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From 1994 to 1997, the publishers of Mopar Action magazine ran a special series of magazines known as the Mopar Tech Special series. This collection of seven issues compiled their best in-depth technical articles, with Mopar technical guru and czar Richard Ehrenberg arbiting all that is good and just in technical Moparania. To this day, these issues remain in high demand; we seldom can keep them in stock here, and they trade briskly elsewhere as well.

But it's the 21st century! It's no longer necessary to make photocopies of dog-eared, grease-stained copies and hope you can read them later. In collaboration with the folks at Mopar Action magazine, we have digitized all seven issues and made them available on CD-ROM.

This easy-to-use CD allows quick browsing through each of the magazines, in either a thumbnail view or a fullsize view. A search engine makes it possible to find articles relevant to your needs. And with all seven magazines on one disc, there's no more rooting around through stacks of paper to find what you need!

To bring an article with you to the garage, you can print the pages you need, then recycle them when you're done. Who cares if the pages get greasy or soaked in PB Blaster! Next time you can just run off another set.

This CD-ROM contains all seven issues on one disc, plus a search engine to help find articles!

ISBN 1-932295-09-7. Prepared in cooperation with

The many ways of browsing the CD:

  • Thumbnail View: In this view, you can quickly browse each page to see whether it has the kind of information you are looking for. At any time during the thumbnail view, you have one-click access to every page in the current issue, and every page in the tech article you are currently browsing.
  • Fullsize View: In this view, the pages are presented in actual size, making them easy to read on the screen. You can navigate forward or backward using buttons or arrow keys. The fullsize view opens in a separate window, so the thumbnail view with all its navigational links is still easily at hand.
  • Search View: In this view, you can punch in keywords to find technical articles that you need for your current project. The output presents a list of potential articles; the titles are clickable, and open in a separate window so it's always easy to return to the search results.

If you don't need all seven issues, that's okay too: we also provide each issue on a separate CD (without the search engine).

System Requirements: The CD requires any version of Microsoft Windows and a relatively recent edition of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some functions may not work properly in other hypertext browsers.

Buy just Issue #1 for $9.00:

Issue #1

  1. Editorial. A treasury of tech for the Mopar racer, restorer, or just plain enthusiast, by Richard Ehrenberg. An introduction to the concept and content of the Mopar Tech Special series.
  2. Swap and Stop by Richard Ehrenberg. The definitive guide to converting a drum-brake Mopar to disc brakes, and to upgrading existing disc brake systems, covering A-bodies, B-bodies, E-bodies, and F-bodies.
  3. One for the Money by Bill Brunt. A profile on a show-winning 440-powered 1969 Dodge Charger R/T.
  4. Getting the Shaft by Richard Ehrenberg. Instructions on fitting Greg Moser-modified C-body axles into 1965-72 A-body 8-3/4" rearend housings.
  5. Never Too Old by Nick Brunt. A profile on an original, unrestored, 440-powered 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T convertible.
  6. 440 Six-Pack Attack by Richard Ehrenberg. How to restore, rebuild, and retune the triple-carburetor "six pack" intake setup on 440 engine, including tips about the intake manifold, parts availability, air cleaners, carburetors, and miscellaneous parts.
  7. Fast Fruit by Bill Woods. A profile on a restored 1970 Plymouth Hemicuda.
  8. Pro-Go by Bill Brunt. A profile on a Hemi-powered pro street 1964 Plymouth Belvedere bent on becoming the world's fastest street machine.
  9. 727 Overdrive TorqueFlite by Richard Ehrenberg. How to convert an A-518 overdrive transmission for duty in a vintage musclecar set up for an A-727 TorqueFlite.
  10. Well to Do by Bill Brunt. A profile of Steve Atwell's Mopar collection, including Jerry Caro's 1965 Super Stock racecar, a 1968 Plymouth GTX convertible pilot car, and Walt Downer's 1968 Hemi Darts.
  11. Bringing Up the Rear by Richard Ehrenberg. A primer on Mopar rear axles in general and instructions on how to rebuild the 8-1/4" differential in particular.
  12. Little Bo Beep by Richard Ehrenberg. A profile on a reference restoration 1969 Plymouth Road Runner with the 440 Six Pack engine.
  13. Small Block Hop Up by Richard Ehrenberg. Covering the basics of making decent power with the smallblock Mopar, including assembly and disassembly, cylinder head selection, intake manifolds, carburetors, and exhaust system tips.
  14. Guide to Factory Big Block Parts by Go Longacre. The definitive guide to factory Mopar big block parts, covering engine identification and displacement, intake manifolds, carburetors, connecting rods, crankshafts, cylinder heads, and exhaust manifolds.

