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What if you had a Jaguar mechanic sitting in your office, waiting for you to ask a question? Wouldn't it be nice to have guidance from someone who has worked on this car before, and encountered the same problems you have?

Now you can.

With Nine Lives, we've collected the experience of nearly three dozen Jaguar enthusiasts to bring you an easy-to-use CD-ROM compilation of technical articles. It's designed for intuitive use, with no software to install -- it's based on hypertext documents, just like what you're reading now. If you can read this screen, then Nine Lives will work on your computer.

Nine Lives includes over 450 entries and nearly 2,000 photos and diagrams from 32 Jaguar enthusiasts. It includes Kirby Palm's comprehensive Experience In A Book: Help for the XJ-S Owner. Printed out, the information on the CD would require over 1,000 printed pages. All this information is sorted by subject and is also keyword-searchable.

The CD also includes Microsoft Word Viewer and Adobe Acrobat Reader, so you'll have everything you need to read the non-hypertext portions of the disc.

Nine Lives will primarily benefit owners of the Jaguar XJ-S, XJ6, XJ12, XJC, and E-Type/XKE, though with Jaguar's penchant for parts sharing, the information on this CD can benefit almost any model of Jaguar.

System Requirements: The Windows version of the CD requires any version of Microsoft Windows and a relatively recent edition of Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Macintosh/Linux version of the CD requires Macintosh OS9 or greater, or almost any version of Linux, plus Microsoft Internet Explorer or a compatible hypertext browser. The Macintosh/Linux version comes with a program to aid MacOS9 in reading the OSX-prepared CD. The search function and the reader applications are omitted from the Macintosh/Linux version.

We are grateful for the help of our contributors:

Screen Shots

Second Edition Contents

Links to Contributors

Walter Acker IV
Graeme Adamson
Michael Aiken
Alan Baker
Mark Barker
Joe Bialy
Iain Burgess
Roger Bywater
Peter Cohen
Bernard Embden
Wayne Estrada
John Goodman
Byrnal Haley
Thomas Harrison
Alan Heartfield
David Johnson
B.J. Kroppe
Don Lewis
Richard Lumb
Allan Mandell
Ron McGrice
Greg Meboe
Kirby Palm
Jason Philbrook
Gregory Price
Brian Schreurs
Edward Sowell
Mark Stoner
Robert Warnicke
Gregory Wells
Robert White
Jan Wikström

We've had positive feedback about Nine Lives, and we thought we'd share some of it with you:

This little gem is priceless for the owner, restorer, enthusiast, or just plain curious.

--JagMag, the Australian Jaguar magazine, Edition 112.

The Nine Lives CD has taken the place of several costly Jaguar manuals that I could not understand.

--Ron Wheeler, Jaguar owner, Redmond, Ore.

Those who do their own maintenance should benefit the most but the disk contains information of interest to all owners.

--The Ontario Jaguar, OJOA newsletter, June 2002.