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Coltrane Productions, Inc. is no longer in business, but we have left the site online as a tribute to the dedication and hard work of its owner and founder, Brian F. Schreurs.

In loving memory of Brian F. Schreurs, proprietor of Coltrane Productions, Inc.

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Coltrane Productions, Inc., is operated by Brian and Kara Schreurs, in Morgantown, West Virginia. We have been at our present location since 2001.

Brian founded Coltrane Productions in 1990 to publish his first book, a science-ficiton role-playing game called S.H.A.L.T.. Coltrane Productions operated out of his home, and focused mostly on book publishing throughout the 1990s. The company released the Daily Athenenianium in 1992; 1995 saw Morgantown Micro-Maps; and the company published The Hot Rodder's Quick Reference in 1996. Brian compiled his earlier writings in three volumes over 1997 and 1998: Insert Stupid Catchphrase Here, Hodge Podge, and Loose Ends.

In 1997, Coltrane Productions launched its website. With this newfound audience, the company dabbled in custom t-shirts, photographic prints, web design, and other projects, but it was not until breaking into the car magazine back issue market that the company found its true niche.

In 1999, Brian tried posting a few car magazine back issues for sale. This seemed to work pretty well, so he kept at it, slowly building an index to magazines so that he would not have to keep hunting for the articles that people wanted. This effort snowballed, as the more he indexed, the more people wanted to see. His wife, Kara, began indexing magazines as well. Soon, without really intending to, Coltrane Productions had created the world's largest index to car magazines.

The turn of the millennium accompanied Coltrane Productions' first CD-ROM effort, Nine Lives. The company issued a completely revised version in 2003, and a Macintosh-compatible edition in 2004.

Coltrane Productions began reissuing its back catalog in 2003, and at the end of the year the company moved into its new headquarters. In 2004 Coltrane Productions legally became Coltrane Productions, Inc., reflecting its continued growth. 2004 also marked the release of Protoblast and the beginnings of a partnership with Mopar Action magazine for back issues.

Today, the company finds both its car magazine back issues and its publication lines to be rewarding endeavors. As the magazine database continues to expand, so too are there numerous great books in the works. The best is yet to come!

We are also fortunate to work with some great talent in the course of our publishing. Here are some of our contributors:

Eric T. Cheng

J.D. Falk

Michael Kulina

Todd H. Lane

Joshua Thomson