Buy just Issue #2 for $9.00:

Issue #2

  1. Editorial. Use it or lose it, by Richard Ehrenberg. The editor calls out to Mopar enthusiasts to drive and race their cars rather than just parking them on manicured lawns.
  2. Product News. Information about the Silvolite piston catalog, March Performance pulley systems, Mopar Performance "A" engine race block, the Magnum Performance Dakota/Ram parts catalog, Cliffor Performance parts for Mopar Slant-6, and the Weber Machine camshaft belt drive system.
  3. Rap-Sody In Blue by Zeppo, TFD. A profile on a clone of a 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda 440 convertible.
  4. Stealth Fighter by Richard Ehrenberg. A detailed set of instructions for converting a stocker 400 into a stroker 451, covering the cylinder block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and rings, cylinder heads, camshaft, valvetrain, induction and exhaust, and the oiling system.
  5. Twisted Sister by Nick Brunt. A profile on a 1972 Dodge Charger converted into a 1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee.
  6. Cubes of Doom by Richard Ehrenberg. A profile on a 1967 Dodge Dart that runs 10s in Super-Pro bracket racing with a 273ci V8.
  7. TorqueFlite Tweaking by Richard Ehrenberg. Instructions on how to build a high-performance A-727 automatic transmission with mostly factory parts, including the torque converter, transmission case, apply lever, rear planetary gearset, clutches and drums, front and rear servos, governor assembly, front pump, rear seal, oil pan, and valve body.
  8. Honey Bee by Richard Ehrenberg. A profile on a 1969 Dodge Super Bee, powered by a 6bbl 440, with only 34,000 original miles.
  9. Front Suspension and Steering by Richard Ehrenberg. Guidance on rebuilding and upgrading the front end of B- and E-bodies, including theory, geometry and handling, understeer/oversteer, disassembly, control arms, steering knuckles, struts and bushings, ball joints, torsion bars, steering linkage, power and manual steering gears, front and rear sway bars, shock absorbers, and alignment.
  10. Trans Am Transition by Bill Brunt. A profile on Dan Gurney's No. 48 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda SCCA Trans-Am racecar.
  11. Hot to Swap by Richard Ehrenberg with Ed Yeznaian. Instructions on how to stuff a 440 big-block into an F-body, including modifications for the suspension, adapting the transmission, modifying the K-member, building up an exhaust system, preparing a cooling system, setting up an ignition system, and replacing the brake booster.
  12. A Tale of Two 300s by Richard Ehrenberg. A profile and comparison of a 1956 Chrysler 300B and a 1979 Chrysler Cordoba 300.
  13. Get Smarter With Carter by Richard Ehrenberg. A guide to tuning, tweaking, and rebuilding the Carter AVS carburetor.

Buy just Issue #3 for $9.00:

