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This search engine will call up all magazines in our database meeting your criteria. However, it is a fairly simple program, so your search terms must be written in a specific way. Here are the valid search queries:

Model Only: Typing in Miata will result in the most hits. Spelling counts. Our index is spelled the same way as the source magazine; therefore, some models may have minor variations such as RX7 rather than RX-7.

Marque and Model: Typing in "Mazda Miata" will narrow the field considerably, because it will overlook any entries like Mazda MX-5 Miata. However, if you don't use the quote marks, you could get different results based on the search type: an "any" search will provide the broadest hits, as it will find any magazine with Mazda or Miata; an "all" search will tighten the results, because it will require that both Mazda and Miata appear, but not necessarily right next to each other; an "exact" search behaves the same as using quote marks.

Remember, our index uses the same terminology as the source magazine, so variations like Mazda Miata vs. Mazda MX-5 Miata are common. Marques are always fully-spelled-out, except in the case of Chevrolet, which is abbreviated Chevy throughout the index for no good reason.

Year, Marque, and Model: We use a two-digit year, such as 96 or 04; you can add this to your search, as in 96 Mazda Miata. The problem with searching by this method is that many times magazines do not identify the model year of the road test vehicles, and we (the indexers) do not take a guess at it. We recommend you start with a broad search, and if that proves too cumbersome, narrow it down later.

Subject: There are also a lot of tech articles, repair tips, product tests, and so on. If that's what you're after, just punch in your keywords and see what you get. Not what you want? Try more keywords. Play with it all day if you like.

exact all any

Once you've found the magazines you want, jot down their issue dates and order them through each magazine's ordering page, accessible through the menu bar to the left. If you're having trouble finding what you want, you may wish to try sending us a search query. Our internal database is much more powerful than this public-access version, and it's more current too.