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Mona Lisa's 1,000 Words

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If you've ever worked in the Morgantown food delivery business, then this scenario will seem all too familiar:

You're in your car. It's dark and rainy. You're driving three miles per hour, window down, pointing a fading flashlight at curbs, mailboxes, and doors, seeking house numbers. You're looking for 4032-C, 4030 and 4034 are adjacent lots. The pizzas are cooling, you can practically hear your tip flitting away as the minutes drag on. You sorely wish this run could end so that you could move on to quicker and more profitable runs.

If you had the Morgantown Micro-Maps, you'd be back to base by now.

Morgantown is a nutty town with disorganized development, chaotic trailer parks, non-sequential street numbering, and subdivided lots, all of which make for a delivery nightmare. Wouldn't it be nice to have a sketch for the trouble areas!

ISBN 1-932295-01-1
Brian F. Schreurs
Of course, many delivery restaurants have sketches like this, but seldom can the drivers bring them on the road, and few are actually indexed for quick on-the-road reference.

Morgantown Micro-Maps is.

Morgantown Micro-Maps includes an alphabetical listing of street names to make it easy to identify the most relevant map. And it's wire-bound so that the map will lie flat on the passenger seat. Though not always pretty, these hand-drawn maps were prepared by your fellow pizza delivery drivers to make sense of the creative house numbering system in Morgantown.

Morgantown Micro-Maps can't help with the dark and the rain, but at least you'll know ahead of time that 4032 is behind 4030, accessible by an adjacent alley, and apartment C is the door on the left side of the building. The pizzas stay warm, the tip stays in your pocket, and you're off to the next run in record time. All this for a cost that's less than an hour's worth of tips.

Morgantown Micro-Maps: problem solved.

Here's a listing of streets and areas covered by Morgantown Micro-Maps:

Airport Boulevard
Alpine Street
Andover Drive
Appleway Drive
Arkwright Road
Baker's Ridge Road
Beechurst Drive
Ben Franklin Drive
Braewick Drive
Bunker Hill
Burns Avenue
Burroughs Street
Canfield Street
Canterbury Drive
Catalpa Road
Cathy Drive
Charles Street
Cherry Street
Chestnut Ridge Road
Circle Drive
Collins Ferry Road
Corvet Avenue
Country Club Road
Crestview Drive
Crestwood Drive
Dille Street
East Everly Street
Eastern Avenue
Ellen Lane
Ethan Allen Lane
Evans Drive
Fairfield Street
Falling Run Road
Fenwick Street
Gallatin Avenue
Gilmore Street
Glenn Road
Greenwood Drive
Hall Street
Harding Avenue
Headlee Drive
Heather Drive
Herman Street
Hickory Lane
Hoffman Drive
Hollywood Boulevard
Hunter Lane
Idlewood Street
Inglewood Drive
Irwin Street
Jefferson Drive
John Hancock Drive
John Paul Jones Lane
Jones Avenue
Killarney Drive
Lafayette Circle
Manchester Drive
Mansfield Street
Maple Drive
Maple Street
Mason Street
McCartney Street
McCullough Avenue
McLane Avenue
Meadows Drive
Monongahela Boulevard
Morgan Drive
Newton Avenue
Nordic Drive
North Parkview Drive
North Western Drive
Oak Street
Old House Lane
Overhill Street
Paul Revere Lane
Peach Street
Perry Avenue
Picadilly Drive
Pineview Drive
Primrose Lane
Princeton Street
Protzman Street
Quay Street
Regency Court
Riddle Drive
Saratoga Drive
Somerset Street
Springdale Street
St. Joseph Drive
St. Mary Drive
Stewart Lane
Stewart Place
Stewart Street
Stewartstown Road
Surrey Drive
Tartan Drive
Trent Road
Troavato Drive
University Avenue
Valleyview Drive
Van Voorhis Road
Village Drive
Von Steuben Drive
Washington Road
Washington Square
Western Avenue
Willow Lane
Willow Wick Drive
Willowdale Drive
Winona Drive
Woodcrest Drive
Woodruff Drive
Yoke Street

Aero-Star Apts
Alpine Apts
Barrington North Apts
Blake Apts
Bon Vista Apts
Cambridge Court
Canfield St. Apts
Cedarstone Apts
Cedarstone Twnhms
Chestnut Hill Apts
Chestnut Ridge Manor
Colonial Park Apts
Colonial Twnhms
Copperfield Court
Country Club Rentals
East Everly Apts
Ellen Lane Apts
Georgetown Apts
Heritage Apts
Inglewood Apts
Kendolyn Apts
McLane Manor
Medical Center Apts
North Ridge Apts
Pavlech Rentals
Pine Ridge Twnhms
Pineview Apts
Rachel Apts
Rachel Rentals
Stadium Apts
Street's Apts
T&S Rentals
Taylor Apts
Terrace Heights Apts
Timberline Apts
Twin Campus Apts
University Park Apts
Valleyview Woods

Bertha Hill
Braewick Woods
Cedar Ridge
Lakeside Estates
Lakeview Estates
Marion Meadows
North Hills
University Campuses
Village Park
Willow Wick

Bilotti's T.C.
Canyon M.H.P.
Corbin's T.C.
Country Club M.H.E.
Crescent Heights T.C.
Decker's T.P.
Fairfield Manor
Flatt's T.C.
Hampton North T.C.
Herschmann's T.C.
Hiser's Terrace Gardens
Independence Hill T.C.
Kelly's T.C.
Kensington Trailers
Lazy-B M.H.P.
Lewis' T.C.
Marsh's T.C.
Marstiller's M.H.P.
Mileground T.C.
Mountaineer M.H.P.
Mountainview T.C.
Ridgeview T.C.
Shady Grove M.H.P.
Shady Grove T.P.
Sherry Lynn T.P.
St. Clair T.C.
University T.C.
Viewcrest M.H.P.
Wagon Wheel T.C.
Wall's T.C.
Weaver's T.C.
Wheeler's T.C.
Woodland Terrace

Days Inn
Econo Lodge
Friendship Inn
Holiday Inn
Lakeview Resort Club
Medical Arts Building
Morgan Manor Nursing
Sandra Lee Motel