Issue #3

  1. Editorial. Favorite Mopar? by Richard Ehrenberg. The editor waxes poetic about his favorite Mopars, old and new.
  2. Product News. Information about the MSD Blaster Ignition, 426 Hemi Silvolite KB Performance Pistons, Auburn Gear mini-spool kits, PUI Interiors seat upholstery kits, the 1962-1965 Production Option Code Book, and Dodge Stealth carpets from Auto Custom Carpets.
  3. Track Lizzard III by Sean Gibson. A guide to building up a semi-late division dirt-track racecar.
  4. A-Team by Bill Brunt. A profile on a pair of original 1968 Super Stock Hemi Dodge Darts: one set up for racing, the other for show.
  5. Chip Soup by Richard Ehrenberg. An examination of 1980s turbo Mopars and the upgrade of their onboard engine computers for more performance, including replacing the computer with Mopar Performance or other aftermarket units, chip swaps, and reprogramming.
  6. Geritol Flash by Nick Brunt. A profile on a 1973 Plymouth Duster converted to 426 Hemi power, including details on the conversion.
  7. Go-Story by Richard Ehrenberg. Tips and tricks for performance, including distributors, exhaust manifolds, suspension bushings, oil pans, alternator pulleys, rallye wheels, camshafts, ignition components, carburetors, engine mounts, wheel cylinders, and timing chains.
  8. Trans Am Ponycars by Jeff Johnson and Tom Quadrini. A history of the 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda and Dodge Challenger T/A, focusion on two restored examples.
  9. Thermo-Bop by Richard Ehrenberg. An examination of the workings and modification of the Carter ThermoQuad carburetor, including an exploded diagram, strip-down, tuning, rejetting, and reassembly.
  10. Track Star by Richard Ehrenberg. A profile on a restored street homologation 1964 Plymouth Belvedere 426 Hemi NASCAR-package car.
  11. Cornering Capers by Richard Ehrenberg. A guide to handling improvements on A-body, F-body, J-body, and M-body cars by replacing certain isolators in the front suspension.
  12. Resto-Retch Fine Points by Richard Ehrenberg. A dozen tips on how to avoid common restoration detail mistakes.
  13. A Need Four Speed by Richard Ehrenberg. A primer on the Mopar A-833 four-speed manual transmission, including how to identify, inspect, rebuild, and upgrade a gearbox.
  14. Inside Chrysler's Race Hemi by Roger Huntington. An overview of the design and engineering of the 426 Race Hemi engine.
  15. Trash That Lean Burn! by Richard Ehrenberg. A history of the Lean-Burn ignition system and instructions on how to replace it with standard electronic ignition.

Buy just Issue #4 for $9.00:

Issue #4

  1. Editorial. There's good tech, and then there's... by Richard Ehrenberg. A rant dressing down writers who present sloppy tech articles that could cause problems for people's cars.
  2. Product News. Information about March powder-coated pulleys, Competition Cams MaxJet carburetor jet kits, Concours Creations original-style hose clamps, PST torsion bars, Brad's NOS Parts reprinted antifreeze tags, and Mopar Performance blue-anodized rocker shafts hold-downs.
  3. The Little Engine That Could (and Did!) by Richard Ehrenberg. Describing how to build a Mopar 2.2L Turbo engine to push 300 hp and help the car run sub-13 quarter mile times; includes the bottom end, cylinder head, valves, intake manifold, turbocharger, fuel system, exhaust system, drivetrain, clutch, vacuum system, electronics and wiring, chassis setup, wheels and tires, and a parts list.
  4. Grand Funk by Bill Woods. A profile on a reference original 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with a 440-4bbl and only 6,000 miles.
  5. 25 Horsepower for 20 Bucks by Stephen Bogdan. Instructions on how to port cylinder heads using a die grinder and a template.
  6. Fin Twins by Richard Ehrenberg. A profile on a 1957 Chrysler 300C and a 1958 Chrysler 300D.
  7. Pass the Salt by Nick Brunt. A profile on Andy Granatelli's 1962 Plymouth Fury 200-mph twin-supercharged salt racer.
  8. Hot Rods for Cool Mopars by Chuck Senatore. A review of performance connecting rods, and what makes them special, for Mopar V8 engines.
  9. Diamond in the Dust by Nick Brunt. A profile on a reference original 1966 Plymouth Satellite with a 426 Hemi engine and only 3,000 miles.
  10. TorqueFlite Tweaking by Richard Ehrenberg. How to repair and improve the speed of a TorqueFlite transmission's upshifts.
  11. Tach It Up... by Richard Ehrenberg. A guide to the design and operation of musclecar-era Mopar tachometers.
  12. Dart Throb by Nick Brunt. A profile on a 1969 Dodge Dart GT Sport with a 440-4bbl, and a sidebar on the 1968 Grand Spaulding Darts.
  13. Body Beautiful by Mark Grubelich. How to repair a unibody car, including frame straightening, panel repair and replacement, gas tank replacement, and other details.
  14. Bearing Up by Richard Ehrenberg. Instructions on how to replace rear wheel bearings, covering 8-1/4", 9-1/4", and 8-3/4" rears.
  15. MoPower To Ya by Jerry Heasley. How to increase horsepower by installing rocker arm shims.
  16. Plan B by Richard Ehrenberg. Instructions on how to build a 440 stroked to 496 cubic inches on a budget.

