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Coltrane Productions, Inc. is no longer in business, but we have left the site online as a tribute to the dedication and hard work of its owner and founder, Brian F. Schreurs.

In loving memory of Brian F. Schreurs, proprietor of Coltrane Productions, Inc.

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Ordering Information

All orders, regardless of payment type, should be entered through the shopping cart system. Each page has an "ORDER" button located prominently on the page. Click on this button to order. After clicking on the button, you may be presented with a screen to provide additional information, such as product options or a request for the magazine issue you would like. Complete the required information and click the "BUY" button. Some items do not require additional information, and for those items a simple confirmation will appear.

Once you are done adding items to your order, you may complete the purchase by clicking the "CHECKOUT" button located below the "ORDER" button. It does not matter what product screen you are on when you click this button.

You will be asked for your location, then presented with an order summary page. Make sure the order is correct, and choose the shipping method you prefer (see Shipping Information, below). Enter your billing and shipping information, then select a payment method. The methods available are:

  • Credit Card: You may pay by any U.S. or international Visa or MasterCard. Clicking on the Credit Card option will transfer you to a VeriSign-registered SSL secure server where you can provide the required credit card information.
  • PayPal: You may pay with your PayPal account, either domestic or international. Clicking on the PayPal option will transfer you to a PayPal checkout screen.
  • Mail-In: You may mail in your order. Mail-in orders can include the following methods of payment:
    • Check: You may write a check payable to "Coltrane Productions". The amount must be in U.S. dollars. For international cheques, the account backing the cheque must be a U.S. dollar account, and the phrase "U.S. DOLLARS" must be pre-printed on the cheque. Even with these precautions, the Federal Reserve periodically rejects international cheques without any explanation.
    • Money Order: You may pay with a money order payable to "Coltrane Productions". The amount must be in U.S. dollars.
    • Cash: You may pay in U.S. dollar currency. Please be sure to wrap currency quite securely. It should not be possible to identify the contents of the envelope, even when held to a bright light. Please send the exact amount due -- we cannot make change.
    • Foreign Cash: You may pay in the currency of your country, such as euros, pounds sterling, yen, Australian dollars, and so forth. As with U.S. dollar currency, please be sure to wrap it quite securely. Use the Universal Currency Converter to find the local-currency equivalent for your order. Please include a printout of the UCC page with your order.
    Clicking on the mail-in option will take you to a page that you can print and mail to us.

We believe this range of options will provide a solution for almost anyone in the world. If you wish to make a purchase but cannot do so by any of these means, please let us know and we'll see what we can do. Please note, we do not accept chickens at this time.

If you experience any difficulty during the ordering process, please contact us!

Shipping Information

We ship on Mondays and Thursdays, via the United States Postal Service. In our experience, the USPS has provided the best balance between cost, universal coverage, and package survivability. If you absolutely have to get your package shipped by another carrier, we can make arrangements at extra cost.

Our shipping rates are based on weight, as close as we can get it. We may, at our discretion, bump your order to a faster shipping method at no charge to you. We will not downgrade your shipping method.

U.S. customers can choose between two shiping methods:

  • First Class: A reasonably-priced method that includes delivery confirmation in its price. This typically takes about a week to deliver; less for areas close to West Virginia. Items sent first class ship in a sturdy paper envelope.
  • Priority: An expedient service that gets most packages to their destination within three days, or within two for areas close to West Virginia. Because the Priority pricing scale starts with a flat-rate envelope, it is occasionally possible for Priority mail to be cheaper than first class. Items sent Priority ship in a tough cardboard envelope, or in a box for larger orders.

For particularly large orders, it may be worth contacting us for a custom shipping quote. There are parcel post rates available for large packages, though delivery times are slower.

International customers can also choose between two shipping methods:

  • Air Mail: Though no international shipping can honestly be described as cheap, air mail is a reasonable compromise between price and delivery time. It typically takes one to two weeks for air mail packages to arrive. Items sent air mail ship in a sturdy paper envelope.
  • Global Priority: The fastest way to get an order to you if you're outside North America, short of next-day services. It typically takes less than a week for Global Priority packages to arrive. This method uses a flat-rate cardboard envelope, so it is possible to reduce your per-unit shipping costs substantially by jamming an envelope as full as you can get it. Contact us for guidance if you are not familiar with the size of the envelope.

Canadians get a substantial discount off the international mailing rates, thanks to an agreement between Canada Post and the USPS. We do not offer surface mail shipping as delivery has proven to be a constant problem -- we've seen packages take as long as three months to arrive.

If you have any questions about shipping, please contact us!

Coltrane Cash Cards

If you hold a Coltrane Cash Card, you can redeem it at any time for any merchandise. When you place your order, use the "Special Instructions" block to note the Cash Card's serial number and value. The automated shopping cart will not deduct the discount, but we'll adjust your bill when we process your order here.

If you have any questions about Coltrane Cash Cards, please contact us!

Returns Information

Of course, we hope you don't need to return your purchase to us -- we want you to be happy with it. But, if you're not, you can send it back in for a full refund. Please let us know in advance that you'll be returning the item, and if an alternate item would be acceptable, please give us a chance to provide it.

If you have any questions about returns, please contact us!