Coil Anti-Vibration
Ignition Coil Check
Ignition Coil Placement
Ignition Coil Selection
Ignition Run-On
Ignition Timing
Ignition Tuning
Ignition/Camshaft Timing
Spark Plug Wires
Boot Seizing Fix
Header Interference
Performance Wires
Wire Looming
Wire Sleeve Benefits
Wire Sleeve Warning
Spark Plugs
Indexing New Engines
Indexing Plugs
Inserting Tough Plugs
Performance Gapping
Plug Gapping
Reading Plugs
Adel Clamp Installation
Current Drain Test
Mysterious Short Solution
Power Distribution Box
Rear Wiring Groove
Soldering Connections
Stereo Wire Selection
Temporary Wire Tying
Wire Crimping
Wire Insulation Selection
Wire Routing
Wire Selection
Wire Tying
Wiring Harness Clamp

Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Head Airflow
Cylinder Head Decking
Cylinder Head Flatness
Cylinder Head Selection
Exhaust Port Sizing
Head Bolt Installation
Head Bolt Sealant
Head Bolt Torquing
Head Compression Boost
Head Gasket Installation
Head Gasket Selection
Head Stud Torquing
Stuck Head Removal
Unsalvageable Heads
Adjusting Lifter Preload
Lifter Installation
Lifter Order
Lifter Reuse
Stuck Lifter Retrieval
Bigger Pushrods
Pushrod Bending
Pushrod Length
Pushrod Length II
Pushrod Selection
Pushrod Valve Lash
Rocker Arms
Rocker Arm Clearances
Rocker Arm Cup Breaking
Rocker Arm Lubrication
Rocker Arm Oil Deflectors
Rocker Coil Bind
Valve Covers
Quick Release Valve Covers
Valve Cover Gasket Adhesion
Valve Springs
Damper Preparation
Easier Valve Spring Assembly
Easier Valve Spring Change
Valve Spring Check
Valve Spring Dressing
Valve Spring Height Setup
Valve Spring Height Tool
Exhaust Valve Timing
Holding Valves Up
Intake Valve Timing
Max Valve Overlap Chart
Valve Leak Detection
Valve Overlap Benefits
Valve Stem Seal Type
Valve Stem Seals With Guides

Engine Guts
Block Honing
Cam Compression Selection
Cam Gear Bolt Note
Cam Rust Removal
Camshaft Break-In
Camshaft Selection
Camshaft Timing
Camshaft Timing Shortcut
Dial Indicator Plunger Position
Roller Cam Gear Note
Two-Piece Cam Covers
Connecting Rods
Connecting Rod Bolt Selection
Connecting Rod Numbering
Connecting Rod Side Clearance
Crankshaft Grinding
Knife-Edged Crank
Mopar 440 Crank Note
Compression Ratio Chart
Compression Ratio Power
Increasing Compression
Misfiring Cylinder Location
Optimal Compression Ratio
Main Caps & Bearings
Main Bearing Preparation
Main Cap Fit
Main Cap Numbering
Two-to-Four Bolt Conversion
Piston Rings
Piston Ring End Gap Check
Piston Ring Lubrication
Piston Ring Distances
Piston Ring Distances II
Piston Ring Phasing
Piston Ring Preparation
Keith Black Piston Note
Piston Fabrication Preferences
Piston Fly-Cutting
Piston Top Grinding
Piston Tru-Arc Installation
Piston Type Choice
Piston Wall Clearance Measurement
Piston Wall Clearances
Piston/Cylinder Head Clearance
Race Piston Warning
Timing Chain
Timing Chain Installation

Engine Accessories
Electric Pre-Oiler
Oil Accumulator
Oil Evacuator Leak
Oil Pre-Heater
Vacuum Leak Diagnosis
Windage Tray
Belts & Pulleys
Cogged Belts
Custom Brackets
Oversized Pulleys
Pulley Magnafluxing
Reduced Ratio Pulley
Squeaky Belt Quieting
Oil Filter
Oil Filter Bypass Blockoff
Oil Filter Removal
Remote Oil Filter Checks
Oil Pan
Dipstick Installation
New Pan Cleaning
Magnetic Drain Plug
Oil Pump
Melling Oil Pump Upgrade
Oil Pump Pickup Cracks
Oil Pump Pickup Depth
Oil Pump Pickup Depth II
Oil Pump Pickup Securing
Pump Capacity Selection
Mini Starters
Solenoid Wire Harness
Starter Shims

Cooling System
Accessory Coolers
Cooler Mounting
Cooler Type Choice
Cooling Line Choice
Cooling Fans
Clutch Fans
Dual-Fan Cooling
Factory Clutch Fans
Fan-Radiator Clearance
Fan Shroud Cooling
Fan Shroud Flaps
Cooling Lines
Blue Silicone Hoses
Bypass Cooling
Coolant Selection
Cylinder Head Cooling
Ford 289 Overheating Fix
No-Silicone Freeze Plugs
Overheating Diagnostics
Ribbed-Hose Problems
Radiator & Pump
Aluminum Radiator
Overflow Can Mounting
Pressure Cooling
Water Pump Note
Water Temp. Sending Unit Swap
Reduced Temperature Thermostat
Thermostat Removal
Thermostat/Computer Mismatch
Thermostat Cooling

Exhaust System
Catalytic Converters
Converter Mounting Gap
Converter Selection
Exhaust Pipes
Crossover Counterpoint
Crossover Pipe Installation
Larger-Diameter Tips
Oval Pipes
System Backpressure Losses
Header Bolt Clearance
Header Bolt Tightening
Header Coating
Header Design Choice
Header Fitting
Header Installation
Header Tube Size Guide
Merged Header Collector
Oversized Headers
Muffler Flow

Automatic Transmission
ARP Flexplate Bolts
ATF Drain Plug
Cast Aluminum Pan
Dipstick Installation
Dipstick Race Prep
Dipstick Tube Leak
Flexplate Origin
Four Speed Benefits
GM Trans Gear Ratios
Scattershield Bolt-On
Shift Improver Kits
Shifter Cable Placement
Shifter Installation
Trans-Header Clearance Fix
GM 10-Bolt Swap
Driveshaft Failure Considerations
Driveshaft Replacement
Manual Transmission
ARP Flywheel Bolts
Clutch Air Gap
Clutch Assembly Alignment
Manual Transmission Installation
Release Bearing Installation
Slip-Yoke Leak
Slip-Yoke Replacement
Yoke Preparation
Torque Converter
Chevrolet Bolt Patterns
Converter Terminology
Transmission Mounts
Bellhousing Bolts
Polyurethane Trans Mount
GM U-Joint Lock
Greaseless U-Joints
U-Joint Needle Bearing
U-Joint Replacement