Buy just Issue #5 for $9.00:

Issue #5

  1. Editorial. Handling and other things, by Richard Ehrenberg. A discussion of daily drivers, headers, correspondence, tires and handling, smallblock buildups, magazine content, and trivia.
  2. Product News. Information about Good Communications Hot Rod Nostalgia automobilia, Year One reproduction B-body frame rails, Haynes Techbooks, G-Max anti-sway bars, MSD RPM-Activated Switch, Eastwood blast cabinets, and Mopar Performance SFI dampers.
  3. Flying Fish by Nick Brunt. Following the budget buildup of a 360 smallblock installed in an 11-second 1967 Plymouth Barracuda.
  4. Tow 'n' Go by Lou Gaatz. Building a budget 360 for use in a daily driver or in a tow rig.
  5. For a Few Dollars Less by Bill Woods. Featuring a 1972 Plymouth 'Cuda set up to tackle King of the Street racing on a budget.
  6. Zap, Crackle & Hop by Richard Ehrenberg. Explaining how Chrysler ignition systems work, how to tune them, and how to upgrade them for improved performance. Covers magnetos, Kettering ignition, electronic ignition, distributorless ignition, distributors, coils, ballast resistors, electronics and ECUs, spark plugs, caps and rotors, and secondary wiring.
  7. The Bird That Didn't Fly by Steve Magnante. Profiling a "reference original" 1969 Plymouth Road Runner with the 6bbl 440 engine.
  8. Do the Twist by Richard Ehrenberg. A guide to Mopar torsion bars, including identification, selection, problem areas, removal, and replacement.
  9. Out to Launch by Richard Ehrenberg. Installing a Mopar Performance quadrashock kit on a 1969 A-body.
  10. Jurassic Dart by Al Bente. Profiling a 1966 Dodge Dart set up for NHRA Sportsman Pro drag racing with a WSSE 225ci slant six engine.
  11. Badge of Honor by Richard Ehrenberg. Tips for finding quality reproduction Mopar emblems.
  12. Roller Derby by Richard Ehrenberg. Identifying factory wheels, having them widened for bigger tires, and listing the largest sizes that will fit on various Mopars.
  13. The Bloomington Ghost by Nick Brunt. Profiling a "reference original" 1966 Dodge Charger with the 426 Hemi engine.
  14. Bind Over Matter by Richard Ehrenberg. Upgrading FWD Mopar brake systems, including pads, calipers, cooling, aerodynamics, master cylinder, hydraulic fluid, blueprinting, rear drum brakes, and other upgrades.
  15. RO-WO23: Chrysler's Streetable Super Stocks by Cliff Gromer. A history of the 1967 Plymouth Belvedere II RO23 and the 1967 Dodge Coronet WO23 street/strip racecars.
  16. Trans-Fusion by Sky Wallace. Installing the J.W. Performance Transmissions SFI-certified UltraBell bellhousing and UltraCase transmission case.

Buy just Issue #6 for $9.00:

Issue #6

  1. Editorial. Sneakers/Mopars, what's the connection? by Richard Ehrenberg. A piece about the merits of buying American-designed and American-built cars.
  2. Product News. Information about Year One 1970 Charger nose-to-fender seals, Competition Cams degree kits, The Right Stuff rubber flexible brake hoses, the MSD Fuel Management catalog, Holley 4010/4011 show carburetors, and the O'Malley Competition Big Boar nitrous plate.
  3. Elephant in a Box by Richard Ehrenberg. Illustrating how Ray Barton Racing Engines builds a 700-hp Hemi engine for $12,999.
  4. Not So Heavy Metal by M.A. Christopher. Instructions on how to weld repair cast iron parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, and other components.
  5. Gold Fish by Bill Brunt. A profile on a reference original 1970 Plymouth Hemicuda with only 5,000 miles.
  6. Swap & Stop by Richard Ehrenberg. Instructions on how to upgrade braking by replacing drum brakes with disc brakes, as well as upgrading existing disc brakes to superior versions, using all factory parts, focusing on B-bodies and E-bodies, but also including A-bodies and F-bodies.
  7. Beeping the Faith by Richard Ehrenberg. A profile on a survivor 1977 Plymouth Volare Road Runner with a 360-4bbl.
  8. Turn of the Screw by Andy Thomas. Providing a budget method for recurving a distributor, including determining the minimum initial timing, shortening the mechanical advance, setting ignition timing, and adjusting vacuum advance.
  9. Street Racer by Bill Woods. A profile on a restored 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A with a 340 Six Pak.
  10. First Fire by Richard Ehrenberg. Instructions on how to start a freshly built engine for the first time.
  11. Fuel for Thought by Al Dente. A profile on a reference original 1972 Plymouth Road Runner with a 340-4bbl.
  12. Time Truckin' by Bill Woods. A profile on a reference restoration 1979 Dodge Li'l Red Truck.
  13. Magnum Muscle by Richard Ehrenberg. Instructions on how to do a budget buildup of a 600-horsepower 440 big-block.
  14. Hemi Engine Detailing by Cliff Gromer. A photographic guide the detail work in restoring a 426 Hemi engine built in 1969 or 1970.
  15. What's the Diff? by Richard Ehrenberg. An overview of the basics of how a differential works, as well as instructions on how to install a Sure-Grip limited-slip unit in an 8-3/4" differential.
  16. Special K by Richard Ehrenberg. Instructions on how to replace the front suspension K-member in less than two hours.

Buy just Issue #7 for $9.00:

Issue #7

  1. Editorial. DRLs: An idiot's answer to a non-problem, by Richard Ehrenberg. A rant about the ineffectiveness of daytime running lights in saving lives.
  2. Product News. Information about the BG Fuel Systems Silver Claw carburetor and the Eastwood Company's Baldor Motors buffing motors.
  3. Mega Mopars by Chuck Senatore. Outlining the parts and techniques to build a race-quality Mopar engine of any size.
  4. Different Strokes by Anthony Joel. Instructions for converting a damaged, spun Mopar 440 crankshaft into a stroker crank for a 400 smallblock.
  5. Heads Up Hauler by Al Dente. A profile on a 9-second, no-nitrous 499ci engined, King of the Street drag racing 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.
  6. 1954 Chrysler New Yorker by Steve Magnante. A profile on a reference restoration 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe with a 331ci FirePower Hemi engine.
  7. Swifter Shifters by Richard Ehrenberg. A brief history on Mopar muscle-era manual transmission shifters, and instructions on how to rebuild the Hurst models.
  8. King Kong Coronet by Steve Magnante. A profile on a reference restoration 1965 Dodge Coronet A-990 Race Hemi, as well as a general history of the A-990 line.
  9. Go With the Flow by Stephen Bogdan. Instructions on how to build a flow bench using common hardware supplies and an old vacuum cleaner.
  10. Pan for Gold by Roger Gibson. A reference restoration illustrating the proper way to restore floor pans, undercarriages, and suspension components.
  11. Race Flite by Richard Ehrenberg. Instructions on rebuilding an A-727 automatic transmission for drag racing duty, including the gears, governor, reaction shaft support, governor support, drums, bands, and tailshaft.
  12. The Lawn Ranger by Steve Magnante. A profile on a reference restoration 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi.
  13. Dead in the Water by Richard Ehrenberg. A guide to roadside troubleshooting, including tools to carry, no-crank situations, and crank-but-no-start situations.
  14. Fast Gas by Mark Grubelich. The basics of how nitrous oxide works and instructions on how to plumb a good nitrous system.
  15. Fuel for Thought by Richard Ehrenberg. How to design a fuel system to deliver large volumes of fuel by upgrading from 5/16" fuel line to 3/8" line.
  16. Deep Breathing Exercise by George Longacre. An illustrated history of rare intake manifolds designed for racing.
  17. Shoebox From Heck by Nick Brunt. A profile on a 1980 Dodge Aspen sleeper with a 360 six-pack.